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  1. I don't believe any are "squashed" except for the latter "remastered" CD's which sounded aweful. I've got the 80's Polydor CD's from Germany as well, and they sound great. I dunno what people are talking about when they reckon 80s CD's sound terrible, they sound great to me.
  2. Record. They're no different from the Japanese pressings quality wise (since they are actually Japanese pressings!), but yes they are quite collectible. I'm after a copy of Equinoxe but they too are very expensive.
  3. Considering it was made in his home studio (kitchen) in 1975/76 you're right it does sound amazing. I got a MFSL vinyl copy of this last year, unplayed and in its original bag from a second hand record dealer for $40. Bargain considering what they sell for. https://www.discogs.com/Jean-Michel-Jarre-Oxygene/release/1740285 His original albums, up to and including "Magnetic Fields" were his best work IMHO. Rendezvous is pretty good as well.
  4. You know you're getting nostalgic when... https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Sony-CDP-338ESD-CD-player-featuring-KSS-151A-mechansim-Burr-Brown-PCM-58P-DAC/114485540180?hash=item1aa7deb554:g:Qf4AAOSwLChfAhbA
  5. Interesting. I clicked the link and it took me to a listing for a RCD1572.. I had one of those and it sucked. The mech died after a couple of years, and during those couple of years it got used less than my exercise bike.
  6. Just my humble 2c, but a digital source can never really sound like an analogue source. They just don't have the imperfections that gives analogue its charm. The best you'll probably get is a tube preamp setup. Vinyl rumble or tape hiss is just a function of the medium. No CD player sounds like that, but you can certainly "Warm" it up somewhat. I wouldn't recommend a Rotel CD player BTW. If you want a decent new CD player these days, you unfortunately do need to spend a bit. Cheaper CD players are made with really nasty components these days and in my opinion the Rotel
  7. That phono preamp provides 35db of gain for a MM cart which should be more than adequate. Check you've not done something silly like connected up your phono leads to your cartridge incorrectly. You may also simply have a faulty cartridge. Have you used this turntable on any other setups before? Do you know for sure there's no issue with the turntable?
  8. Both great choices. I'd have a Luxman amp if I hadn't already picked the Mac pre/power. Luxman build quality is outstanding.
  9. Such a shame these guys went out of business. Great products.
  10. Glorious. Too bad you're not in WA as I would be all over these otherwise. Violin red would be my choice, but that's only a minor detail.
  11. Nice one. These sound great fellas. I bought a minty minty gx630D a while ago so I’m good, thanks @Frank Prowse Hi-Fi these are really tough and durable thanks to their glass heads and direct drives. Watch out for cross talk though.
  12. FYI guys, these are awesome for removing vinyl rumble. Essential purchase for those who spin records and use a subwoofer.
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