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  1. Here is the 1st page of the Evokators handbook with some info on the specifications, features. evokator .pdf
  2. Here is the original product range brochure? Also have the Evokators owners handbook. richtera1 .pdf richter1 .pdf
  3. I did find up my brochures on Excalibur,Unicorn, Evokator which i had the few pages of the user manual but have put it away somewhere I hope and forgot where ! They were before the brochures pictured at the top of this post as it was just the dragon in the whole product range brochure i have, which has a picture of an fx? holden on a beach-rocks above a child picture on the back of it. When i saw the post from someone whom had acquired a pair of Excalibur's which needed reconditioning and was asking if it was worth doing. Definately! Years ago, when having a bonfire 50 meters fro home, my nephew screwed the volume up way too high with the Marantz sr82 receiver with the input gain turned up high which blew the Aaron speaker on the rear which is driven by an ME550 amplifier, the Excalibur's on the front were fine. Was using a input switch so that i could run either twin stereo---front and back pairs or surround sound. the Aaron speakers came nowhere near the quality of sound coming from the Excalibur's! The oval mesh covers look terrific too! Looking at the brochure the Merlin, Harlequin, Wizard, Dragon and Excalibur speakers all had the oval mesh cover at the time. Only the Evokator sub woofer,Unicorn center and Hydra rear were square- rectangular covers. My Excalibur's are still in original condition and the best sounding speaker i have heard, dragons way back then were nowhere near as good sounding to me. i run them with an ME550 mk11 amp with extra capacitance capacity? I have not heard the dragon-v. Since acquiring them in the late 90's i have not been able to listen to music in a vehicle due to the terrible sound by comparison! originally the Me's were fed by a Marantz sr82 receiver and now by an onkyo txnr 801 after the Marantz was zapped, lightning? and lost its video capabilities. I had to have the Evokators paper-foam replaced a couple of years ago where it rotted away?
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