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  1. Hi Guys Not sure if this is the correct place to show a sale item , admin please redirect If not cheers. I bought this Processor back in March it was at a show special and I payed $2200 for it impulse buy on my behalf lol. It’s been sitting until last week in the box never opened until then. I built a sub woofer and only used it last week to try the sub out , that was a bummer in itself as the DSP wasn’t working and I have to return l to the USA . The process was put in the box and that is the only time it was used 10 minutes at the most. The reason I am selling it , l want 13 channels. The Marantz is 9 channels and can be made 11 by adding a power amp , but unfortunately I need 13 . l am open to reasonable offers and I will not be giving it away buyer will have to pay for postage . Cheers Adrian
  2. Thanks for your input gents it’s much appreciated. This player will be a dedicated to movies only ( 4K Bluray) Discs were possible not downloaded. The mods will be LPS . Replace power cord socket and have the internal wire filtered . Have the clock replaced , will need recommendations for the best one for my application . Oppomod do a modified disc drive top plate mod l will have that done also. Everything l believe is plug and play apart from the clock install Cheer Adrian
  3. Hi Just got myself a nice Oppo 203 that is box standard, l know the upgrades l need to get done but not sure who the best supplier is at the moment for Oppo upgrades.
  4. Hi Guys I am interested in buying the Peerless STW-350F-188PRO1-4 15” Driver. I have had it mention to me that these drivers have a lot of excursion noise. Just wondering if anyone out there is using this driver and what your thought are . I will be using it as a home theatre sub not sure if it will be ported or sealed just yet. If the Peerless Driver is subject to excursion noise I will most likely use the Dayton UM15-22-15 instead . Thanks in advance Adrian
  5. Hi Guys Well lots of research since my last post. Was all set to go with the Peerless Drivers but found out they have a lot of excursion noise and was advised against them for my application . The HST 15'' are with out a fact the best driver but I cannot warrant the price . The Dayton UM15-22-15 specs up really well for my application but I am waiting on the out come for the Dayton RSS 460 HO hopefully have a decision in the next few days . Cheers Adrian
  6. Been doing a lot of digging around, the Mach5 as good as it is won’t suit my application. All the builds that have been done are using cabinet sizes of 12 cubic feet and about to get down to the 17hz level . Unfortunately the minister of no fun won’t let me have a sub woofers that’s bigger than our dining table. I have another option of using 2 x 15” May be possible to use the Perrless but would have to be in a sealed cabinet as the volume would only be 4 cubic feet for each. Cheers Adrian
  7. Just checked out the Mach 5 looks good and some great reviews . There is as good post by a guy called Grizzlyaudio worth looking at l don’t think they will better the HST 18” as a single driver in ported cabinet but I am wondering if two of these back to back in a sealed cabinet would work as well as the PSA 3611 . Cheers Adrian
  8. Will check them out for sure. But depending on the freight , duty etc l will most likely be going with the HST 18” and a speakerpower plate amp. https://stereointegrity.com/product/hst18-18-subwoofer/
  9. If it wasn’t for the depth of the PSA 3611 I would have probably bought one of them , my Brother has one and it is amazing. But you are right this sub might work out to be not much cheeper that the PSA but should be as good or better depending on the cabinet configuration and amp , l don’t have a amp big enough for this beast do you have a brand model in mind? cheers Adrian
  10. Got some figures back on the Volt 28hz was its limit and $1250 . I had a reply back about the HST 18 they will ship to Australia and they are saying it will work in sealed or ported configuration with the box volume l have to work with. Even if it ends up costing me 2k to have it sitting on my doorstep it will still be worth considering
  11. Thanks everyone for there support. I have looked at the Dayton UM 18-22-18 but with my restricted cabinet size I can only get it down to 15hz , l would like to get down to 10 hz if possible. I shall give pro-drive a call today and see what they have. 15” is definitely a option if I can get it down to 10hz . Thanks again everyone Adrian
  12. Hi All Found this forum when trying to locate a retailer that sells hi end 18” Sub Woofer drivers . Cheers
  13. Hi Guys I live in Perth and finding it nearly impossible to find a retailer that sells high end sub woofer drivers . I have to make my own cabinet because of the position . What I am looking for is something like the HST 18” , but unfortunately they can only be bought in the USA . Does anybody know of anywhere in Australia that sell a similar driver. Thanks in advance Adrian
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