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  1. Downsizing into a smaller place? Just get a single bed man, get a smaller fridge, put the kids into a single bedroom and build some bunk beds... You're going to regret selling these. My god am I ever tempted to get these and pair them to my MX-1 in the mancave but I just can't. There's been a serious amount of great kit going up for sale on here lately. These will make somebody very happy. Fixed
  2. Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me God I miss those days. Mastering quality on this one is right up there with the best I've heard on a pop album.
  3. INXS - Decadance This is the repress. The original is a very collectible, very limited issue for radio stations only (250 pressed) which I'm proud to say I also have in my collection. This one sounds great. Not sure whether they came from the original tapes, but it sure sounds like it. Nile Rodgers at his best.
  4. Yeah this stylus aint a cheap one! Not sure I'll be extremely keen to spend more than this (and I really do like it), but I do take your point.. Don't put that idea in my head. I'm about 3 years into this project and I'm not too keen to start all over!
  5. Really? Just take it out of your super. Essential purchase.
  6. Well at this stage I've not been into playback mode because I've not yet played each record more than once! Have to complete the task of cataloguing and recording everything - and when I say everything, I literally mean everything. Once done I'll need to decide, probably a mix of both, most likely. The Tascam does a fantastic job playing back, so whilst streaming is probably more "convenient", I prefer to use hardware. I work in IT so the last thing I want to do is introduce more computing in my music listening experience. The music side of my life is meant to be as far away from the IT experience as possible.
  7. I really cannot discern any difference from the original so any additional quality available is probably pointless (not to mention debateable!). The other issue is I wanted to capture PCM to allow for editing later, editing DSD is a whole other (painful) story. Cheers.
  8. Indeed it is, but that's not really saying much! Those re-issues were nasty. This isn't bad, but still not as good as the originals IMHO. I'm not complaining though as it's a great collection and I got it for a steal.
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