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  1. Thanks all. I spoke to Onkyo support, they agreed using the optical input on the receiver was the best option. Pity my STB doesn't have an optical out, just HDMI, but Jaycar have an interface box that can strip the audio component from the HDMI signal and send it out via Toslink. I already use one in the lounge room for my AppleTV box. Now, to plan a quick trip to Jaycar ... Steve
  2. I recently upgraded the home theatre with an Epson TW9400, Onkyo TX-NR686 and Panasonic DP-UB820GNK UHD bluray player. Mostly trouble free installation except for one thing. I have a HD STB connected to the Onkyo to watch big event stuff on the projector. The picture comes through wonderfully, but no sound. However, if I unplug the HDMI out from the Onkyo to the Epson, and instead connect it to the HDMI in ports on a UHD tv, I get picture and sound. Replug the projector, no sound again. From the menus on both the Onkyo and the STB, it appears to be set right - hence pic and sound to the tv - but nothing to the projector. Has anybody had this problem? Or can suggest a possible response? TIA. Steve.
  3. Nothing to much to rave about in my system(s), house system is Onkyo AVR, Aarons Decor speakers (D400s front, D100s for surround and rear, with ring-in Aarons CC120 as centre because I didnt like the impedance load caused by the two centres inbuilt in the D400s) and a PSB sub, Panasonic UHD player and Aldi 48" UHD tele. Shed system (model train shed, hence my screen name) being upgraded, currently Yamaha 5.1 AVR, Epson TW5500 HD projector, Samsung HD disc player, Aarons ATS4 Mk2 fronts, unnamed centre and two Dick Smiths bookshelfs for the rears. And a home built sub using Jaycar componentry in a home built enclosure. Upgrade is an Onkyo inset letters/numbers686 7.2, Panasonic UHD player (forgot the number, has two HDMI outs if that helps) and yesterday ordered an Epson TW9400 projector, speakers to stay the same for the mo with the addition of two Aarons CC120s as Atmos high mounts. There's a 50" Kogan UHD tele there in case I just want to catch news/sport/etc. Steve
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