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  1. If you want something that will do well with everything… 12t. Not amazingly Wow. But you will know that that’s nothing “wrong” with it.
  2. @Dr_Kevy talking about expensive plugs... https://store.jaben.com/collections/in-ear/products/final-audio-lab-ii https://www.audioconcierge.co.uk/portfolio/obravo-ra-c-cu-earphones/ and we were talking about the Bird and UM Mason FS... lol
  3. That reminds me Noble vivid cable. Not worth the price at all, but’s like it’s quite famous across Noble fans in China.
  4. Try the CP240 before go custom. I’m with you in this pain. I went through it before and gave up. 3 out 5 IEMs I have are customs now. Thr only reason I still keep 2 Uni is to keep rotating and trying different stuff. I know it’s a hard take and a big decision to go custom and almost die with it. But the comfort and hassle free is priceless.
  5. Now the dream makes sense! Lol Thanks for the notes on the adapter. I avoided buying from Musiteck before due to the freight cost. I don’t have the Hugo now, have been thinking about it for at least a Year, but always thinking they will release the balanced soon.
  6. THAT’S ultra high level. Well done, mate. I didn’t know about the PW RCA adapter. Interesting idea. I think is about time for Chord to put some portable balanced gear on the market. BTW the UM you’re selling is the Mason V3 (OG)?
  7. Try… you may like. Just saw Josh’s review on the IE900 and it looks like an interesting IEM. Let us know when you start to have your first impressions.
  8. All good mate. It was just a shot in the dark. Didn’t know your channel, but just starting to catch up on your reviews. Good ones. Well done and keep the hard work. 👌🏾
  9. Hey mate, would you be interested in trade for IEMs?
  10. Will that be a tour one? I think they guide to the 12t as safer choice. Like some people say that 18 is not as a big improvement as the price increase, so the frustration can be bigger going that path. As you know12t bass is great, but is not DD. Nio/N8 would be their closest to that area. I also think Nio/N8 is more versatile, can go from a balanced IEM to a crazy bass heavy, just changing the APEX modules.
  11. Funny that those used to be pointed out as crazy pricy and no one gave much attention back in 2019. Now that the market is reaching that price, it is back on the spot. Scary… Nice!! The only IEM my miss liked was the Valkyries look when I had it. This 3D rainbow effect is actually really beautiful.
  12. Thanks Matt, that’s right. If possible to use the adapter, is better, but it can even do simultaneous connection between Wireless and BT. I used the PS5 with the adapter. Sounds great for the price.
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