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  1. That Mogami 3284 looks more like it thanks everyone for your help 👍
  2. Hi Guys I was told this is one of the best cables around. l want to make up some new interconnect cables. I see the Mogami W2524 has only one wire plus the shield , but do l not need 2 wires plus the shield . Or maybe there is a better wire option. Thanks for your help Adrian
  3. I can only assume it’s the amp l had all other interconnect cables removed . I will be getting 3 mono amps for the front stage next month might as well wait until then and see if they make a difference
  4. Hi Guys Tried a few things today . l had a QED professional double insulated lead that from receiver to the amp same problem. l was kindly loaned a Thor PS10 mains conditioner it made no difference also. lt did show my mains power was sitting 250v to 255v and fluctuating all the time though. I am not sure if that’s safe for the equipment or not. I had to make some speaker cables for my brother and tried them also still no difference. Removed the amp and plugged the centre speaker straight into the receiver problem solved. l had some Dinomat so l reconnect the amp and completely shielded the amp the problem came back and exactly as before. l am not sure what is going on now , l would have thought the QED double shielded cable would have been good enough or maybe it’s the amp ? Couple of pictures of the cables for your amusement
  5. Yep totally agree with you 100% . I have a QED cable to try out but need to find out if it’s shielded or not . Still got my brothers cables to make so it will kill a small chance it’s the problem. I have been offered a mains conditioner to try also just in case but l do agree with you that the conditioner will not cure the RF problem
  6. Hi Andy Yes you are correct it’s spkr cable that’s whah my brother wanted for his system . I still have to make them for him so will try the it out on mine before sending it to him.
  7. Hi Andy I bought 20 meters of Mogami W3104 cable for my brother a few month ago and just waiting on him giving me the lengths so l can make up his leads . I spoke to him last night and he needs a 2.5 meter cable for his centre so hopefully l can get the cable made tomorrow and give it a try . Will let everyone know if it solves the problem.
  8. Yea sorry no they are not shielded did not know there was such a thing until I googled them . I might have to try a set of them first
  9. I contacted Garry today and he recommended the Isotek EV03 on sale @ $2699 normally $2999 and l need 2 of them . I want to make sure I cover the basics before spending $6k
  10. Hi Andy please see attached photo hope it works haven’t done attachments on this site before
  11. I pulled the plugs out so l could touch the pins but still the same. Time to move house for me but the minister might put a stop to that lol
  12. The minister of no fun went out so I Tried the fingers on the terminals suggestion but the noise is still there . Gutted lol
  13. Hi Andy when l get a chance over the weekend l will give it a go . Thanks everyone for your input and help it’s much appreciated 👍 Adrian
  14. Hi Andy will your solution work for the abc radio also. cheers Adrian
  15. Hi Rockeater looks like l might have to move l live in Westminster and only 7k away from Hamersley ABC tower and it’s there station that’s bleeding trough 😡 lol
  16. Everything is worth trying thanks for the tip 👍
  17. Hi Guys l live in Perth and in one of the older suburbs . I am getting a lot of radio interference coming trough the speakers. I have seen a conditioner from Audioquest called the Niagara 1200 that has great reviews but expensive. Was wondering if any one is using something similar that is more readily available in Australia cheers
  18. Hi Guys Does anyone know if there is someone in Aus that can design crossover’s cheers
  19. I am still finding my way around the forum .Sorry for the double post it was not untended .
  20. Hi Guys Was wondering if anyone had a contact or knows were i can get hold of a 3 channel Class D Hypex NC 500 power amp. Cheers Adrian
  21. Hi Guys Was wondering if anyone had a contact or knows were i can get hold of a 3 channel Class D Hypex NC 500 power amp. Cheers Adrian
  22. Thanks for your input gents it’s much appreciated. This player will be a dedicated to movies only ( 4K Bluray) Discs were possible not downloaded. The mods will be LPS . Replace power cord socket and have the internal wire filtered . Have the clock replaced , will need recommendations for the best one for my application . Oppomod do a modified disc drive top plate mod l will have that done also. Everything l believe is plug and play apart from the clock install Cheer Adrian
  23. Hi Just got myself a nice Oppo 203 that is box standard, l know the upgrades l need to get done but not sure who the best supplier is at the moment for Oppo upgrades.
  24. Hi Guys I found a Oppo 203 Cheers Adrian
  25. Item: Blueray Price Range: Depends on condition Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi guys I am looking for a new or used Oppo 203 Bluray . Must be in good condition. cheersAdrian Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
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