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  1. How would I get these files to my amp without losing resolution? I get the feeling that audio is experiencing a similar revolution today that those of us back in the day saw when we watched vinyl give way to compact disc. Streaming and digital files are most likely the future, but I have no idea how best to make the most of the new technology without sacrifcing sound levels for convenience.
  2. USB would be limited by bandwidth wouldn't it? I imagine it would would sound awful compared to CD...
  3. What would be the best way to get high quality sound from my PC (or laptop) to my Amp? All this new fangled computer stuff with its Bits and Bytes makes an old timer like me scratch his head in wonder.
  4. That is one hell of a set up. Having head the BE's as a standalone I can only imagine how good your system sounds! Focal were my go to speaker when I went hunting for a new system. Unfortunately the dealer situation in regards to Focal speakers here in Melbourne is nothing short of pathetic. On the plus side I am more than happy with my Dynaudio's.
  5. LOL, doubtful mate. The Dyno's are far too subtle a speaker for his tastes, though he does admire their sound. He much prefers the "big" sound he gets from those thumping Focals.
  6. Had a few hours with the new system and here are my thoughts. First of all hats off to Tivoli Hifi. It really has been great doing business with them, they offered me a fine deal, were helpful with all my enquiries, and perhaps the thing that impressed me most (aside from the price reduction I was offered) was the fact that the store manager arranged for delivery at 2pm today and the goods were at my door at 2:04 pm! Good service... As for the speakers. I am hearing details in songs I have listened to for over a decade I had never heard before and my poorly dampened, hard floor room has not stopped the contours from digging deep, when they need to go there. I guess if I had to look for a down side it is that my hifi is now more dependent upon the quality of the recording than it was before, and the fact that i am already considering what I can upgrade next. I reckon my next step (when the smoke clears from my wallet) is a new CD player but that is at least a year away.
  7. Thanks mate. I just got a call from my dealer. He is on his way with my new equipment. Got my brother over (a fellow audio tragic who happens to own a pair of Focal 1038's)... won't be long now. Keep you posted on how it all went. Thanks to all who contributed to this thread by the way.
  8. Update: So I have finally purchased a hifi system! Getting the Contour 30's and the Electrocompaniet amp delivered to my home this Friday. The deal I was offered and the exquisite sound I heard during the audition was good enough to clinch the deal for me. Can't wait to spend many a few hours going over my CD collection and rediscovering my music. Gonna be a long few days wait.
  9. I have owned a Vincent amp for about 10 years (SV233). I would describe it as workman like and extremely well built (remote in particulatur, which is moulded from some kind of metal, deserves praise). My amp pumps out plenty of power but I would call it dull, being in particular somewhat listeless at the top end. Not sure about their other products though.
  10. Short of buying a new house is there any other purchase with as many permutations, variables, and potential pitfalls, as Hifi?
  11. Abolutely. My impression of the Dynaudio's is that they are indeed a wonderful speaker but seem quite fussy when it comes to amplification.
  12. Thanks for all the feedback folks. I have enjoyed reading through your posts. I have just spent the morning/afternoon auditioning the Dynaudio 30's. My initial reaction to the speakers as paired with the Musical Fidelity can be summed up in one word: unimpressive! They sounded bland, lacking both bass and dynamic range. I played various forms of music and none of them moved me, despite several different amps being used, including a pair of mono blocks. Sensing my disappointment, the shop assistant set up a pair of Sonus Olympica speakers. These had way more character than the Dynaudio's but still there was not enough there to have me grasping for my wallet. As I left the first shop I had a feeling that I had been wrong to spend so much time focussing on the Contour's, that is until I gave them a second listen at a different retailer, this time paired alongside an Electrocompaniet ECI 6D. It was as though the Amp breathed life into the Contours. Suddenly the sound opened up, the fidelity was unlike anything I have heard and the bass while subtle was present and articulate. The dealer has offered me a great discount too, shaving off about three and a half grand from the price. I am strongly leaning towards making the purchase though I still have some doubts. The system I heard was positioned in an acoustically treated room, and was running off an $8000 CD player. The cables were as thick as plumbing pipes too. My CD player is a Creek Evolution, not too shabby but a far cry from the CD player I heard at the shop. Furthermore my room has little by way of dampening so I fear that these speakers may lack bass in my home. I have a lot of thinking to do... but when I think about the detail and the warmth of the Countour's when paired with an amp that complimented them I think I may just follow through and buy them. They are certainly leagues above what I have now.
  13. Surely the speaker, being the only component you actually hear must come first? I admit I am not technically minded when it comes to Hifi, I am just a bloke who loves his music so I may be wrong, but if I am I'd be interested to know why (preferably in laymans terms)
  14. Thanks for the reply but the amp in question is not the Musical Fidelity M500i, rather it is the M6si.
  15. Indeed. I can spend more but the temptation to spend less remains. Another amplifier I have on my radar is the electrocompaniet ECI 6D. This amp will add a couple of thousand dollars to the price though, but if the Music Fidelity does the same or similar job for less...
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