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  1. Thread bump.... There is a new version of the Shield, launched on the 28th in the US and some other markets. Nvidia confirmed to earlier, by online chat, that they have no information on an Australian launch. There are 2 models: Sheild TV and Shield TV Pro. Info here: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/shield/shop/- note this is the US site. I only recently took interest in the Shield since more and more app developers are dropping support for my LG Smart TV as LG themselves are no longer developing the version of WebOS that it runs. An Android TV box seemed a logical choice given the ongoing support by the app developers (Netflix, Plex) and new apps such as Disney+ not supporting LG webOS. I held off buying a 2017 Shield though as I discovered the new version was imminent.... just not in Aus!
  2. I'm looking forward to the Mandalorian too, especially since the Disney + pricing is so sharp.
  3. No, you would log into the router using its IP address, which would normally be Default log in details are normally (but not always) user:admin and password:password. There will be a whole bunch of settings depending on the router. You normally assign Static IPs using the MAC address of the specific device. You'll be able to get this from the information screen of your NAS.
  4. In your router settings, you can configure certain devices to use a static IP address as opposed to a dynamic one meaning that the 192.168.0.x address of your NAS never changes. I use static IP addresses for all devices that are connected to my network.
  5. This. If possible, it's worth running LMS on the NAS too.
  6. Thank you. It sure does when it gets the chance to stretch its legs.
  7. I use a Touch in my main system and also have a Squeezebox 3 for a second room/bedroom, but this is currently boxed up. I run the server on a Netgear ReadyNAS and rip CDs using EAC to FLAC which I then tag with MP3Tag. I can't imagine changing the Squeezebox system, TBH.
  8. Hi all, New member from Brisbane here. Hifi and home cinema has been somewhat of a secondary nature for me in recent years due to my young family. I used to be an active member of AVForums in the UK when I lived there. I'm running a Krell Foundation through a TAG McLaren 100x5R:7 amp into B&W CM9s & CMC2. Sources are a Denon DBT-3313, Squeezebox Touch and a TAG McLaren T32R. Sadly only a 3.0 set up as I don't have a dedicated room and a 5.1/7.1 system is not compatible with the rug runners :). A work colleague put me on to Stereonet so thought I'd sign up to a local forum. Cheers.
  9. I use the Krell Foundation. It is in my open plan lounge/dining/kitchen though, not a dedicated cinema room :(. What would you like to know?
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