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  1. I was hoping someone can shed some light on this particular 70's amp, and if it's worth considering. I can get one for $100 (or maybe cheaper if haggled) but not sure if it's a good buy or leave aside for better models. I can't find much info on this model but looks like it's middle range. Would mainly be using for TT but the quadraphonic option looks cool. Looks like the phono stage is just MM but could be wrong. Any help appreciated. Here's a link for one currently on Ebay; https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sanyo-DCX-3000-KA-Vintage-Stereo-Receiver-Amplifier/202620296443?hash=item2f2d1c5cfb:g:OO8AAOSw5cNYEpdx
  2. After much deliberation (and pacing:)) I'm recently the proud owner of a Project Debut Carbon. I think I've made a good choice, and glad I've stumbled onto this forum. I've already found so many interesting topics to read
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