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  1. Old favourite from the past! Stick a sub under them and you have a budget based giant killer... GLWTS
  2. Bought a pair of these in around 1993 for ~ $1750 from memory - Australian Stereo Speaker of the year $1500+ in 1992? Forward, clear, dynamic and loud - maybe a tad bass-shy... Really really liked my Dali 400s. My one complaint would be no spike mounts - otherwise loved them!
  3. Oops - I'm a clown! I don't have a 2x4HD, I have a DDRC-24 (basically same unit with different software capability if I understand correctly)...
  4. Item: WTB: MiniDSP DDRC-22D Price Range: To be negotiated Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I've already got a 2x4HD which I quite like (within its limitations) but want to get away from its DAC if I can as I have better options available - including balanced outputs, Hoping that MiniDSP DDRC-22D can give me DIRAC advantages without compromising on DAC or balanced outputs. If nothing pops up I'll buy one new. Thanks...
  5. WAF seems low - despite being uber cool... Just tested the wife re these and got a big "What is that big boat steering wheel thing in the middle!" I'm a little shattered... GLWTS.
  6. Big Fan of RME ADI2 - so clean, so flexible and looks really cool. GLWTS...
  7. I like the little Dalis... Very "pleasant" sounding - clearly focused on sounding "nice" rather than real. Good little Office speakers whatever the sound snobs might say! GLWTS
  8. Anyone looking for "partnership" purchase? Some of these would be nice spares for me: - D52AF - D260 Not really interested in any of the rest...
  9. I'm a fan of this unit... easy to use, sufficiently low noise floor. Hard to fault. Recommended. GLWTS.
  10. Great unit.... but seems everyone is selling my two favourite DACs (M51 and ADI2). Very clean sounding, low SNR, highly configurable across many parameters. Lots of pluses for ADI2... GLWTS.
  11. Love my M51... sounds nice, feels well-built, looks clean. Definitely recommended. GLWTS...
  12. Would have thought these would have more interest... Something a bit different for not very much money - still kicking myself for not buying some slant 8s when I had the chance! GLWTS...
  13. These are nice little units... I'd take one over Schitt Loki any day! GLWTS.
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