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  1. I just picked up Field of Dreams and The Natural on 4K from Amazon. Have not seen them here. Two of my fav baseball movies.
  2. I am planning to sell my remaining complete pack of XHD100 in black. I have submitted a classifiedes ad but it seems to be delayed from being approved, I think because I posted it in 2 channel and it does not really fit in any of the hifi related classifiedes sections. Anyway, asking $350 if anyone interested.
  3. Further information: CSR Martini XHD 100 Black. Full pack remaining from my HT build. Excellent for absorption panels etc and safer to use compared to glass wool. Specs: http://csrmartini.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/CSR-Martini-DataSheet-Absorb.pdf Photos:
  4. Wish I had the excess cash to buy it off you. I already own one but would love a second to run dual mono. They don’t come up very often and it will make someone very happy! GLWS
  5. https://roonlabs.com/r/UDifRTAHjkOcR5sMf4LZOA Enjoy!
  6. In my HT, I used regular glass wool insulation (soundscreen) in the walls and ceiling. However, for all internal treatments, like my baffle wall, I didn’t want glass wool exposed so I used the best performing polyester product I could find which was Absorb. Also it came in black which was critical. So for me it was a health concern.
  7. Wish I saw this thread earlier. A physicist friend of mine created a spreadsheet for me calculating the transmissibility of the Embleton rubber mounts, which are perfect for this purpose. I used them on both of my svs subs and JBL cinema speakers . Using Embleton mounts allows you to choose the right model based on the weight of the speaker/sub to get the best performance. You can easily end up with gain on certain frequencies otherwise.
  8. Hi guys. I will reply to each of you later tonight. Cheers.
  9. I own a pair of 6XX’s and use with two different DAC/amp combos depending on where I am in the house. One is a D50s + JDS Atom, and the other is a Benchmark DAC 3 B + HPA4. Both sound amazing and have to say the cheaper combo is 95% of what the benchmark setup is, at a fraction of the price. I do like both with some EQ via Roon.
  10. If you can get them at least 1.2 meters off the front wall, look at Revel M106.
  11. Have you looked at the JBL SCS8’s? I bought 8 of them to go in my HT build. Before I settled on them I got a lot of advice from JBL in the states and the installer I bought from at SoCal Cinetech. A lot of members at AVSForum have been using them with great success. I can’t wait to hear them!
  12. To put this another way, because curtains are not good broadband absorbers, you are effectively EQing your speakers/room with them. Question is, by good luck, are you going to like the resulting sound of the EQ? I would say no. I subscribe to the idea of controlling the reflections with thick broadband absorbers only where required and then rely on the right speakers in the right place. Then use room correction for a anything below Schroder freq. Floyd Toole’s book is a great reference for this type of approach.
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