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  1. Thanks all for help, 2 faulty power caps replaced and back to business.
  2. Expensive lesson learned. Seller response is that was in order when last tested and possible damaged in transit.
  3. Appears to be power amp issue. Will borrow a multimeter to start some basic checks.
  4. Trusted the person during covid-19 situation.
  5. Attached are some pics from inside.
  6. Hi Guys, Hoping someone is able to help here, bought a Nad 372 of gumtree recently and there is something wrong with left channel. Getting very faint sound from left channel, tried different inputs and B speaker inputs as well. Any ideas and help will be appreciated. Cheers sunny
  7. hi guys, Came across this forum recently and absolutely love it. Current gear includes a 2 channel setup with B&W 685 S2, vintage Inderdyn P2 and WXA50. Would like to try some floor standers next. I seem to enjoy P2's over 685s, is it just me or thoughts ? Cheers
  8. Thanks Mike, any recommendations on reasonable center channel and I will keep a eye out on this forum
  9. Recently came across this forum and completely newbie to speakers and amplifier setups. moving from a soundbar to dedicated speakers in the living room, connected to TV. Living area is relatively large and open plan. Picked up B&W 685, a friend has offered Yamaha v667 to drive them. What more i need to a reasonable 2 channel set-up just to watch free to air tv, netflix and streaming music. Is bowers 685 good starting point ? Do i need a pre-power amp ? (not sure what the difference between them). Do i need a center channel ? Any recommendations and advise will be appreciated. Thanks all
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