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  1. Having had this unit for over a month, I'd tentatively recommend it. Probably the main area of caution (as pointed out by a fellow SNA member) is not to clean too many discs in a single session. (In fact the instructions are somewhat misleading. To fill the "reservoir" you do need quite a lot of the fluid. The manual does expect you can clean up to 100 discs in a single session, which would correspond to one mostly "draining" the reservoir, even manually doing this with any remaining fluid by using the underlying removable plastic plug.) However one may risk damaging the system by excessive cleaning of discs in a single session. I don't think the issue is much different than the cleaning fluid in, say, a Nitty Gritty Record Cleaning Machine. To avoid evaporation, keep in a cool place and avoid exposing the unit for extended periods in sunlight or unshielded heat. As to the actual operation, I have a lot of CDs and relish the chance for cleaning and drying to be done with the press of a single button. As long as the level of the reservoir is close to the filter, you'll find it is very effective.
  2. Hi Kevin, Thanks for your interest. I'm pleased to report these are all available, and I've reserved them for you. It's going to cost a small fortune to send to Darwin as a single parcel including the plastic jewelcases (i.e. something like $26!). However if I send them separately at the Large Letter Rate (but encased in special CD cardboard mailers) the cost will only be $12. Conversely if I send them MINUS plastic jewelcases the shipping cost in a parcel, will be just $8.95. Let me know your preference. Anton
  3. Item: Classical CDs Location: Charnwood (can ship outside ACT) Price: $5 each (except whether otherwise stated) Item Condition: Discs play perfectly (some playing surfaces may have slight signs of use, some look unplayed) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: let me know if you need further information or additional images of cover art (Label/country where actually pressed, if known/year pressed) HANS ABRAHAMSEN: Marchenbilder + Song in Fall + Winter Night (Kampen/London Sinfonietta/Howarth) (Da Capo, Germany, 1997) MALCOLM ARNOLD: Symphonies # 1 + 2 (London Symphony/Hickox) (Chandos, Austria, 1995) J.S. BACH: Keyboard Concertos # 1 & 7 + Brandenburg Concerto # 5 + Triple Concerto (Hewitt/Australian Chamber/Tognetti) (Hyperion, U.K., 2005) BERLIOZ: Harold in Italy + 2 Overtures (Montreal Symphony/Dutoit) (London, U.S., 1988) BERLIOZ: Overtures + Queen Mab Scherzo + SAINT-SAENS: Omphale’s Spinning Wheel (Boston Symphony/Munch) (RCA, U.S., 1993) [Recorded between 1957 and 1961] BERLIOZ: Symphonie Fantastique + “French Judges” Overture (Chicago Symphony/Solti) (London, U.S., 1991) [Recorded in 1972 and 1974] BRAHMS: Symphony # 1 + Tragic Overture (New York Philharmonic/Masur) (Apex, Germany, 2002) [Recorded in 1994 and 1995] BRUCH: Violin Concerto # 1 + Scottish Fantasy (Chung/Royal Philharmonic/Kempe) (Decca, Germany, 2011) [Recorded in 1972] CANTELOUBE: Songs of the Auvergne (Macliver/Queensland Symphony/Kelly) (ABC, Australia, 2006) CHOPIN: Complete Etudes (Magaloff) (Philips, Australia, 2001) [Recorded in 1975] RON COOLEY: The Ancient and the Infant (American Gramaphone, U.S., 1988) CORIGLIANO: Creations + Promenade Overture + Elegy for Orchestra, etc. (I Fiamminghi/Werthen) (Telarc, U.S., 1996) DELIUS: Miniatures (English Northern Sinfonia/Hickox) (EMI, Germany, 1986) DELIUS: Song Before Sunrise + Summer Night on River + 2 Aquarelles, etc. (Bournemouth Sinfonietta/Del Mar) (Chandos, U.K.., 1990) [Recorded in 1977] JOHN DOWNEY: Double Bass Concerto + Discourse + Declamations, etc. (soloists/London Symphony/Simon) (Cala, U.K., 1992) HANSON : Symphonies # 3 + 6, etc. (Rosenberger/Seattle Symphony/New York Chamber Symphony/Schwarz) (Delos, U.S., 1990) JANACEK: Suite for Strings + On an Overgrown Path + Idyll for String Orchestra (London Jupiter/Rose) (Chandos, Austria, 1993) ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER: Variations (Julian Lloyd Webber) + WILLIAM LLOYD WEBBER: Aurora (London Philharmonic/Maazel) (Philips, Germany, 1986) MAHLER: Symphonies # 1 + 10 (Adagio) (Chicago Symphony/Vienna Philharmonic/Abbado) (Deutsche Grammophon, Germany, 2012) [Recorded in 1982 and 1988] MAHLER: Symphony # 2 [“Resurrection”] (soloists/London Symphony & Chorus/Solti) (Decca, Germany, 2007) [Recorded in 1966] MAHLER: Symphony # 4 (Stade/Vienna Philharmonic/Abbado) (Deutsche Grammophon, Germany, 2012) [Recorded in 1978] MAHLER: Symphony # 5 (Philharmonia/Barbirolli) (Warner Classics, Germany, 2013) [Recorded in 1969] RICHARD MEALE: Sea of Glass (scenes) + Viridian + Symphony # 1 (Adelaide Symphony/Porcelijn) (ABC, Australia, 1994) MOZART: Symphonies # 36 [“Linz”] + 38 [“Prague”] (Prague Chamber/Mackerras) (Telarc, Japan, 1987) NOVAK: 2 Serenades (Ukrainian Chamber/Mogrelia) (Marco Polo, Germany, 1995) PROKOFIEV: Romeo and Juliet (excerpts) (Boston Symphony/Ozawa) + Lieutenant Kije (Montreal Symphony/Dutoit) + Symphony # 1 ["Classical"] (Deutsche Grammophon, Germany, 2012) [Recorded in 1987 and 1992] RACHMANINOV: Symphonic Dances + Isle of Dead + Rock (Berlin Philharmonic/Maazel) (Deutsche Grammophon, Germany, 2012) [Recorded in 1982 and 1984] RAVEL: String Quartet (Italian Quartet) + Violin Sonata (Grumiaux/Hajdu) + Piano Trio (Beaux Arts Trio) (Philips, Germany, 1996) [Recorded in 1966] RESPIGHI: Church Windows + Brazilian Impressions (Philharmonia/Simon) (Chandos, Germany, 1984) RESPIGHI: Pines of Rome + Birds + Fountains of Rome (Atlanta Symphony/Lane) (Telarc, U.S.) [Recorded in 1983 and 1984] RESPIGHI: Pines of Rome + Fountains of Rome + Ancient Airs and Dances (Suite # 3) (New York Philharmonic/Sinopoli) + Birds (Orpheus Chamber) (Deutsche Grammophon, Germany, 2013) [Recorded in 1993] ANTON RUBINSTEIN: Symphony # 5 + Faust (George Enescu State Philharmonic/Andreescu) (Marco Polo, Germany, 1990) POUL RUDERS: Symphony + Gong + Thus Saw St John, etc. (Danish National Radio Symphony/Segerstam) (Chandos, Austria, 1993) SCHUBERT: “Arpeggione” Sonata + “Die Schone Mullerin” Variations, etc. (Galway/Moll) (RCA, Japan, 1984) SCHUBERT: Octet (Berlin Soloists) (Teldec, Germany, 1996) [Recorded in 1987] SCHUBERT: Rosamunde (Complete) (von Otter/Ernst-Senff Choir/European Chamber/Abbado) (Deutsche Grammophon, Germany, 1991) SCHUMANN: Symphonies # 3 + 4 (Bavarian Radio Symphony/Kubelik) (Sony, Austria, 2001) [Recorded in 1978 and 1979] SCULTHORPE: 3 Sonatas for Strings + Port Essington + Irkanda IV (Australian Chamber/Tognetti) (ABC, Australia, 1996) ROBERT SIMPSON: Symphonies # 3 + 5 (Royal Philharmonic/Handley) (Hyperion, U.K., 1994) STANFORD: Symphony # 5 + Irish Rhapsody # 4 (Ulster/Handley) (Chandos, Austria, 1988) RICHARD STRAUSS: Also Sprach Zarathustra + Death and Transfiguration (New York Philharmonic/Sinopoli) (Deutsche Grammophon, Germany, 2013) [Recorded in 1988] RICHARD STRAUSS: Symphonic Music from Operas (Berlin Philharmonic/Mehta) (Sony, U.S., 1993) SZYMANOWSKI: Symphonies # 2 (Musial/Polish Radio Symphony/Kasprzyk) + 3 [“Song of Night”], etc. (Ochman/Polish Radio National Symphony & Chorus/Semkov) (EMI, Holland, 1994) [Recorded in 1979 and 1981] TANEYEV: String Quartets # 8 + 9 (Leningrad Taneyev Quartet) (Melodiya, Australia) VERDI: Famous Overtures (Vienna Philharmonic/Sinopoli) (Philips, Australia, 2004) [Recorded in 1984 and 1985] VERDI: Preludes, Overtures and Ballet Music (BBC Philharmonic/Downes) (Chandos, Austria, 1997) VILLA-LOBOS: Bachianas Brasileiras # 4 + 5 + 7 + 9, etc. (Fleming/BBC Singers/New World Symphony/Tilson Thomas) (RCA, U.S., 1996) WILLIAM WALLACE: Creation Symphony + Pelleas and Melisande + Eumenides (Prelude) (BBC Scottish Symphony/Brabbins) (Hyperion, U.K., 1997) WALTON: Belshazzar's Feast + Henry V (Suite) + Crown Imperial (Terfel/Bournemouth Symphony & Chorus/Litton) (London, Germany, 1995) WALTON: Symphony # 1, etc. (Royal Philharmonic/Previn) (Telarc, Japan, 1987) WALTON: Symphony # 1 + Portsmouth Point Overture (London Philharmonic/Slatkin) (Virgin, Germany, 1994) [Recorded in 1987] JOHN TOWNER WILLIAMS: Violin Concerto (Original Version) + Flute Concerto (Peskanov/Lloyd/London Symphony/Slatkin) (Varese Sarabande, U.S., 1991) [Recorded in 1983] RODRIGO: Concerto de Aranjuez + VILLA-LOBOS: Guitar Concerto + PONCE: Concerto of South (Isbin/New York Philharmonic/Serebrier) (Warner Classics, Germany, 2004) “JANE RUTTER-NOCTURNES & PRELUDES FOR FLUTE” (WEA, Australia, 1989) “KARIN SCHAUPP-SOLILOQUY" (Warner Music, Australia, 1997) $10 HARD TO FIND FALLA: 3 Cornered Hat (Excerpts) + ALBENIZ: Iberia + TURINA: Fantastic Dances (West Australian Symphony/Mester) (ABC, Australia, 2010) [Recorded in 1973] “JOHN WILLIAMS PLAYS BACH AND SCARLATTI” (Belart, Germany, 1993) [Recorded in 1972] HOLST: Planets (New York Philaharmonic/Bernstein) + WALTON: Façade (Zorina/Philadelphia/Ormandy) (Sony, Austria, 1996) [Recorded in 1961 and 1971] HOVHANESS: Symphony # 2 [“Mysterious Mountain’] + LOU HARRISON: Symphony # 2 [“Elegaic”] (American Composers/Davies) (MusicMasters, U.S., 1989) “BAROQUE TRUMPET CONCERTOS” (Andre/Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields/Marriner) (EMI, U.S., 1997) [Recorded in 1983] SCHUBERT: “Trout” Quintet + BEETHOVEN: “Ghost Trio” (Beaux Arts Trio/Rhodes/Hortnagel) (Philips, South Korea, 1987) [Recorded in 1975 and 1981] RICHARD STRAUSS: Sinfonia Domestica + WAGNER: Tristan and Isolde & Lohengrin (excerpts) (Berlin Philharmonic/Karajan) (EMI, Holland, 1996) [Recorded in 1973 and 1974] GRIEG: Peer Gynt Suites + SIBELIUS: Pelleas and Melisande (Berlin Philharmonic/Karajan) (Deutsche Grammophon, Germany, 1983) "ENGLISH MUSIC FOR STRINGS" (WORKS BY HOLST, ELGAR, WARLOCK & IRELAND) (Bournemouth Sinfonietta/Hurst) (Chandos, Germany, 1985) [Recorded in 1977] SIBELIUS: Violin Concerto + CHAUSSON: Poeme (Brind/Royal Philharmonic/Handley) (Chandos. U.K., 1990) [Recorded in 1987] LALO: Symphonie Espagnole (Chang/Royal Concertgebouw/Dutoit) + VIEUXTEMPS: Violin Concerto # 5 (Chang/Philharmonia/Dutoit) (EMI, Holland, 1996) “GREGORIAN CHANTS” (Gregorian Choir of Paris/Chancerelle) (Erato, Germany, 1994) [Recorded in 1987] “THE STOKOWSKI SOUND” [Orchestral Transcriptions by Leopold Stokowski] (Cincinnati Pops/Kunzel) (Telarc, U.S.) [Recorded in 1985 and 1986] “FAVOURITE OVERTURES” (Cleveland/Maazel) (Decca, Australia, 1999) [Recorded between 1975 and 1980] IVES: Symphony # 1 + BARBER: 3 Essays (Detroit Symphony/Jarvi) (Chandos, Austria, 1992) DEBUSSY : La Mer + ROUSSEL : Symphony # 4 & Sinfonietta + MILHAUD : Suite Provencale (Detroit Symphony/Jarvi) (Chandos, Austria, 1992) CORIGLIANO: Clarinet Concerto + BARBER: 3rd Essay (Drucker/New York Philharmonic/Mehta) (New World, U.S.) [Recorded in 1981] “ORGAN FIREWORKS IV” (Herrick) (Hyperion, Germany, 1992) "OBOE CONCERTOS BY ALBINONI, MARCELLO & VIVALDI" (Holliger/I Musici) (Decca, Germany, 2012) [Recorded in 1968 and 1982 and 1987] “TOCCATA & FUGUE: GREAT ORGAN WORKS” (Hurford) (Decca, Germany, 1984) RAVEL: 2 Piano Concertos (Larrocha/London Philharmonic/Foster) + FALLA: Nights in Gardens of Spain (Larrocha/London Philharmonic/Burgos) (Decca, Germany, 2014) [Recorded in 1974 and 1984] RICHARD STRAUSS: Bourgeois Gentilhomme (suite) +STRAVINSKY: Pulcinella (suite) (Limburg Symphony/Conde) (Koch, Austria, 1992) JOHANN STRAUSS: Fledermaus (Suite) + DELIUS: Village Romeo and Juliet (Suite) + COPLAND: Fanfare for Common Man (London Philharmonic/Carl Davis) (Virgo, Germany, 1991) [Recorded in 1987] SOLD HOLST: Planets + JOHN TOWNER WILLIAMS: Star Wars (Suite) (Los Angeles Philharmonic/Mehta) (Decca, Germany, 2011) [Recorded in 1971 and 1978] MENDELSSOHN + BRUCH: Violin Concertos (McDuffie/Scottish Chamber/Swenson) (Telarc, U.S., 1999) JONGEN: Symphonie Concertante + FRANCK: Fantasy in A & Pastorale (Murray/San Francisco Symphony/Waart) (Telarc, Japan, 1984) RACHMANINOV: Symphonic Dances & Vocalise + STRAVINSKY: Card Game (Novosibirsk Philharmonic/Kaz) (St Petersburg Classics, U.S., 1994) [Recorded in 1984 and 1985] “FAMOUS ROMANCES AND ADAGIOS” (Monte Carlo Philharmonic/Foster) (Erato, Germany, 1992) [Recorded in 1983 and 1984] LALO: Symphonie Espagnole + SAINT-SAENS: Violin Concerto # 3 (Perlman/Paris/Barenboim) (Deutsche Grammophon, Germany, 1990) [Recorded in 1980 and 1983] BERNARD HERRMANN: Symphony # 1 + SCHUMAN: New England Triptych (Phoenix Symphony/Sedares) (Koch, Austria, 1992) “WATER MUSIC OF THE IMPRESSIONISTS” (Rosenberger) (Delos, U.S.) [Recorded in 1979] PROKOFIEV: Symphony # 3 + VARESE: Arcana + MOSOLOV: Iron Foundry (Royal Concertgebouw/Chailly) (Decca, Germany, 1994) DELIBES: Coppelia (suite) + CHOPIN: Sylphides (Berlin Radio Symphony/Fricke) (Capriccio, Germany, 1986) “MUSIC FOR STRINGS” [Works by Elgar, Grieg, Delius, Warlock & Holst] (Scottish Ensemble/Rees) (Virgo, Germany, 1992) “ISAAC STERN 60TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION” (Stern/Zukerman/Perlman/New York Philharmonic/Mehta) (CBS, Japan) [Recorded in 1981] TAKEMITSU: From Me Flows What You Call Time & Rain Tree + CARL VINE: Symphony # 5 [“Percussion”] (Synergy/Sydney Symphony/Waart) (ABC, Australia, 1996) “CANTILENA” (Works by Graeme Koehne, Ross Edwards, Peter Sculthorpe, Don Kay, Elena Kats-Chernin, Malcolm Williamson & Richard Meale) (Tasmanian Symphony/Mills/Porcelijn/Rudner) (ABC, Australia, 2007) [Recorded between 1992 and 2005] “ENCORE!- LES VIOLONS DU ROY” (Dorian, U.S., 1998( [Sampler including 4 previously unreleased selections] RODRIGO: Concierto de Aranjuez (Williams/Philadelphia/Ormandy) + Fantasia para un Gentilhombre + STEPHEN DODGSON: Guitar Concerto & Partita # 1 (Williams/English Chamber/Groves) (Sony, Australia, 1999) [Recorded between 1964 and 1967] BRUCH: Violin Concerto + LALO: Symphonie Espagnole (Zukerman/Los Angeles Philharmonic/Mehta) (Odyssey, U.S., 1988) [Recorded in 1977] GLIERE: Symphony # 3 [“Ilya Murometz”] (edited version) (Houston Symphony/Stokowski) + CHARLES LOEFFLER: Pagan Poem (Symphony of Air/Stokowski) (EMI, Holland) [Recorded in 1957] GROFE: Grand Canyon Suite + COPLAND: Salon Mexico (Utah Symphony/Abravanel) + THOMSON: River (Suite) (Los Angeles Chamber/Marriner) (Angel, U.S., 1992) [Recorded in 1976 and 1978] THOMSON: Symphony # 3 (New Hampshire Symphony/Bolle) + DAVID DIAMOND: Romeo and Juliet + LEE HOIBY: Piano Concerto (Polish National Radio/Krenz) (Bay Cities, Canada, 1989) “CEREMONIAL MUSIC FOR TRUMPET AND SYMPHONIC ORGAN” (Smedvig/Murray) (Telarc, U.S., 1993) RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Sheherazade + STRAVINSKY: Firebird (Suite) (Bastille Opera/Chung) (Deutsche Grammophon, Germany, 2011) [Recorded in 1993] DELIBES: Coppelia (complete) (Suisse Romande/Bonynge) + MASSANET: Carillon (National Philharmonic/Bonynge) (Decca, Germany, 1995) [Recorded in 1969 and 1983] [2 disc set] KHACHATURIAN: "Gayne" Suite (London Symphony/Dorati) + SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony # 5 (Minnesota/Skrowaczewski) (Mercury, U.S., 1992) [Recorded in 1960 and 1961]
  4. Item: SPARTACUS (Film Score by Alex North) (Deluxe Edition: 6 CDs + DVD + 168 page hardcover book) Location: Charnwood (can ship outside ACT) Price: $70 + $12.20 (standard regular shipping to anywhere in Australia) Item Condition: Excellent Plus (some very minor marks on slipcase, endsheets of book have a little discoloration) Reason for selling: no longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: One of the most lavishly produced soundtrack sets ever. Released to mark the 50th Anniversary of the movie and the 100th Anniversary of the birth of the composer. Total of package is around 800g. Contents are as follows: CD 1 – All surviving stereo tracks of Alex North’s SPARTACUS recording, including all tracks from the original soundtrack album, assembled in film order; CD 2 AND 3 – The complete original film soundtrack of SPARTACUS, in astounding monaural sound; CD 4 – A selection of unused and alternate cues from the original film sessions, along with Alex North’s original preliminary cue recordings for the film (used for film editing purposes); CD 5 AND 6 – SPARTACUS LOVE THEME AND VARIATIONS – 22 classic and newly recorded interpretations of Alex North’s Spartacus Love Theme – featuring Bill Evans, Yusef Lateef, Carlos Santana, Lalo Schifrin, Dave Grusin, Mark Isham, Alexandre Desplat and many others! Newly recorded in Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris and Tenerife!; DVD – CONVERSATIONS ON ALEX NORTH’S SPARTACUS A 96-minute feature documentary on the importance of Alex North and his score for SPARTACUS, with Alexandre Desplat, Mark Isham, David Newman, Lalo Schifrin, Robert Townson, Brian Tyler, John Williams and Christopher Young; Produced by Robert Townson and Laurent Bouzereau.; Also included are two bonus features with Mark Isham and Diego Navarro recording their own Spartacus Love Theme variations; BOOK – A 168-page, hardcover book by Robert Townson featuring detailed analysis of the SPARTACUS score, background on the film, an Alex North biography, over 100 photos and much more!. Limited Edition: label has only a handful of copies remaining. While to some this may be a vanity project by producer Robert Townson, there's no doubting the ambition of this project. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. I'll be happy to report my impressions once I get it.
  6. Thanks for the enthusiastic response, fellow members. In fact looking at images with the disc in cleaning mode, I see that the foam ring doesn't come in contact at all. So I think I'll proceed.
  7. I have a chance to get an unused unit of the above CD/DVD Cleaning Unit at a fairly reasonable price. However I've totally failed to download a copy of the manual online. I'm concerned about parts which would need to be replaced. (I don't expect to get the cleaning fluid which would have been available at the time, but I'm sure there are substitutes.) However I notice in the pictures what appears to be a foam ring...would this need to be replaced at some time (through use)? The packaging itself describes the unit as being a non-contact leaner.
  8. Item: Original Orchestral/Instrumental Film Scores on CD Location: Charnwood (can ship outside the ACT) Price: as stated Item Condition: Excellent and Above Reason for selling: no longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: For multiple items can save on shipping by not sending jewelcases, just discs and inserts with some insulating material. Let me know if you need track listings. THE CLOWNS (I CLOWNS) (Nino Rota) (Sugar, Italy, 2012) $10 SOLD If you loathe anything evocative of circus music, this CD is not for you! However if you want a document of one of the greatest collaborations between a film director (Federico Fellini) and a composer (Nino Rota), you may want this. (In fact several themes from previous Fellini/Rota collaborations appear here.) As with the original LP program, there are only two long tracks here, with music interspersed with a little dialogue and sound effects. You have been warned! Remastered digipak edition. LA DOLCE VITA (Nino Rota) (Sugar, Italy, 2012) $10 SOLD Mesmerizing music for Fellini's 1960 magnum opus. Typical of his work for the director, Rota interpolates many existing popular numbers. Remastered digipak edition. DRACULA (Wojciech Kilar) (Columbia, U.S., 1992) $5 SOLD Monumental and evocative orchestral music for the 1992 Francis Ford Coppola version of this oft-told story. Conducted by Anton Coppola. (Includes "Love Song for a Vampire" composed and performed by Annie Lennox.) EIGHT AND A HALF (OTTO E MEZZO) (Nino Rota) (Sugar, Italy, 2012) $10 SOLD More mesmerizing music, this time from Fellini's acclaimed 1963 award-winning epic. Typical of his work for the director, Rota interpolates existing popular numbers, even Richard Wagner! Remastered digipak edition. THE IPCRESS FILE (John Barry) (Silva Screen, U.K., 2002) $10 SOLD Early jazz inflected score from the master. (The movie is not like the Bond pictures, and neither is the music.) Barry makes striking use of the cymbalom. The producers of this release supplemented the original album program with dialogue snippets. If you use the program function on your remote to edit them out, you won't lose any of the music. Remastered edition with different front cover art to the previous Decca/MCA editions. IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLD (Ernest Gold) (Kritzerland, U.S., 2011) $10 SOLD Adroit lesson on how to score a comedy from Oscar-winner Gold. Remastering of the program specially recorded by United Artists Records in the early '60's. With several bonus tracks. LONESOME DOVE (Basil Poledouris) (Sonic Images, U.S., 1998) $10 SOLD Award winning music for one of the most memorable mini-series of the '80's. At times broadly orchestral, at times with smaller ensembles reflecting the music which would have been performed in its settings. Remastered edition with several previously unreleased tracks. THE MISFITS (Alex North) (Varese Sarabande, Germany, 2004) $5 SOLD The original United Artists soundtrack album only had about 14 minutes of North's score. (The other side consisted of miscellaneous, previously released material.) Now here we have an extended account, with over half an hour of previously unreleased music (including a 14 minute suite for the Round Up scene). One of the most brilliant musicians ever to write for the cinema! Front cover art is the same as for the local DVD edition. MY FATHER'S GLORY (LA GLOIRE DE MON PERE) + MY MOTHER'S CASTLE (LE CHATEAU DE MA MERE) (Vladimir Cosma) (DRG, Canada, 1991) $10 SOLD Marvellously lyrical music for some of the most evocative movies about childhood. Over an hour of music. THE PIANO (Michael Nyman) (Virgin, Germany, 2004) $5 This music hardly needs any introduction! Remastered digipak edition. RAMBO III (Jerry Goldsmith) (Intrada, U.S., 2005) $10 SOLD Virtually complete orchestral score (over 76 minutes!), almost three times as much as the amount of Goldsmith which appeared on the original 1988 Scotti Brothers soundtrack album. This is a remastered edition of Intrada's earlier incarnation, with different front cover art. ROCCO AND HIS BROTHERS (ROCCO E I SUOI FRATELLI) (Nino Rota) SOLD A particularly lyrical and occasionally almost operatic score from the Italian maestro for the 1960 masterpiece directed by Luchino Visconti. Remastered digipak edition. CLASSIC FILM SCORES SERIES A truly groundbreaking series in which producer George Korngold (son of Erich Wolfgang Korngold) and conductor Charles Gerhardt introduced "vintage" film music to a wider audience. Sumptuously performed by the National Philharmonic and recorded at Kingsway Hall by the legendary engineer Kenneth Wilkinson, these performances have stood the test of time. These are all remastered for these 2010 re-issues from Sony and pressed in the U.S. For anyone wanting all 5 titles below, I can offer them at a special price of $20. Individually they are $5 each. "CAPTAIN BLOOD: CLASSIC FILM SCORES FOR ERROL FLYNN" SOLD "CITIZEN KANE: THE CLASSIC FILM SCORES OF BERNARD HERRMANN" SOLD "LOST HORIZON: THE CLASSIC FILM SCORES OF DIMITRI TIOMKIN" SOLD "SPELLBOUND: THE CLASSIC FILM SCORES OF MIKLOS ROZSA" SOLD "SUNSET BOULEVARD: THE CLASSIC FILM SCORES OF FRANZ WAXMAN" SOLD Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. It's interesting that, for every soundtrack recording issued between the period 1996 and 2003, composed by the Oscar-winning composer Thomas Newman, the disc was encoded in HDCD. This covers a wide number of labels, some of whom to my knowledge have never issued anything else in HDCD. (This starts from UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL to ANGELS IN AMERICA.)
  10. I once owned the Japanese pressing of the LP of STAR TREK by Jerry Goldsmith. But at a playing time of just under 40 minutes, I just wonder if the member hates CD because on CD there are greatly expanded versions of this score? I admit at one time I tried to get as many Japanese-pressed dramatic film scores on vinyl, but have learned the errors of my way...
  11. I'm just wondering if anyone has the above as a Japanese pressing (Silva Screen PUCY-2504) and, if it's encoded in HDCD? (This information does not appear on the liner.) The British and U.S. editions are encoded in HDCD but, if I can get a Japanese pressing with that characteristic, would welcome any member's advice.
  12. Though I don't have a surround system, I have a number of classical titles encoded in AMSI (Ambient Surround Imaging) and think these are some of the best masterings of vintage recordings. (This is a process which seems to be used only by the Universal Music Eloquence series in Germany and the U.S., and is a process invented by the Emil Berliner Studios.) It's regrettable that, while the Eloquence series released by Universal Music in Australia far outstrips what was released in Germany and the U.S., here AMSI has never been used.
  13. The previous member mentioned he'd picked up an Ennio Morricone SACD. Unless he was extremely lucky, I suspect it wasn't THE MISSION Soundtrack! (That seems to be almost impossible to find after 15 years. One Australian seller is asking $A200 for it! (I'd love to have it simply for the remastering, even though I don't have a SACD player.)
  14. I have to agree with the previous member. I have heard non-HDCD editions and HDCD encoded versions on a player with HDCD decoder, and the difference is marked. Leaving aside the excellent discs on Reference Recordings, I'd particularly recommend the HDCD discs from the Silva Screen label. (For those who still hunger for HDCD, I'd suggest south-east Asia: I've several titles with HDCD encoding, which I'm not aware of being released as such in the West. One title came out as late as 2007, whereas in the West the heyday of HDCD was over by 2004.)
  15. As probably many know, the great Michel Legrand passed away earlier this year. Though he was still accepting a few film commissions into his '80's, I think the strangest commission he had was one of his very last, THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND. (I say unexpected because the movie was actually shot over 40 years ago, but director Orson Welles couldn't raise the funds for post-production.) It was only in 2017 that (based on the very extensive instructions left by Orson Welles, who'd died over 20 years ago) the movie was finally edited and the sound added. Anyway back in the '70's Welles said he wanted Legrand to write the music: who could have imagined that Legrand would still be active or even alive after such a very long hiatus? Well, Legrand accepted the commission and completed recording the score early in 2018. (In fact while I'm not aware that the movie is as yet available on DVD, the music has been released by the specialist U.S. label La-La Land.)
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