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  1. Being an electrician in the trade for over 20 yrs with all my licenses for electrical and comms (incl structured cabling ie data cable, fibre optic and Co Axial cabling), I totally disagree with you on that aluminium is a fine conductor. For an aluminium conductor to perform at the same level as copper it needs to be nearly twice the size as copper. Yes, silver is better than both. But it is hard to find and would be extremely expensive. I think you will find that you cable has a tinned copper core. Copper is a soft metal and bends very easily at that size. If you can't bend 50mm of the cable with your fingers easily then it isn't 100% copper.
  2. I ended up making my own. But I used 99.98% OFC rg6 copper cable and High Quality RCA Compression ends. This cable is as flexible as hell and is all copper. Just be aware the RG6 Quad shield has Aluminium strands as the outer braid and a tinned copper core an not 100% copper. Audio doesn't travel too well down that sort of conductor. It is fine for TV but not sound. If it is normal RG6 Quad Shield TV cable you have used, I would change it.
  3. Buying the cable and ends and making my own. My next question is, where would you find a 3.5mm mono plug in about a 3 m length for the 12vm trigger side?
  4. Sorry @hopefullguy , I didn't pick up on your sarcasm. I don't want to go bottom of the range but I ain't going top. I will hunt around. Probably end up making my own.
  5. Yeah, ain't going to happen. Do you even know cable dynamics???
  6. In all honesty, a cable is a cable. Being in the electrical and data industry they are all the same. Unless the conductors are large inside the cable then the performance is going to be the same. I can just make my own but just wanted to know What other people are using. I'll be stuffed if I'm going to pay $90+ for a single rca cable
  7. Do you really need to spend a fortune on these cables? I need 5 x 2m. Will the high quality ones from jaycar surfice or can anyone suggest some cheaper alternatives?
  8. Ok cool. I actually have my eye on a 5 x 250w rotel amp as we speak. I am just not sure, if I get this amp, to hook up the AMP as L,R, Centre and surrounds or just go L,R and Centre and let the Yamaha do the rest of my 7.1.2 setup...
  9. It is for both. The speakers to me are perfect. I understand that the Yamaha 3070 says it puts out 165w per channel. But that is only in 2 channel mode I believe. So I think it is only putting out maybe 110w per channel with all 9 channels going. So I'm thinking a more powerful amp will bring them alive so much more. A more powerful amp is cheaper than buying new speakers. Looks like I might need to save up for a better amp layout then. The March Audio ones do look good though and don't break the bank.
  10. I just feel my fronts would come more alive with a bit more power through them. I could pick up a Emotiva A300 for around $450 hence the reason for this. If I found another one for the same price then I could either do Horizontal Bi Amping or Vertical B Amping with them
  11. I am struggling to see why this wouldn't work. If I get a power amplifier that say has a power output of 200w or 300w per channel. If you don't remove the binding strips on the back of the tower speaker then you are feeding both high and low pass filters/crossovers. From my understanding, you are wasting some power by the high pass filtering out what it can'tuse and vice versa with the low pass filter. So wouldn't it be better to put 150w in to the HPF and 150w into the LPF. I know it would probably be better to put more into the LPF as it uses more power but it they are both getting equal power. I don't think the Emotiva has a gain setting on it either so 2 of the same model should be right???
  12. This is the specs I could find on the pre outs of the Yamaha. Maybe he was talking of the RX V range and not the RX A range???
  13. Ok, so maybe what I might do then is get the Emotiva Bas X 300 amp (2 x 150Wrms) and power the fronts only. If a second Emotiva Bas X 300 comes up for sale cheap then I could buy that one and then use RCA "Y" splitters and use one amp on the Front Right Channel and use the other amp on the Front Left Channel and pump one side of the AMP into the HPF and the other into the LPF. This would sort out the gain issues into the same speaker and then I am pumping 300w into these speakers.
  14. I want to remove the strips on the back of the front speakers separating the HF and LF and then use the Front speaker terminals on the Yamaha to power the hpf or top end of the speakers and use a separate power amp plugged into the Front Pre outs of the Yamaha to power the lpf or bottom end. So essentially I am using 2 power amps to drive the speakers.
  15. Hi knowledgeable people, My current system comprises of the following:- Yamaha RX A3070 Receiver B&W 683 S2 Front Towers B&W HTM 61 s2 Centre Speaker B&W 686 s2 Surround Speakers B&W 686 s2 Surround Back Speakers Tannoy CVS6 Overhead/Atmos Speakers These are all currently running off the Yamaha. If I Bi Amp off the Yamaha I will loose a channel for my Atmos speakers. I was speaking to my local HiFi place and they said that I could use the front speaker terminals of the Yamaha to power the Top end of my Front Towers and use an Emotiva Bas X A300 unit (2 x 150w rms) to power the bottom end of them by plugging into the front RCAs as they run at the same time as the front speaker terminals. Has anyone done this? I can't afford a big amp to run the fronts So let. When I can I can move this amp to another speaker set. Thoughts on this setup?
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