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  1. Evening all, I've spent a long time with my mid-fi set up and during lockdown have been looking around at some upgrades. I made the move for a pair of ESS amt-1ds which I love and don't see myself moving on from anytime soon. I'm now looking at my Pioneer SPL-100 turntable and my Marantz 1030 amp and while I like both very much their days might be numbered! Be interested in some input on where to go with the next upgrade. Amp-wise I had thought that keeping an eye out for a Marantz 22XX receiver would be a good step but more recently I've found myself keen to go for low powered tubes maybe something like a Reisong Bayuu A10 paired with a Phono stage, like I say I'm slightly more into musicality rather than transparency/accuracy so feels like this would tick a lot of my boxes. Would really like to demo that set up though before getting too set on it. In terms of turntables I find myself happier with something contemporary rather than vintage so keeping an eye out for a nice Rega for example feels like the way to go? I do stream and play digital as well but not that much and I'm happy with the usability of Sonos and my Connect for the time being so not a priority. Any thoughts or pointers much appreciated! Cheers Marcus
  2. Yeah sorry, don't have packaging that would work either so would be pricey!
  3. Further information: Nice pair of vintage Interdyn bookshelf speakers. I'm not sure on the specific model but they have 6.5" SEAS woofers and 1" dome tweeters. Size is 380H x 260W x 230D Purchased from Hi-Fi Exchange, Clifton Hill a couple of years ago. I've now got myself sorted with some ESS Amt-1d's so time to move these on to somewhere they will get good use. Lovely sound, decent bass and nice separation. Simple classic look as well, I was really happy with them. In terms of amp matching I used these with a Pioneer SA-500, Sansui AU-101 and a Marantz 1030 (yes I have a type!) very happily. Well matched sound and I don't think I've ever needed to turned the volume above halfway. Couple of scratches and dings. One major scratch on the top of one (see pics). Minimal fuss, well made speakers. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  4. Yeah this is basically the answer isn't it. With the CXN V2 would I need to replace my Play:1s with the CA alternatives to get multi room functionality?
  5. Thanks! Yeah I have been purchasing FLAC downloads more and more recently (thanks Bandcamp!) and playing them through the Connect, they generally sound much better . The Connect I have is an S2 compatible one so hopefully is future proofed for a while longer! When you say a basic DAC would you say that going for a higher end piece of kit (an upgrade on a D30 for example) would be overkill without changing the Spotify source material?
  6. Thanks this is actually a really simple thing I hadn't thought of! Will see how much of a difference Tidal even makes compared to Spotify on the free trial
  7. So I've been a long time Sonos user and a long time Spotify user. I've got a few Play 1s around the house and then a Connect running into my hi-fi set up. Likewise I'm quite deep rooted in my Spotify, hundred of playlists and followed artists in there from over the years. That being the case I'm not in a huge rush to transition either to better sounding hardware like Bluesound or to Tidal (at least not any time soon), even though they would no doubt see an improvement in sound quality. Does that leave trying some external DACs as my main option for improving the sound from the Connect? Anyone have any good experiences of such a set up? Or is it kind of a waste of time when the source is Spotify 320s?
  8. +1 for Sorbothane over the Bunnings vibration pads. I found the Bunnings pads too dense/solid to properly isolate. Better for washing machines than speakers maybe. These were what I went for: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/4pc-Sorbothane-Hemispheres-25mm-1-inch-Domes-Isolation-Bumpers-Mount-50-Duro/283359568666?hash=item41f98be31a:g:uTUAAOSw8bpcUlor But have a look on this table to see roughly what duro and diameter is best for your components https://www.qtasystems.co.uk/articles/how-to-use-sorbothane-hemispheres.htm
  9. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/ocean-reef/speakers/sonos-play-5-gen-2-hardly/1251015624 Cheap Sonos Play 5 in WA
  10. Item: 80s Boombox which plays tapes with no problems Price Range: up $100 for the right model Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I don't have enough tapes to be worth adding a new seperate player to my set up but I do have a handful and often fancy picking up a few extras at gigs and the like. So I'm looking for a nice looking 80s boombox (chromey faceplate vibe) I can sit on the shelf and which I can play the occasional tape through. Im based in Collingwood Melbourne for any pickup but happy to arange postage as well Thanks! M
  11. Afternoon all, thought I'd share a recent find which so far has ticked all my boxes and could be useful for other folks looking for budget options. I was looking for a DAC I could run my Sonos Connect into via optical or coaxial and which I could also play my TV audio via bluetooth (sound quality not a priority for tv viewing and I'd rather avoid a cable across the room if possible). as well as these inputs I needed a line out to my Marantz 1030. So Bluetooth and Optical/Coaxial inputs and an RCA line out. Seemed surprisingly slim pickings with options either being headphone amps which would rely on a 3.5mm jack rather than a line out (e.g. Topping MX3) which would work in a pinch or something that would cost money that I'd rather invest elsewhere in my system (e.g. Topping D50s seeming to be the best option of that bunch). Anyway after a bit of digging I found the Fosi-Audio Q5 Pro which seemed to be pretty much the only option with the spec I needed that was cheaper than the D50s https://fosiaudio.com/products/fosi-audio-q5-pro-dac-converter-bluetooth-5-0-receiver-24-bit-192khz-optical-coaxial-usb-digital-to-analog-adapter-decoder-headphone-amplifier-mini-stereo-pre-amplifier?_pos=1&_sid=03dbb9932&_ss=r No doubt someone reading this will know of another better options which I didn't come across and which would ave been a much more sensible option! Anyways It arrived a week or so and it's good! An upgrade in sound quality compared to my old FX Audio and has all the functionality I need which is really satisfying. I know the D50s is there waiting for me when I'm at a stage where I've got the $250 or so ready. But till then I've got this $70 option doing a great job. Customer service was good and I got a 36 month warranty on it so some peace of mind there. Anyways thought I'd share as there was hardly ay other info about it online! Cheers m
  12. Yes that sounds like the same thing for sure. I ended up taking mine and the Marantz for a service and it needed resoldering and recapping too. Glad I did, lovely amp, Good luck with yours!
  13. Afternoon all, just to say this is now listed on eBay, I need to get it shifted so let it run from just $150 Cheers M
  14. Thanks everyone, I reckon I'll keep an eye out for a 2nd hand Topping or just go new on the E30. Did just see this one pop up on the classifieds as another option too The other left field option I saw was the Topping MX3, having Bluetooth connectivity would come in super handy for my TV . Currently if I run a 5.1 audio signal through my DAC and amp it just kicks out static, and it's a faff to switch to non 5.1 every Netflix episode (or not possible at all to switch on Stan).
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