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  1. very interesting. never heard of this before. will look into it. i suspect the extra equipment requirement and ongoing monthly cost may exceed my budget/space
  2. yeah. great bang for buck brand. i saw the price of some of the usb cables from other brands and was gobsmacked. what sort of setup do you run?
  3. Tricky. I also use my speakers for general computer use (yes, gasp, i know). So although the music streaming would be better, the cabling set up would be quite tedious in terms of having to switch back and forth between different sources.
  4. yeah. fair call. u reckon i shuld go valve amp given the power amp is already a power amp? Finding space and convincing the missus could be a whole other issue though 🤣
  5. So i ended up getting an Oyaide D+ Class S (the class A is unfortunately out of stock Aus-wide at the moment, and there's no ETA on them because of COVID). I saw a review that preferred the cheaper class A over the Class S, but the stock issue left me with little choice. I'm very surprised how much difference it makes in a blind test, given that my DAC is not USB powered. I did read the reviews and was sceptical (wouldn't have been surprised if it sounded the same), but it is definitely a tighter, more refined sound. Not sure if my stock cable was just dodgey or whether the new USB cable is just that much better. Either way, I'm pretty happy. Now for the next upgrade....hmm.... haha
  6. thanks! will look into the cables. is this the one that you are referring to: https://www.storedj.com.au/oyaide-neo-d-usb-2-0-class-a-cable-2m out of curiosity.....down the track.....would a pre-amp be a better investment or a better power amp/integrated amp? I did try the consonance 880i that greg osborn recommended when i got the speakers. they were noticeably better than the cymer but i didn't have the budget for them at the time.
  7. Just curious as to opinions on what I should upgrade next. I have a preference for pop/rock/classical and prefer to use TIDAL for convenience. Setup is a 3.4 x 3.2 m room with 2.5m ceilings. Wooden floors with a large rug. Current audio setup is: Laptop (lenovo x1 carbon gen 6) -> Stock USB Cable -> DAC = Topping Dx7s (need this for the headphone amp too) --> Osborn Silver RCA interconnects --> Power Amp = Cymer by Elson Silva 4 x KT88 valves --> Osborn Biwire Silver Speaker cables --> Osborn Titans (2019 model) Sounds brilliant. Room isn't ideal, but it is what it is (home office too). Just looking to bounce around some ideas on the best things to upgrade next. I appreciate that I don't have a pre-amp, but wonder about the cost-benefit here. No specific budget, but would rather not spend an arm and a leg.
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