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  1. Thanks guys for all your feedback. I might persevere with it a bit longer and spend a bit more time with it and see how the copying straight to computer works. This really is a great forum for knowledge and support. Cheers, Fletch
  2. Hi all. I'm after a bit of advice about whether I should sell my Marantz Model 6300 turntable and buy a new one, or if that is a silly idea. It is in really good condition and I am only the second owner since it was made in the 70s, but it has never really 'done it' for me. It's fiddly to set up and I still don't know if I have it right. Lucky i don't play records that much. They are worth a reasonable amount second hand and I am wondering if I sell it for around $700, am I going to be able to buy a new one for the same amount that is will sound any better. It would also be nice to get one with USB to convert my records to digital for playing in the car, but am also not sure if the players in that price range that do it actually sound any good. Any advice or info would be appreciated.
  3. Can't believe you had to drop the price on this. I'd buy it, except I already have a VT50A 55". I won't be 'upgrading' that any time soon. GLWTS. It's a bargain.
  4. I can vouch for the picture quality. I have the model before and won't be 'upgrading' any time soon. Bloody brilliant picture. GLWTS
  5. Thanks Aussie Vintage. Therein lay the problem. I thought all Chromecast did was send stuff from your phone to the TV (screen mirroring). The fact that it is the actual streamer now it all makes sense and I'm over the screen mirroring thing. Cheers.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately the Gen 3 ipad has iOS 10.3 and Disney + only works with iOS 11 .0. I suppose the next question is can you update the operating software, but being apple, I assume not. Will android communicate with the apple TV? I thought Android and Apple were not compatible at all. Today I found a little wifi Anycast dongle that I don't remember buying. Plugged that into the TV directly and can mirror the phone screen to that. Geez the tech life has got complicated. Cheers. Fletch
  7. Thanks Figjam. Remembered we had cheap Sony blur at I bought last year for an outside tv. I plugged that in and could send the phone image to it, but buffering was terrible on NBN 25 MBS. Maybe that's what we're in for while everyone has to stay home for a while.
  8. Hi All. Just got the Disney + service today and can't believe how hard it is to make it work. I didn't think all my gear was that old. I have Panasonic Plasma (second last model), Panasonic bluray recorder (BWT955) and a Yamaha bluray (BDS673). Also a Gen 3 apple TV, IPad 4 and Telstra Roku box. None will allow Disney+ to display on the TV or Epson TW9300W projector. As far as I can work out I could put a Google Chromecast into the TV and send Disney from my android phone to the TV. 1. Does anyone know if this will actually work? 2. Is there any way I can get the phone image to the projector and the sound to the Marantz AV receiver (SR6001 - yes I know it's old but it works)? The projector has HDMI inputs and a USB, but it says the USB is only for updating firmware or connecting to the wireless module. I haven't tried the wireless module yet, preferring a good cable until now and don't know how good the Epson wireless system is. I'd prefer not to rewire everything if I can avoid it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. I'm in a similar boat to many on this discussion, but 2 days ago came across a further issue with ongoing tech support. I planned to keep my current 6 zones going (nearly all now legacy and unsupported), but add the 1 or 2 more components I need before the May deadline and then use it however I can without updates until it dies completely. So I bought my daughter a Sonos 1 for her birthday with voice control so she can have fun with her friends talking to google. We have 3 phones, an ipad, an ipod touch, a Samsung galaxy tab and a windows 10 computer in the house. NONE of them were able to add the new unit to the system. All still work fine and all now have a message saying the operating system is not supported. I had to go and buy a new phone just so we could add a component to the system and then set up voice activation. The computer controller used to be the main interface. Now you have to have a mobile device to add a new component. It's simply not an option on the desktop controller. Lucky phones are cheap and I got a Samsung A20 with Android 9 for $169, so at least it should last a few years before Android 9 is not supported as well. Be very careful buying a new phone if it's to control Sonos. Many of the really cheap phones are still being sold new with Android 7 and this is the oldest version that Sonos currently support. You could be a new phone today and in 6 months it will have limited functionality. There's traps everywhere.
  10. Just watched the whole thing and thanks for sharing it. There's a lot more going on in our music than I was ever aware of. This seems like a good thing to me and we should start getting more range and emotion back into recordings. If you're not into science though, don't spend too much time viewing it. It's fairly full on technical.
  11. Encel was always my favorite shop too. Bought my first stereo there in the late 80s as a young adult. Luxman Cd and Amp and Cerwin Vega speakers. A huge event for someone on a low income in the country. I think it was about 4 or 5 weeks wages. That would buy a pretty nice 3 component system now. I still have the amp and family has the speakers. My best mate and I went there every time we went to Melbourne and I bought a few more pieces over the years. I'll never forget the Stax headphones (ear speakers as they like to call them) , listening to someone walk around the room while they were talking on the special CD recording. We were looking in all directions, while nothing was actually happening. The good old days hey.
  12. While I'm as annoyed as most others with the lack of future usability ( 6 Sonos zones in the house and was about to add another, but all becoming obsolete), I think they could make a lot of people cope better with the changes if they want to. In recent years the software upgrades were, in my experience, not optional. The controller just doesn't work until you do the update. If they give us the option to not do updates and add new components with the ability to join an existing network with no new updates, we may be quite happy for many years to come. I started selling Sonos systems the year after they came out and they are still the most user friendly system I've seen. But if people think they are paying a premium to buy quality, they want to be able to keep using it until it dies a natural death (think my 45 year old Marantz stereophonic receiver that still sounds great. That's quality). If the software gets to the point where we can't access streaming services, I'd still be happy to access my music collection stored on a NAS for multi-room music, with no need for an internet connection at all. If they can do that, I will probably buy another Sonos Amp.
  13. I've got the same TV and still think it has a better picture than virtually any new 4k TV I've seen. Never had a problem, so it's a good buy for someone.
  14. Terrible news. There are some very brazen crooks out there though. Years ago I had a brick thrown through my side window at 10 o'clock in the morning and the thief was standing on the other side of the road waiting for a taxi when my wife came home. She just didn't know it was him at the time. The police said it was all money for drugs. Thankfully they didn't take much that time. Good luck rebuilding the collection. Will certainly keep an eye out on gum tree and ebay for you.
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