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  1. Well, my desktop setup is working well all week now, with the high level inputs/outputs, the sub levels increase and decrease to match the speakers, all controlled by the knob on the NAD amp. I also discovered, it sounds better if I leave all volume levels on the windows PC at maximum - meaning the DAC, the windows control system and individual apps, such as YouTube or MPC-HC. As much as possible, I leave those at max now and just adjust volume with the amp knob. So I think I can rest easy now that this setup is as good as it will get for the time-being without spend
  2. Bumping this thread as it's the most recent one for this topic. I'm in the market for the very acclaimed Wharfedale Evo floorstanders - 4.4 with a matching 4.C centre. To recap the Wharfedales they are trickle-down tech from the recent Elysian, started with great in-person reviews at RMAF 2019 show in the US "I thought they were amazing, but when I heard the price I thought they were a Must Have". One reviewer says they are better than the Dali Rubicon 6 @ $7500 and the Focal Aria 926 @ $4200 Crutchfield reviews include "For US$2k, it is magic to get this l
  3. Update: Wish a bit more research and fiddling thanks to this page I have it working properly now I think. I've switch from using RCA to RCA cable to using some speaker wire and the high level inputs/outputs on the Sub. PC -> FiiO E10K USB DAC -> 3.5mm to RCA cable -> NAD 356bee amp -> speaker wire -> TR-1 Sub Speaker Level IN -> speaker wire from Speaker Level OUT -> KEF LS50s. Now the subwoofer level is matching the speakers! Happy Happy Joy Joy!
  4. Hey, it's been a couple of weeks and I'm back. What's new is that I bought a used NAD 356bee intergrated amp from ebay and got it shipped for about $340 all up. Good price seeming it does/used to retail for $1k, just that this unit has some LEDs not working on the front and the remote control is missing. But I just use it connected to my PC so that's not an issue. So I couldn't get the T10 Temblor subwoofer working with passive speakers. So I moved the smaller TR-1 I mentioned to my PC setup and the current audio path is PC -> FiiO E10K USB DAC -> 3.5mm to RCA
  5. I think I can't connect the T10 active sub to the old receiver, because the audio path is PC -> USB DAC -> 3.5mm to RCA cable -> integrated amp -> speaker wire -> KEF LS50s. The sub has no high-level inputs to plug in the passive speakers. So my other thought, is to steal the Gallo Acoustics TR-1 Subwoofer that I have in the living room. Here is a photo: So I posed the question but after a few hours I figured it out. I ignored the high-level inputs and just used the outs from the intergrated amp into the RCA Line In on the sub-woofer, an
  6. I change the title of this thread because I went off on a tangent from my original concept which was to discuss hooking up my old speakers to my parent's TV. I was hunting for a week to find a decent amp, and was setting my eyes on buying something expensive, but there were a few Pioneer A-109's popping up for around $200. The main place with good feedback were Amazon UK reviews: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pioneer-A-109-40w-Amplifier-Black/dp/B00005OOJF Then lo and behold, someone in Melbourne posted one for $95, so I told the guy "absolutely" and few days lat
  7. Stupid question, what would happen if I get an amplifier with unbalanced RCA outs, and then run them to the RCA Inputs on the back of my Active Subwoofer? Will that allow me to use the sub with the LS50s? Here is a photo of back of the sub: https://factorysound.com/products/t10b-stock/
  8. I'm having a heck of a time figuring out this integrated amplifier thing. 1) I can't find anything decent online under $250. I've looked on Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace and eBay in Victoria. 2) I made a mistake with the AV receiver I bought 2 years ago, it doesn't have Home Theatre Passthrough Pre Out section for fronts, only subwoofer, so I can't run the KEF LS50s on an integrated amplifier and easily use them in my surround system. I also don't have the space to have them sitting beside my current Concept 20 fronts. 3) These integrated amplifier tech is
  9. Thanks. That's the thing with my audio journey, I thought my stuff was good enough, until I upgraded and realised that it wasn't. In January I bought PreSonus R65 active studio monitors for my PC and in Feb a T10 Temblor sub and it absolutely annihilates the quality of my home theatre. So it is a shame the Pioneer will make the LS50s sound below average, I might have to meditate on how to fix this issue while waiting for a few more paychecks. At least at $1009 the LS50s with stands are not gonna drop in value anytime soon. Getting back to my parents solution, so I ha
  10. "budget" perhaps I need to clarify, I need a solution preferably $100 or less. They don't need audio fidelity, just a taste of channel separation and what a proper tweeter and woofer can do.... so they can be motivated to buy the LS50s off me when I upgrade next time.
  11. So I have a pair of passive Q 3020i that are my current surrounds, and rather then flog them for $200 or whatever they're worth, I thought I would gift them to my parents, who have never had any home theatre audio that didn't come from the crappy inbuilt TV sound, not even a sound bar. They don't want "another box" so I'm looking for something that is smaller than a standard receiver, that just does the job, and something secondhand is fine as long as it's easy to find. I also need some help figuring out where to plug it in, and what connection to use. Their current pa
  12. Hi gang, here is the story so far: 2018 - Got a used Mercedes (under $20k so like a better VW Golf) and it came with Harmon Kardon system which I thought sounded awesome until this year. 2019 - Got sick of listening to audio out of a TV, and with my first foray into proper audio. got a Pioneer 7.2 VSX-933 Receiver + Q Acoustics Concept 20s for front, and 3020s for the surround, and Gallo Acoustics TR1 Subwoofer (looks like a small thermonuclear bomb) and Micro SE for Atmos front heights. Instantly realised that I wasted 30 years of my life listening to shitty shitty au
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