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  1. The horn is jbl 2307. The pics do not show the horn lens, fitted later. For your room, consider jbl 4343, uses 15 inch bass, smaller cab.
  2. Baffles in standard birch. Numerous clamping and bracing stages.
  3. Hi. Drivers can be sourced from from the net public drawings are available. I have converted the baffle into cad Cnc for easier building. Here’s an earlier project in Oak veneer and tassie oak hardwood trim. Happy to help. Andrew.
  4. Good thread. I've built the BFM low profile Tuba...and I used a single 12 inch (SB Acoustics). I can't imagine you needing two large horn subs for your room size.....my sub produced enormous output. I also built the smaller BFM Table Tuba with 8 inch driver puts out a lot. The Tapped Horns are easy to build...and I've built every model of the Volvotreter ones, including the massive 20Hz model. (Sorry, I haven't built the Tang Band Cinema sub.) If you only need bass up to approx. 60/70Hz, I'd lean towards a Tapped Horn. Andrew
  5. Just finished this JBL 4345, which I used American Walnut veneer over euro birch ply. RAL 5007 blue for the baffle, in two pack poly. Drivers to be fitted, feature standard JBL fare, 18 inch bass, 10 inch mid, two inch horn and bullet tweeter. Uber bracing to compensate for large panel sizes. Rear top 1/3 panel removable for driver fitment. Solid walnut trim, chamfered/mitred (that was tricky). For fun, check the size against the Otto bin and car. These large monitors put out an amazing sound....I particularly like the bass depth.
  6. I use CAD/CNC to build the racks, including smaller platforms for amp(s). This one in Euro birch ply. The rack was built to match the birch ply speakers (which I also built, 18 inch bass, 12 inch Beyma mid, Beyma AMT TPL-150 tweeter in custom horn. Active bass with MiniDSP 800 watt amps and passive mid/tweeter).
  7. Having built horns for 15+ years, I'm with A9X...the Jubilee would be my ideal project, room/spouse prevailing.
  8. Here's how a two-way might look (which was the original plan for this design). Having built many horn systems over the past 15 years, I can attest to how nice a two-way can sound...especially if you're using world class beryllium compression drivers as these have. http://www.usspeaker.com/radian 651Bepb-1.htm US$750 each. The beryllium truly gives that "bell like" sound.
  9. Thank you. There's two aspects to your question. Initially, the listening room will be small.....approx. 2.5m wide speakers to 4.0m to seat. That will change when a new room is built.....3.5m wide x 5.5m to seat. Hard floors, with some soft furnishings. Source is LP, reel to reel and CD, plus downloads. Elson 300B mono blocks, plus Krell amp for bass duties. May add a dedicated amp for the tweeters. Pure silver hand made ribbon speaker wiring. Stainless steel outriggers to be added.
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