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  1. That’s exactly the logic so far.. I would prefer a Japanese built unit but I’m yet to hear of anyone saying the Malaysian built versions are inferior. I can use the extra cash on upgrading the stylus if needed.
  2. Thanks for the comments!! I am leaning to the Technics SL1210 mk7 for $1600 at storedj. Any comments would be welcome?? PS: I’m surprised that no one mentioned Rega, or Project or Clearaudio..
  3. I’m keen to get some views on what would be a worthwhile upgrade from an AT LP120 turntable with an upgraded Hyper Elliptical stylus. I’m keen on staying with MM cartridges and looking to spend up to $2k. Amp and speakers are high quality but I am unsure if the extra spend would make a demonstrable difference. Keen on some views and suggestions on TT’s that would be worth considering.
  4. Installed the Jico hyper elliptical stylus today and as nkoulban said WoW.. I am glad I listened to his and Douglas HI-FIs advice.. huge difference...thanks for the tip! 😎
  5. Now I am also keen to get rid of the preamp from the at-Lp120. Just not that keen on doing it myself
  6. Any suggestions on the best outlets to buy Jico stylus for AT95? There is only a couple that pop up online for the hyper elliptical..Preferably a place in Melbourne..
  7. Sounds fantastic! I’ll have to do some research now on the jico styluses 😎
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. Very interesting! I am not that game at this stage to try something like this but you never know.. maybe one day. I really an keen on the Nagaoka MP-200 but with the current value of the AUD it is bloody expensive..
  9. Hi all, I am looking at updating the cartridge on the my Audio Technica LP120 TT. The stock cartridge AT95E is OK but am keen to try something different without changing anything else. I have a great amp and speakers that will handle as much detail as a better stylus and cart can produce. Any ideas?? PS: I am leaning towards Nagaoka PM-200 after reading and hearing reviews
  10. Just wanted to confirm that the sound of the speakers from Edward at Ascension Speakers are exquisite and no mods are required other than positioning. Through this process of getting new speakers and pairing them with an, in this case, Audiolab amp, without prior testing I have learned so much about the effect of room dynamics and speaker positioning. Incredible what a difference it can make.. I am now more than convinced that my 50 watt amp was not the cause of lack of bass..
  11. Thanks everyone for your comments. I have learned a lot and the passion from everyone on the forum is very obvious. After all this I have resolved the problem quite simply by trying something Edward suggested which was to reposition the speakers closer to the wall and apart more . Instantly there was more bass... the actual Audiolab 6000A is a cracking unit and the clarity and volume it produces is huge for the 50 watts. The 1.2m Timberwolves from Edward are simply sensational and super rich in the sound that comes out of them. All up a great outcome as I don’t need to find a more powerful amp.. thanks again to everyone for their two bobs worth.. Here is a pic of the set up FYI
  12. Thanks folks for all the interesting views! While many of you have strong technical responses that all make good sense, as a 'listener' I am now more keen than ever to leave the same setup in place and just plug in a 100+Watt amplifier to hear what difference it makes to the bass by listening at similar volume levels as before. If only one could go and borrow a good powerful amp and test it in your own surrounds.. ☺️
  13. Thanks for the comments! I had read the articles previously I was probably not clear enough. It was more a bass related query rather than volume. I have an Audiolab 6000 50w amp and while it sounds great and is certainly loud enough for clean music, I seem to be lacking bass punch on harder rock music which I also love... I am fairly confident it’s not the speakers as they are high grade Ascension transmission lines and are very efficient.. just wondering if I need more watts to get the extra bottom end in the rock music.
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