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  1. Once the cartridge arrives and i have had time to listen i will let you know if it was the right choice. I appreciate all the feed back from the group but feel that very few have actually tried the Rega cartridges so is hard to tell if it was helpful. There is no substitute for experience. Decision is made money is spent here is to hoping its right.
  2. Ordered the rega ania after long discussion with Simon Douglass hi fi. very helpful great advice with neutral opinion helped me make the right decision.
  3. Further information: I have for sale stainless steel and glass 5 shelf component stand. Selling due to new purchase to allow analogue components to sit side by side on top shelf Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. The Ania specification states 100 ohm in its specifications, and the arm is low medium so the ania should work well
  5. Vincent PHO-700 Frequency Response: 10Hz – 20kHz T.H.D.: 0.05% (20Hz – 20kHz) Input sensitivity: MM: 58mV, MC: 6.8mV Signal to-noise ratio: MM: >81dB, MC: >69dB Input impedance: MM: 47kOhm, MC: 100 Ohm Output impedance: 250 Ohm Amplification factor: MM: 40dB, MC: 60dB Power consumption: 15 Watt Colour: black or silver Dimensions (WxHxD): 130 x 82 x 225 mm
  6. OK looking for advice, i am taking the plunge and changing from a MM to an MC cartridge. I currently run a rega p6 with the exacta MM, my phono stage is a vincent pho which i am very happy with and my integrated am is the prima luna dialogue pro feeding into B&W CM6S2 stand mounts. I have been researching and am leaning toward the rega ania as it is a well presented and gets great reviews plus the ease of set up with the 3 screw head. The other MC's i am considering are the Denon DL103R or the Benz SH. Your thoughts experience appreciated.
  7. Is this the best price for a regular customer, how would they run with a rega 6 and a prima luna HP amp?
  8. The Vincent PHO 7 i am running is a very capable stage and i do like the sound quality that i am getting.
  9. Did he need to shim the tone arm to accept the cartridge?
  10. Thanks I currently run the exacta cartridge but am looking to try out an MC
  11. How did the ortofon cartridge did you purchase with that cartridge?
  12. Hi Looking for suggestions for a MC cartridge to match my RP6 Deck, running a prima luna dialogue premium valve amp, Vincent Pho 701 hybrid phono amp and B&W CM6S2 speakers. currently have the Rega exact MM cartridge.
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