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  1. Item: Thecus N5550 5-Bay NAS Location: Adelaide, South Australia Price: $300 (negotiable) Item Condition: 9/10 (slight marks due to use but otherwise perfect condition) Reason for selling: Upgraded to a Windows-based server solution due to spare parts. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: This 5-bay NAS has been a little workhorse for nearly 8 years. Low power, great for a home storage environment. Left it running 16 hours a day for 8 years and has never once given me issues. Has held up to 5x10tb WD red hard drives. I primarily used it to store media files and plex which is installed on the system, to stream to players around the house, including Large 4K HDR files with no stuttering. It is not powerful enough to transcode, however. Comes with Kensington locks for each drive for security, keys and screws come with it. The only reason I am selling is due to upgrading my Windows PC, I used the old parts from that to make a Windows Server, which I am now finding is actually harder to use than this little gem. Super easy to setup, make users, and access. Manual and webpage here: http://www.thecus.com/product.php?PROD_ID=76 Any further information, please ask. I would prefer pick up however can get a quote for shipping and we can work something out. Thanks Photos:
  2. Had one in Adelaide. Sad to see yet another retail store group close up shop. Lots of people losing their jobs, making it harder for those already looking. Not good times.
  3. I cant really understand why noone has jumped on this yet, with a large amount of people holding off until its released, its a good chance to snag a large chunk of new customers and sales.
  4. This is true. Might just chuck it on top for now.
  5. The 'slot' its going into is about 17.2cm high, 50cm wide and 50cm deep. Its a tight fit so it will fit in it, but worried about heat.
  6. How are you finding it? I've heard it runs really hot on top and needs to be out in the open and not in an entertainment unit? (which is where mine would be)
  7. Hi Everyone I've come to this forum regularly to read advice and posts of others but I've finally decided to join and contribute, now that I think my knowledge has increased enough! Bit about me: I am mid 30's from Adelaide, employed full time with no kids. I guess this allows me to spend alot of time on my equipment! I currently run a 7.1 surround sound setup with an old Sony STN840 receiver and a C7 65 inch LG OLED. Looking at upgrading the AV receiver when HDMI 2.1 becomes standard with receivers (which seems forever). I use Nvidia Shields to stream content, I am subscribed to virtually all streaming services and have recently built a windows based server with a Sivlerstone CS381 case, of which I may do a write up in the near future. With that project I had to learn about different data interfaces - I thought SATA was the only one and was shocked when I received the case it had these weird connections. To get it working, I had to research deep into SAS cards and cables (which aren't cheap at all) but the solution is a fantastic and quick media server which can run the whole house. Anyway, thanks for being a welcoming bunch, hope to contribute going forward. Cheers
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