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  1. Price: $500 Item Condition: Very good, some slight marks on top of front plate, with all the original accessories & packaging. Incl - bluraychip.dk pro mod for Region Free. Shipping Options: Pickup is available,Audition is not available, but in-person pickup can be arranged with limited personal contact Suburb or Town: Melbourne State: Victoria Payment Method: cash, bank transfer, paypal. Reason for selling: not being used. Further information: fitted with multi-region blu-ray mod. would prefer local sale but could ship at buyer's risk and expense.
  2. I've had mine for a few months now and absolutely love it! Coming from an Onkyo 807 prior., I saw the 3600 come out but don't regret my decision. I would save the money. I believe eARC is now functioning due to an update.
  3. I've actually just bought a cheap 100" portable screen on a tripod from Ebay, for under $100 I figure this will get me watching stuff quickly while I work through a more permanent solution. I'll then have something if I want to watch some outdoor films in summer Yep, this is gonna go in my main lounge that I currently have a 65" Pana VT65 plasma, Denon 3500x AVR and 7.1 Atmos setup. I'm thinking I'll grab the 4K player as I could also use it on my 1080p display and get the Atmos tracks I crave that I'm missing out on with bluray. Screen wise I'd like to have a motorised that will come down in front of the TV. Still not sure of where the Epson will go as the lights hang down quite low on the ceiling so thinking may be best to go on a stand behind the couch. This thing is huge!
  4. Just thought I'd jump in with an update, I ended up purchasing the Epson TW8300 as a refurb from Epson - arrived yesterday! I'm yet to purchase a screen as yet, still working through what I'll do there but quickly got it setup and projecting onto my pull down white blinds. Holy heck this thing is woah! Very impressed with the picture this throws. Can only imagine on a proper screen! Now to go down the rabbit hole on settings etc. Also looking to grab a UHD bluray player, most likely the Pana UB820 for the HDR options, unless anyone has better recommendations? Just need 3D, HDR tweaks & DLNA for media streaming. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for this! There is currently a 9300 on there for $2,400. This is fitting in my budget and would probably give me what I need for now. I saw the same model on facebook marketplace for the same price - better to go with Epson as get the warranty also. Cheers!
  6. I'm not into UHD as yet, running the Oppo 103 however if projector can take it and benefit from it I would probably consider it and update to a new player also. If I can get a great 1080p for a good price that'll last me a few years then that's probably the better option
  7. Thank-you! I'll start having a look into these and see what's around
  8. After a long hiatus in projector land (had a Panasonic PT-AE700E), I'm ready to jump back in. Albeit at a budget! I recently bought a house (finally!) and so after many years of renting I feel like I can actually DO something. While I can see a reasonable investment in the future, when the little guy gets a bit bigger to watch films with (and help me justify it!), I'm looking at possible options in the second hand $3k arena. I've been out of the game a LONG time and have been looking at 2nd hand options and so far these are what I've been looking at - JVC X70, Sony VPL-45ES. I definitely don't have a man-cave, It's a largish lounge room (6-7m) with white walls, dark curtains and open hallway. I would say these are the most important factors for me: - Movies -3D - LOVE 3D. -Gaming -Black level (Kuro/VT65 owner...but understand my room limits this). I do see the new JVC LX-UH1B is coming in around this price point also -a bit of a stretch. Are there any good Epson models I should be looking at? Would appreciate any recommendations!
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