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  1. I’m in Brisbane but it’s a touch out of my price range. Any chance you’ll take $700 cash ? Not trying to be rude Of course
  2. So..... I’ve just upgraded my old Yamaha v679 to an a3080 (thanks to the guys at livingsound. They were amazing to deal with) live just worked out that when I try to use my old amp in the bedroom the controller makes the upstairs amp work and sound priority (like from Bluetooth) is prioritised to the a3080. any solutions ??? i know basic stuff like ceiling fans have the ability to change frequency but this has me stumped
  3. Further information: Looking for a pair or rear floorstanding speakers. Fronts are paradigm v11’s (hope this helps with what I’d do rear) nothing too pricey. Wife rules they must be black or white. show me what you’ve got and are chasing for them. Photos:
  4. Yes. So not sure if they’re worth fixing
  5. Can you suggest where I could find another driver. I could potentially find a pair and replace a driver in each
  6. Hi. It seems my cat has knocked over my mercury 4 and the driver has come our soldered wires and all. I can’t easily see how to get the magnet off. Is this an easy fix or worth doing.
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