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  1. All very interesting Kelossus. I just bought a Cadenza Black today which I am going to put on the end of a VDH silver wired Zeta tonearm (an 80s relic but still a very good arm) and mount on a Mission 775 SM deck (this is a heavy little fella, also from the 80s, with sorbolene feet - not a suspension deck). It will be interesting to see how the sound compares to my existing Thorens TD126 (suspension deck) with a similar arm and a Cadenza Blue. This might make a difference. On the Thorens the Dire Straits MFSLs sound a bit lifeless to me. I’ll let you know mid-Jan...
  2. Yes I think these guys (AP) are doing the best pressings at the minute. As I noted the New MFSL Dire Straits albums are not in the same league - not on my rig anyway...
  3. Yes I bought the Cadenza Black today. Merry Xmas to me 😊
  4. Thanks folks. my fav 60s jazz albums so far are Dave Brubeck quartet - time out and time further out Getz and Bird - Jazz Samba Getz and Gilberto all on AP 12” 45 rpm ( the sound quality of the above is staggering) plus Herb Alpert and I currently have some Duke Ellington and Bill Evans ordered. cheers Spicoli
  5. Hi Dacman I am very interested in your CB cart. I live in Melbourne area but up in Sydney until 31 Jan. Can drive past on way home and pick up. Can do PayPal etc. I am new on here but have an ebay profile spice.ti with excellent rating for buying. cheers Spicoli ( Tim)
  6. Answer - very very good (IMHO) I have recently purchased a few Analogue Productions Jazz LPs which have been pressed onto 2 x 12” vinyls and the sound quality is stunning. It is so clear, airy and life-like. The 45 rpm format is inconvenient as you only get about 10 mins a side but the sound quality is epic and just reward for getting out of your seat every 10 mins. AP also did the same for the early Doors albums - again these are a big success. Not at quite the same standard as the jazz LPs but much better than other standard 33 rpm pressings IMO. However, I also recently took delivery of the new releases of Dire Straits on 2x12” 45 rpm from MFSL and while good they didn’t quite make the same standard as the AP pressings - sound a bit “flat” to me (not off key, just a bit subdued). Anyone else have a view?
  7. Hi all. I am Spicoli, something of a Vintage vinyl enthusiast. I have a few turntables (Thorens TD125 and TD126 and Mission 775S and 775SM) running through a gryphon elektra pre with the Orestes phono stage, into a couple of Albarry M608 monoblocks and then to Dynaudio audience 70s (and a Mission 78S sub). I have all GB Tools tonearms - the Mission 774SM arm, the Mechanic arm and 2x Zeta arms. All carts are LOMC - Transfiguration Axia, Ortofon Cadenza Red and Blue and currently in the hunt for a Black or Bronze. I like early 70s British rock and early 60s Jazz. I collect the special issues from QRP and MOFI when I can. I will try and add a few pics cheers Spicoli 😊
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