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  1. Thanks mate, yeah I've heard all the marketing hype regarding per channel power. So you're pretty confident that the x3500 is future proofed then?
  2. Hello audio gurus, I have recently bit the bullet and purchased the Klipsch KLR820P5112 R820F 5.1ch Speaker Pack, now I just need a decent AVR to power these. The Denon AVR-X3500 has recently been reduced at my local store and I can pick this up for AU $1,700 however I am aware that the X2600 and X3600 models are coming to Australia soon. I do love saving some $$$'s wherever possible but want to ensure that the AVR I purchase will be somewhat future proofed. My main concerns with going with the current X3500 are listed below - HDCP 2.2 whereas the newer models will feature version 2.3 - I'm not in the market for an 8k TV so not sure if this will be an issue for me. Lack of eARC support, although this may now be enabled via a 2018 update? I will be looking at purchasing an LG OLED later this year along with an Nvidia Shield to stream media from my QNAP NAS. I am looking to have a 5.1.2 speaker setup and will be including 2 ceiling speakers to produce an Atmos effect. Would you guys go for the current gen X3500 or wait for with the X2600 or X3600? My budget may not allow for the X3600 hence why I've included the X2600 for comparison. Thank you all.
  3. A great suggestion, I'll look into this via the classifieds. Thank you
  4. Yeah that sounds like a lot of $$$ for what it is.
  5. Hi Irek, sorry I forgot to include that. I have been quoted for the below - B&W subwoofer 10” 200w (ASW610MB) for AU $850 Cheers
  6. Hi all, I thought I'd create this post to see if you could offer me advice on the below setup and whether it is suitable for an immersive Atmos experience for an area that's approximately 4.5m long x 3m wide. The seating distance is 4 metres from where the TV unit will be and the main left and right speakers. Based on this would the below setup be sufficient / is the AV receiver powerful enough to drive these speakers in a 5.1.2 configuration? Denon AVR-X2500H Receiver Jamo Theatre Pack - 2 x S 809 Tower Speakers 2 x S 803 Speakers for Surround Sound 1 x S 83 CEN Center Channel Speaker Yamaha NS-IC600 ceiling speakers (for Atmos setup) Thanks in advance.
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