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  1. According to a post on AVSForum, the manual is not much different from the 'beta' manual that was floating around a few weeks ago.
  2. FWIW, I never heard back from Anthem about a support query that I had.
  3. This shouldn't be a struggle. If you are using a separate power amp, quite simply, do not pay for more amps in a receiver. Buy a processor. I agree with the above recommendation for Anthem. Either look for a discounted AVM 60, now that is EOL, or sign yourself up for an AVM 70 with your nearest dealer.
  4. and perhaps suggest an improvement to them. They may well add it to the software.
  5. I haven't ordered but my local dealer thought there wouldn't be any stock until 2021. The launch date is December so it seems highly unlikely that Australia would be receiving stock before Christmas.
  6. The extended datasheet seems to indicate that the AVM 70 does have the moving magnet phone input. The only difference that I can discern is the Analogue Sampling Rate which is 24bit/768kHz for the AVM 90 vs 24bit/192kHz for the AVM 70.
  7. I suspect that there is a bit more to it than just those two differences, however that is all that is apparent from the literature. You would expect the 2 channel performance of the 90 to far superior, for example.
  8. Look for a discounted AVM 60. Less channels, less cost, you can go balanced if you want and you aren't paying for amplifiers.
  9. I think the OP was referring to the microphone rather than the room correction software itself. My old Krell Foundation came with a really crappy, cheap feeling microphone. The microphone in the AVM 60 ARC Genesis kit looks and feels much more high quality.
  10. Fair enough. I see no reason why it couldn't be done or added via firmware as it is just a bit of software that determines which signal appears at which pre-out. If it can be done on the receivers it can be done on the processors too.
  11. I think 'matrixing' is a strange word to use describe channel reassignment. My aim is to have a 7.1.4 setup. With the 15 channels then AVM 70 has, I could use 3 of the spare channels to mirror the front 3 and bi-amp those 3 speakers.
  12. Well power is not an issue for a processor because it doesn't have power amps in it.... 😕 The channel assignment and web interface are both appealing to me as I like to bi-amp my front 3 and hardly any power amps have outputs per channel in order to daisy-chain the input signal. Why do you say the matrixing does not apply to the 70? From Stereonet's article:
  13. I know what you mean. I've had my AVM 60 for 2 months only and out comes the AVM 70.
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