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  1. Michael Giacchino - Star Trek Into Darkness OST
  2. Michael Giacchino - Star Trek (2009) OST
  3. I’m just sayin, if I touch those wharfedales I might just have an epiphany and kill some hairy bastard with a bone for them.
  4. yep I've seen that one... Chancy Gardner right? Huge Peter Sellers fan. If you ever wanted to see how well this man could act, check out "Dr. Strangelove"..
  5. Blake Edwards + Peter Sellers. Match made in heaven!
  6. I've got "The return of..." Also really good. Can't go wrong with some Mancini. This one is really good (cheap) buying if you like his music https://www.discogs.com/Henry-Mancini-Mancini-Magic/release/6684232
  7. Yeah nice cart. I've worn through 2 of these, a third is coming soon. I think.
  8. My neighbours know better than to complain. Otherwise they get "Funkytown" at 2am.
  9. Such big towers of power, and volume level is set to 13?
  10. Alan Silvestri - Ready Player One OST - (2x LP) "Artemis Edition".
  11. Randy Edelman/Trevor Jones - The Last Of The Mohicans OST (2x LP)
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