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  1. Thanks mate you have been very helpful. Can I ask if I have bought a new pair of woofers and a new pair of mids, how does one go about getting viable crossover for this mix of speakers.? Is it a matter of getting a technician to “tune” new crossovers? Or does one have make a custom crossover for the mix of speakers?
  2. Thanks ALM if I get different woofers will the whole crossover need to be changed or adjusted if that is possible ?
  3. Hi folks, would really lke some guidance if there are retailers out there in Sydney preferred for speaker drivers, amp components, crossovers, for DIY projects. I know we have Jaycar which is good for wire connectors soldering gear etc etc but that dont have speaker drivers to speak of, cabinets, decent crossovers etc. The first thing i wouod buy is a pair of 12" woofers to go in SM122 cabinets i own. Plus there are some neat projects on youtube i wold like to try. can you help a newb?
  4. I have a defunct 12" woofer in an infinity sm 122 cabinet. its not the crossover or connector - its the speaker so im thinking if I can buy a suitable replacement 12" woofer for both sides ill be ok. where the frig in Sydney do I look? what would you do?
  5. hi all. yes new here .. and no I'm not an audiophile or expert unfortunatley. You all probably gathered that by the post's title. Anyway, I have an old set on Infinity SM122 floor speakers in my man cave AKA garage. I like them for parties etc. But one of the woofers has bit the dust. Where could I go in Sydney to find something to replace the woofer on both sides if I have to? Advice appreciated.
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