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  1. Sent PM with intention to buy, if still available.
  2. Interested in your Audioquest Eagle Eye SPDIF/COAX/RCA digital cable - 2m, tried to pm you with no luck.
  3. Sorry, should have noted the speakers. They are older generation Mission 780 (from around 2001) not current generation of Mission speakers.
  4. Hi, I do not have any experience with Dali speakers sorry, but I have a set of low end Mission bookshelf speakers hooked into my NAD c375bee amp, and it sounds amazing. Please note that I am adverse to any sibilance, so might go against anyone looking for bright set up, especially with a warmish amp like the NAD. Cheers Marc
  5. Would love to get some Maggies one day. Quite envious of your 30.7's.... What do you drive them with? I really enjoy the sound from LCD2 planers, can't imagine that coming from huge Maggies!!! Cheers Marc
  6. Thank you Gary the music monster...
  7. Hi everyone, My first post, I have lurked on many audio forums, thought it time to contribute!!! As well as learn more from the multitude of experienced audio lovers etc. I have had a lot of great audio gear, from low level, to medium and relatively high level gear over the last 30+ years. With electronics tech background in telecommunications, computer systems and defence. I currently have a very modest, but satisfying set up, around mainly headphone use (Audeze LCD2f) and (Sennheiser HD650), with Schiit ModiMB/Eitr/Loki/Vali2 stack, NAD c375bee, and Mission bookshelf speakers. Looking to upgrade mainly around source and gain the next level audio nervosa.... Cheers and thanks for listening Marc
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