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  1. Na definitely go for the OTL, you will be left wondering, I have both a Feliks Echo and a Mchanson. The Feliks (OTL) just matches high impedance dynamics and the McChanson is great but not really that tubey.
  2. I also have a McChanson iirc 6EW7 mini SET headphone amp, it added a touch of warmth with the cold RME adi-2. You could say it's almost SS like but not quite. Also Eric is a really nice guy and he delivered my amp in person.
  3. 6EW7 2W SET owner here, my daily driver. A really nice bloke, he drove up to mine to deliver the amp.
  4. You referring to the official faux leather covers? You can always get an affordable custom one on ebay.
  5. For those looking to get a pair of Focal Clears with the black and red colour way.
  6. Further information: Originally purchased from Addicted to Audio in November 2018 but the unit got replaced in January 2019. I am selling as is, and I will not be separating the DAC card. If you are Sydney based, I can do meetups in the Sydney CBD. Photos:
  7. Wow good deal, tempting to get. NIL Can pickup after work if ever
  8. Hey @Bengineer I'm selling it for 750. Cheers
  9. G'day @81Vintage, I have a boxed up Jotenheim with a multibit dac module inside. May I ask if you're still looking for one?
  10. I find them very pleasant to my ears. I would say the comparison would be a poorman's LCDX
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