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  1. Hi I have a sm6p that is fantastic sorry I don’t want to sell.i have had it with lots of power amps and now with classe monoblocks and never failed to bring out the best in whatever you put it with. In my opinion it punches well above its class.good luck with your chase.i think at the time of purchase I paid $900 thanks
  2. O sorry I forgot I would love to have the year they were made thanks again thanks again for the year I appreciate the help
  3. O sorry I forgot I would love to have the year they were made thanks again
  4. Thanks very much I might .have a lead as the power amp on the back has a make I’ll get back to you as soon as I can thanks again
  5. Hi all just had a fantastic set of speakers given to me buy a very generous lady they are sonic renegades.they are active speakers with scanspeak drivers and morel tweeters and from the little info available they have 3 amps in each speaker and we’re made in Perth .just wondering if any members had any more info thanks
  6. Sorry I got mine as a swap and loved them since .i am thinking only available in the us . and judging from articles I have read their no longer in business
  7. A great power lead if you can find.i have their speaker cables and they are fantastic. They rave in the reviews about power cable .so if they are as good as the speaker cables,keep on looking
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