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  1. Had a pair of Zensor 1s doing TV duty for a while - Whilst others might poo poo them a little, I though they sounded very "pleasant". Nice sounding little speakers that produced reasonable bottom end given their size. Really couldn't fault them and regret selling them to some extent. Pretty cool little units...
  2. I have one of these and it's AWESOME!
  3. Too far away... I'd have these otherwise. They look pretty awesome!
  4. I liked my x32s... worked really well in smaller to midsized room. Almost regretful in selling them but too many floorstanders meant they didn't get much use. Lovely little speakers... Best of luck.
  5. Can't comment re RA1572 but I really like my RB1572 for what it's worth... Best of luck.
  6. $500 (or 30%) per week depreciation is a bit of an ask! $1749 claim appears to check out: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/sony-dn1080-7-2-channel-av-receiver? ab_version=B&gclid=CjwKCAjw2uf2BRBpEiwA31VZj1blE4UtnETkFGPGhO2eGLGcnBjlEQdxzCQUSz7fdrn_E0XZy7Sc7RoC6eIQAvD_BwE
  7. I had the same issue for a few minutes with these RCAs... push, head-scratch, push... Doh Moment! Wind out, put on, tighten... locked on tight. I'm really happy with Bills cables... I have 3x pairs and I am about to order some more. Can't fault any of them...
  8. I really like my PMA1500. Just sounds nice - certainly far more pleasant than my Class D monos. Best of luck...
  9. Time may have coloured my memories but I really enjoyed the old Kenwood gear back in the day - I remember being disappointed when I replaced my Kenwood with a Rotel RB990... Others may have fond memories as well. Good luck...
  10. So close... I need this exact thing in a 6.25" Doh! I got excited for a second.
  11. GONE TO GOOD HOME... Thanks for all the enquiry...
  12. Thanks for all the enquiry. This has found a home...
  13. Update: Still looking but this COVID lockdown thing is making looking nearly impossible - I'd only drop money on a speaker I've heard before "unseen" - certainly can't justify buying something unseen and never heard (almost certain to end in tears) apologies for the frustration this creates....
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