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  1. Haha once again totally agree lol Cab Sav all the way lol . Have a great weekend mate 👍
  2. Yes Andy I totally agree you are correct. My finger and my brain don’t seem communicate to well with each other at times lol
  3. Hi Guys This was my impression also that each leg should be the gauge of the wire ie 10 AWG should be 2.588mm . The reason I was enquiring , was when I was look at cable on fleebay there is a lot of companies being a bit shady on the way they describe there products . Just as a example 10 AWG 100% copper 600 strands 2.588 mm. So it kind of suggests that you are getting a cable that has each leg being 600 strands and measuring 2.588 mm. But if you look at the way they describe the product they say it’s a total diameter of 2.588 witch to me means that the wire is not 10AW
  4. Hi Guys I am looking at buying some cable for my surround speakers and getting confused nothing new for me lol. Just for example when they advertise cable as being 10 AWG is that the combined measurement for both the positive and the negative wires . cheers
  5. Thanks guys l will definitely look into this and sort something out. I bought my AV 2 years age and never out the box until recently. The problem was that after l turned everything off and the AV was in standby it was staying hot like fry eggs on top of it hot lol. So l was turning of the power at the socket. l have since found out that the unit does not change over functions properly ie when I turn it to Blue Ray there is picture but no sound if l turn power off and back on it’s all good . The same thing happens when I turn of the AV after watching a movie , it does not shut down
  6. Totally agree Betty Boop and thank you Nightyard for your review . l for one will give them a miss for now
  7. They have a impressive list of components and at half the price it makes them very competitive. There is some good reviews on there amps . But like you the support and warranty is most important l might do some more digging and report back .
  8. Hi Guys I have been told that Tonewinner are the manufacturer of the Emotiva and the line up of Tonewinner equipment is nearly identical to the Emotiva. I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts or personal experience with the AT-300 unit or Tonewinner in general. From what I can see Tonewinner amps are identical to the Emotiva amps they have only moved the power socket from one side to the other but all the specs are the same. Any thoughts or experience would be appreciated. Cheers
  9. I guys l have a Marantz SR6013 AV Does anyone know if you can completely power down the AV so the red light does not stay on without having to turn the power of at the wall. cheers
  10. Would that Schematic l drew be the right way to wire up 4 drivers to one crossover ? cheers
  11. Definitely not commercial l just love working with wood and love my hi fi . I was told that this arrangement would cause lobe across the seating position and thought l might make up another cabinet to compare. I made the 2 in one centre before I thought about joining the forum as l had all the parts there . I made the speaker for my tv cabinet like everyone always looking to improve. I take the grill off when watching movies cheers
  12. Thanks for your reply very interesting and hopefully. My centre channel is actually 2 speakers in one cabinet. So 2 drivers and 1 tweeter wired to 1 x over and the second pair of drivers and tweeter wired to a 2nd x over. The speaker does sound good but l am wondering if I might be better to have 4drivers and I Tweeter in the middle. The diagram below is this the way you are referring to wiring up the single crossover.Thanks again for your help . Adrian
  13. Hi Guys I might be good at making sawdust etc but electronic’s are definitely not my strong point , and l would much rather make music than fire lol. My question is if you have a crossover that is designed to suit 2 drivers and 1 tweeter . Can you add say another two of the same drivers and another of the same tweeter to the original crossover. Ie 4 drivers and 2 tweeters on 1 crossover. Also could you use 4 drivers and 1 tweeter with a crossover that was designed for 2 drivers and 1 tweeter. I am suspecting doubling up the drivers and tweeters will overload the circuit
  14. Hi Mike The L & R mains sit on top of the TV cabinet horizontal so the ribbons a all sitting vertically . The centre speaker is actually two speakers in the one cabinet and there is two crossover’s wired to one set of speaker posts . I could not find anyone that would make me crossover’s at the time , but l have since found someone l wouldn’t mind making another centre with one ribbon to compare them. I do have a wee sub Dayton UM 18-22-18 in a 6 cubic meter cabinet and using the Dayton 1200 DSP amp . Thanks for your comments and help it’s much appreciated. Cheers Ad
  15. Must admit it does sound amazing but every one still looks to improve. so looking forward to seeing what the difference is weather is be good or bad . The ported version will have more bass for sure but will they be better maybe not, but l can fit the plugs and keep them sealed . Like they curiosity killed the cat lol
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