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  1. I run an old REL in my office system and love the rolling warmth it delivers at the bottom end. Might not be the most accurate sub but modern standards but certainly sounds nice. If you were close I'd grab this for a play... Best of luck.
  2. I've seen these in real life and they look absolutely magnificent! Didn't get a chance to listen so I can't comment regarding sound signature - but based on the gear I did listen to if the claim is that they sound amazing then this is very likely to be true!
  3. These are nice little units... I really like mine. Tube upgrade is worth the effort. Surprisingly clean with low noise floor - at least for my unit.
  4. These are nice little units - very flexible and pretty easy to use (though it would be worth upgrading the internal software to DIRAC).
  5. Haven't heard the Classic 4 but loved the older NHTs like the 2.3... maybe not that accurate but sounded SO GOOD! If the sound signature even remotely carried through these should sound great.. Tad tempted myself! Best of luck.
  6. Further information: Basically as new - bought this and a DIRAC version but only need 1 unit. Only had a few hours work with this one before moving onto the DIRAC unit. Very flexible parametric equalizer - and best part is that there was no noise addition I could detect even when hooked up to my ribbons. Once started - very easy to use. License goes with the unit - so easy to transfer via ticket request (worst case you can buy software cheaply - but this shouldn't be necessary). Happy to talk new owner through the process of setup and running - its a bit scary the first time! Happy to field questions as needed. Photos:
  7. I have both M51 and ADI2 - love both. I run a tube buffer after the M51 and REALLY like the sound this produces - very easy listening. The ADI2 feeds directly into power amp, The ADI2 is more "fun" given the ability to fiddle and visually its more interesting BUT the M51 is so much more substantial physically - looks and feels like a classic. Even without gimmickry ADI2 sounds great (I've disabled nearly everything now anyway - I just dial in a bit of bottom end lift) If I had to make a choice to give one up - I honestly down know which one I'd choose. I suspect that's your answer - I don't think you can go wrong with either!
  8. I love mine... Very cool little box! Good luck with sale...
  9. Loved dynamic range expanders back in the day... haven't used this specific model but really enjoyed the increased attack that could be created with dynamic range expanders.
  10. What HiFi 5 Star rated: "QED Silver Anniversary XT review Our budget cable Award winner for three years in a row – need we say more?" Surplus to needs (I have heaps more if interested). Shipping included in price.
  11. I run my TV though a Quad Vena with Motion 40s (2.0 channel) and it works quite nicely. I think these little amps are underrated for what they are. Recommended. GLWTS
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