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  1. Stunning indeed. I can not help thinking moving that beast will be lots fun though.
  2. Further information: "First and foremost, the amp's musical performance is flawless: The Orchestra is beautifully built as shown in the photos. The amp is hand-wired, point-to-point. The wiring and soldering are impeccably done. The amp’s sound is warm richly colourful beautifully balanced, engaging,not fatiguing and very musical. Hours go by and it just sounds sweet. Recently checked and serviced with a clean bill of health. The only mod I made was to replace the sides with natural red gum that is oiled. I did not like the composite timber sides. Current retail is $5,200 Aud and with the dollar as it sits maybe more. Jadis Orchestra is extremely unlikely to disappoint. Open to best offers. many reviews online and on you tube http://www.audioreview.com/product/amplification/amplifiers/jadis/orchestra.html Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Hello, Thanks for your response. I have tried using your link as well however I am getting 404 not found. Beats me.
  4. Hi, I am new to the audio world so am really enjoying the content and the sense of community that has been created here. I am having issues accessing a couple of links sent to me that relate to the Gieseler sub-forum. Is there something I need to do to get access? Any advice or guidance will be much appreciated. Thanks
  5. Sonorlink


    Hello All, Does anyone know if there are any Hartley drivers or speakers for sale? Cheers
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