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  1. Best ones back in the day had Chevy V8's. 307's, 327's.. Great engines.
  2. Like for example, the funds could not be repatriated back to the US if they decided to cease operations, as opposed to being returned to the taxpayer. How this was allowed to happen still boggles my mind. https://www.afr.com/companies/manufacturing/holden-sends-150-million-back-to-general-motors-in-detroit-as-closure-looms-20170127-gtzs1q quote - A spokesman for General Motors Holden said the capital return was "part of normal, ongoing financial management".
  3. Cadenza Black on a Luxman PD-171A. I know I'm gonna approve of this one.
  4. Whilst I have no experience with these two amps (I have a C2600 paired with a MC462 myself), I can tell you that at lower volumes it's unlikely you will notice any difference between the two. Where you will notice it is when you start to push it. The bigger amps have so much additional overhead available which does equate to SQ. It also gives you more options for less sensitive speakers. Enjoy.
  5. Sure does, track B1. Great sounding pressing it is too. I'm playing everything in Alphabetical order (all 2500 records in my collection) and by chance I'm up to Madonna. I just finished playing all my Madness 12" singles but I assumed they wouldn't get too much love on here so I didn't post Up soon, Malcolm McLaren - round the outside, round the outside.....
  6. Another shoutout for you @April Snow 12" version of La Isla Bonita. This is the Japanese EP version with the great 10 min mix of Open Your Heart (Plus Crazy For You and a few mixes of La Isla Bonita). https://www.discogs.com/Madonna-La-Isla-Bonita-Super-Mix/release/364915
  7. If you guys ever want to get into a Roger Whittaker competition, I'll kick your collective asses! PS I was joking PPS maybe I wasn't.
  8. Hey what about Art Of Noise's rendition of "Kiss" with Tom Jones? You gotta admit that version's really good
  9. Well, in fairness they're not exactly singing
  10. New thread required. I've got a few promo 12' pressings I can contribute
  11. What about this? https://www.discogs.com/M-C-Miker-G-Deejay-Sven-Holiday-Rap/release/208922 Granted not Madonna, but it's still worthy of belonging in a fan's collection.
  12. I'm afraid she had me hooked since I saw the midriff in the Lucky Star music video.
  13. Since I don't proudly advertise myself as an audiophile (I listen to anything I like!), I don't mind to admit I do like a bit of Madge. There's some really good stuff in the 90's when she teamed up with William Orbit (One of my favourite 90's producers) and pretty much most of the 80's 12" singles are gems to play. Sounds of a bygone era I'm afraid!
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