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  1. The only 'buffer' in the driver is a 5.4uF cap....and an expensive gold/silver Mundorf at that.
  2. The earlier one with green and blue being flat, were sweeps taken in-room at seating position (stereo). They must have had the high res data for sweep.
  3. I noticed you said you were using a smaller box. My last Altec build was 220 liters...using 416 woofer and 564 Mantaray with 291 1.4 inch CD. That was a lovely combination, crossed at 750Hz. I've always argued the two-way is gold if done correctly. I also built the Model 19, which had a bigger cavity of 260 liters. That made quite a difference to the bass depth.
  4. Good one. My mate (Altec guru, Marcus) has 360 Onken and massive Mantaray.
  5. OK, now this is telling. The red is using 512kb length data sweep...while the green is using 256kb. Red drops away after 20kHz, while green is about 17kHz. That would seem to be the issue.
  6. From one cabinet maker to another, well done. That looks like nice wood working. Clean.
  7. Thanks Mark. It's not the driver...as a similar recording applies for each one separately. Thinking the mic is needing calibration...or maybe an amp issue that is changing the signal periodically.
  8. Using Beyma TPL150 Air Motion Transducer in a three-way system. Passive first order crossover at 3,500Hz for the tweeter. Getting mixed readings when I run the sweep (from listening position). The drop off from 17,000 is unusual....given it does not occur on every sweep. What could be causing this...? Thanks and regards.
  9. Item: Sony FM Receiver 5.1 STR-DB780 Location: Kellyville, Sydney Price: $50 Item Condition: Used, good working order Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: 100w front with 80w centre and rears. All the usual inputs and outputs, co-ax, phono. A well maintained and quality unit, working in good order. No remote. Heavy, so local pick up only (Kellyville, Sydney) Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. Finally got the AE drivers....plugged in using the snug rubber surrounds. MiniDSP crossed at 750Hz, with 7dB low shelf gain at 40Hz. The bass is tight and deep...very happy. No cabinet resonance. I'll test the horn with MiniDSP also....just to compare with my passive xovers.
  11. Hi guys Wondering if someone has a referral for a 3D router in Sydney for a pair of wooden bi-radial horns. I have access to the CAM G-code for the horn. https://josephcrowe.com/collections/speaker-plans/products/3d-model-file-for-es-800-bi-radial-horn
  12. The horn is jbl 2307. The pics do not show the horn lens, fitted later. For your room, consider jbl 4343, uses 15 inch bass, smaller cab.
  13. Baffles in standard birch. Numerous clamping and bracing stages.
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