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  1. I'm pretty fresh on all of this, but wanted to ask the right questions before i throw any money at it. I just spent some time at a family members place that had a really good audiophile setup. DACs, tube amp and osborn speakers, everything sounded so warm and amazing (even spotify). I have been offered an old set of high end bookshelf speakers, but was told i needed to get an amp and DAC before i could set it up. I was hoping not to spend too much, but looking at prices any decent sort of set up will cost $400-$500 at least. My main source of media is through spotify, which i currently stream through the tv sound bar on a chrome cast audio. It is likely i will only be playing music off phones and Spotify, but like the idea of having phono if i ever pick up a turn table to fun.... Ive had a few suggestions, but at the moment i'm liking the functionality and look of the PS audio sprout and the NAD 3020, which seems to be a great all in one package. I'm also open to buying second hand aswell, but hoping to have a more minimalist setup (eg. not lots and lots of equipment). Also open to a little DIY if there are easy and great guides out there to help a beginner put together a quality amp/dac. Thanks for the help guys. Simon
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