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  1. I know that I'll be getting one, BUT I'm not sure how close after release I'll end up getting it. I got a PS4 Pro last year, due to my older system struggling to run a couple of the more recent games without sounding like it was about to fly away on me. On the Pro the same games are practically whisper quiet. I would like to invest in a 4K TV for the PS5 too. Also, no doubt games like Death Stranding and The Last Of Us Pt II will end up on the PS5 so I'm waiting on those to arrive for it too. I also had plans to finally cobble together a respectable PC rig too but that hasn't been
  2. Item: iBasso DX150, iBasso IT01 iems, FIIO LC-2.5B BALANCED 2.5MM MMCX CABLE, SanDisk 200GB MicroSDXC card. Location: Wagga Wagga, NSW Price: $525 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Downgrading to something more portable and it doesn't get as much use as it deserves. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal. Extra Info: Can organize post at expense of buyer. Original IT01 cable, iem carry case, product boxes available. (Just tell me if you want them or not.)
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