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  1. Serious congrats to whoever bought it. Wonderful stuff.
  2. Where is everyone today? Out buying toilet paper?
  3. Mike Oldfield - The Bell/Sentinel (12")
  4. Mike Oldfield - Earth Moving 12" By far his most underrated album IMHO. Or maybe it's just me.
  5. Mike Oldfield - Flying Start 12". Nice to see Mike and Kevin Ayers performing together. Imagine being Kevin when the superstar who was once your little weird bass player rings you up wanting you to perform vocals on his new single. Mike copped a lot of sh*t for his music during the 80s.. Not me, I reckon it's great. This came from the 1987 "Islands" LP which was seriously underrated IMHO.
  6. Mike Oldfield - Magic Touch 12"
  7. Mike Oldfield - Take 4 (EP) from 1978.
  8. If I was a collector I'd be all over this...... So tempting but I already have stuff piling up as it is. GLWS, great value for a discerning buyer.
  9. This is 100% true. @Smudger 14MC is not better, it's just different. Better/worse is really up to your ears and is also dependant on other things like your phono preamp etc. For me, my MC is better for certain types of music and my MM is better for others. But is one better than the other in all instances? No way. Anyway, a good pairing up for your RP6 if you want to try a MC might be the Ortofon Qintet series. There's no such thing as a perfect answer for you, because there are literally dozens of other variables at play.
  10. Cheers, but that's only the preamp. The amp sits next door to it.
  11. Yep, you want something like a Project VC-S or Okki Nokki. VC-S has the wood over the Okki because a lot of record cleaners will bugger up the Okki. Wet Vac + Ultrasonic and you're on the money. Actually you're not on the money.. With both of those you'll be broke.
  12. Mel Brooks - The Hitler Rap 12" So I grabbed a blonde and a case of beer, I said the Russians are coming, let's get outa here!
  13. Worth owning just for the cover alone.
  14. Meco - The Empire Strikes Back, 12" single (Japanese Press). This one's ****in!
  15. Ultrasonics are the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to improving the audio quality of vinyl. Anybody who says vinyl is noisy hasn't heard one after its been properly cleaned.
  16. These are the one I use, no issues or complaints from me. https://www.dutchvinyl.com.au/collections/blake-sleeves-crystal-clear-vinyl-record-sleeves
  17. More hammer time... MC Hammer, Pray. This one takes a Prince song and makes it even better, right @April Snow ? Going to war against the audiophile snobs one 12" at a time 😜
  18. TB, something tells me if you were my neighbour, we'd be besties and would be lending each other a LOT of music.
  19. +1 on Blake for me. They really make your covers pop and fit really well.
  20. I feel sorry for the young kids today.. Coz they never had Hammer Time. MC Hammer - You Can't Touch This.
  21. I'll always remember the very first time I heard a PSB song... I was awake at some crazy hour, 3am or something - couldn't sleep. had my headphones on listening to the radio and the intro riff for "It's A Sin" came on... Right from the first bar those synths had me hooked. The debut album was epic. Got better and better until 1993's "Very" and just got sadder and sadder each release thereafter. Got this? The jap pressing of it is really good. https://www.discogs.com/Pet-Shop-Boys-Disco/release/756089
  22. I use these, really nicely constructed.
  23. Really? Cool.. I bought 2, still have 1 in shrink.
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