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  1. Would that Schematic l drew be the right way to wire up 4 drivers to one crossover ? cheers
  2. Definitely not commercial l just love working with wood and love my hi fi . I was told that this arrangement would cause lobe across the seating position and thought l might make up another cabinet to compare. I made the 2 in one centre before I thought about joining the forum as l had all the parts there . I made the speaker for my tv cabinet like everyone always looking to improve. I take the grill off when watching movies cheers
  3. Thanks for your reply very interesting and hopefully. My centre channel is actually 2 speakers in one cabinet. So 2 drivers and 1 tweeter wired to 1 x over and the second pair of drivers and tweeter wired to a 2nd x over. The speaker does sound good but l am wondering if I might be better to have 4drivers and I Tweeter in the middle. The diagram below is this the way you are referring to wiring up the single crossover.Thanks again for your help . Adrian
  4. Hi Guys I might be good at making sawdust etc but electronic’s are definitely not my strong point , and l would much rather make music than fire lol. My question is if you have a crossover that is designed to suit 2 drivers and 1 tweeter . Can you add say another two of the same drivers and another of the same tweeter to the original crossover. Ie 4 drivers and 2 tweeters on 1 crossover. Also could you use 4 drivers and 1 tweeter with a crossover that was designed for 2 drivers and 1 tweeter. I am suspecting doubling up the drivers and tweeters will overload the circuit
  5. Hi Mike The L & R mains sit on top of the TV cabinet horizontal so the ribbons a all sitting vertically . The centre speaker is actually two speakers in the one cabinet and there is two crossover’s wired to one set of speaker posts . I could not find anyone that would make me crossover’s at the time , but l have since found someone l wouldn’t mind making another centre with one ribbon to compare them. I do have a wee sub Dayton UM 18-22-18 in a 6 cubic meter cabinet and using the Dayton 1200 DSP amp . Thanks for your comments and help it’s much appreciated. Cheers Ad
  6. Must admit it does sound amazing but every one still looks to improve. so looking forward to seeing what the difference is weather is be good or bad . The ported version will have more bass for sure but will they be better maybe not, but l can fit the plugs and keep them sealed . Like they curiosity killed the cat lol
  7. Hi Mike I made l left and Right speakers and when in use l sit them horizontally on top of the TV cabinet . When not in use l keep them in the two end sections of the TV cabinet keeping the war office happy lol. The drivers are all the same for the L&R and the center speakers. TSCW 636 Morel drivers and Fountek Neo CD2.0 ribbons are used for all the speakers. The centre speaker is basically two speakers built as one and has two identical crossover’s the L&R speakers also have the same crossover’s. l built these speakers to the size recommended to me at the t
  8. The industrial look in the lounge wouldn’t bother me to much but l am not brave enough to mention it to the minister of no fun lol . I have a aircon on the left side right were the side Atmos needs to be the rears are not a problem but the right side has the kitchen with a slightly lowered ceiling that is not deep enough to fit a speaker. This is why l was thinking of 4 tower speakers with up firing speakers for the Atmos . When not in use they can be put away to keep the minister of no fun happy. I have attached a rough sketch of what I have in mind . It’s only a rough stretch for me to
  9. I had a reply back from one of the members and he was saying commercial up firing speakers have a RF spike built in . I really do not know what this is either .
  10. I suspended speaker system would definitely work great . But l think the minister of no fun might suspend me from a rope also lol. I suggested using a drop down adaptor so l could get some extra depth to fit the ceiling speakers into them even that did not go down well lol.
  11. Hi Billy I looked into this type of speaker and there is plenty to choose from . Unfortunately our living area is open plan lounge kitchen and dining and ready not that large . I have the aircon unit on the left of the listening position so that stuffed that speaker position and on the right we have the kitchen that has a slightly lowered ceiling with not enough depth for a speaker also , the back wall l could fit the rears though. Thanks for the suggestions guys .
  12. Hi Guys I am making some up firing speakers and have came across a statement saying that up firing speakers have a RF spike built in. Just wondering if anyone has any more info on this . l am using a Morel CAW 538 driver and a Fountek Neo CD3.0 ribbon tweeter for each up firing speaker. As always any help is appreciated. Cheers Adrian
  13. Hi Guys Unfortunately for me I am not able to fit ceiling speakers for the Atmos effect . So l will be making tower surround speakers wit Atmos up firing speakers built into the top of them. My question is , just for argument sake if my Atmos up firing speakers are point to the ceiling at a 45 degree will the sound wave bounce from the point were it hits the ceiling at 90 degrees. l am just trying to figure out the angle of the up firing speaker so the sound wave reflects to the listening position. Cheers
  14. Hi Guys just thought l would share my DIY build. I did not have any means at the time to calculate volumes and performance so my cabinet size was a recommendation. I was told 6 cubic feet and sealed was the right size and anything over was a bonus. I measured up my space and ended up with 550mm W x. 700mm H. X. 750mm Deep . After driver displacement and bracing etc l am left with 211 ltr’s volume. l do have Winlsd now but have never been able to get it to give me the cone excursion graph properly. I put 1000w into the signal and it not on the graph l have dropped the wattage d
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