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  1. Looking for your input about the captioned subject. I acquired a pair of Silver Iris from fellow SNA member a while ago. First time I use open baffle speakers and love it. I am wondering whether there will be huge improvement if I replace the compression driver with say dipole full range drivers e.g. Wild Burro? I have NO background in electronics, do not want to modify crossover nor using active crossover. Just want to replace the drivers if this is beneficial. BTW, my budget is less than $500 for a pair. Thanks in advance.
  2. Have you tried any Youtube vertical banding test videos like this?
  3. Further information: Bought this small amplifier for a friend using as foldback monitoring while playing drum on stage. Abandoned the idea after few trials. So the condition is very good. I switched it on few weeks ago and tested it on my 15" OB speakers. Needed to switch to 2 o'clock mark to achieve good listening level. So I guess it is more for desktop application or using smaller speakers. Local pickup is preferred or send via Aus Post at cost. What is included: Topping TP21 T amp in original packing with transformer. WYSIWYG **NO power cable included in this sale"" Here is some information from Web about this amp: https://www.parts-express.com/topping-tp21-t-amp-class-t-mini-amplifier-25-wpc-with-headphone-output--310-310
  4. Any OLED users experience vertical banding issue ? https://reallysmartbuyers.com/vertical-banding-on-tv-screen-can-it-be-fixed/
  5. It is not heavy, try different placements in your own environment and choose the way you like best. BTW, I place the tweeters "outside" in my place.
  6. I guess it refers to something like this: https://www.audiotherapyuk.com/product-category/entreq/entreq-ground-boxes/
  7. I used to have similar concerns from my boss. So I keep the bookshelf speakers with stand against the wall when boss is around. Then move the speakers to away from back wall a few feets when situation allows. Same principle can be applied to floor standers and be better so. For bookshelf speakers, my favourite is ProAc Response 1SC.
  8. Item: LGA 1150 Motherboard with 4 DDR3 RAM slots Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: My old workhorse has just stopped working. After checking by a technician, the i7 4790K CPU and other parts seem to be fine. So I hope to find a working motherboard with LGA1150 and 4 RAM slots to be used with existing parts. Please state the brand and model if you have one available. Thanks
  9. If you know some Chinese, you can buy exotic cables/equipments at dirt cheap prices in www.taobao.com: https://world.taobao.com/item/591761493734.htm?spm=a21wu.10013406-tw.0.0.53d5c5b7c2e0CB Many of them may not be found in original companies ! FM Acoustics pre amp can be as low as A$500😂. Don't buy anything if the price is too good to be true and from unknown source. If the seller bought it from a reputable agent or source, they will tell you straight away.
  10. Smooth operation before until could not power up one day. Fiddle around with RAMs and asked my nephew to check it, but could not fix. Do not want to spend too much time on it as I have some spare PCs for simple web surfing. If someone got the skill to fix it, then this would save the Earth from more electronic waste. I have some responses already, now see whoever can pick them up at agreed time frame.
  11. Item: PC Parts: Cooler Master Case , Motherboard, AMD CPU + Water Cooler , Antec Power supply Price Range: Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I have asked my nephew who is a computer science student to check and fix my troublesome PC. He said that he could not fix it, and did not know what was wrong. I took out the RAMs and hard disk which are put in my current PC. Before I disposed them as computer waste, just to see whether there is any member knowledgeable and adventurous enough to give it a CPR. The parts are: Cooler Master Case - some damage with battered part near power supply AMD FX 8350 CPU + water cooler - guess this may be still working MSI 970A-G46 MB - this may be also working https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/970A-G46/Specification Antec 520 power supply Please take all and not just 1 or 2 item. Local pick up at Mitcham, Melbourne only.
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