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  1. Indeed, I have moved them since pic taken. I am after some decent feet on them.
  2. Are these on the market or are they custom made, mate?
  3. Thank you for the interesting response all. . Some very good points were raised here and its only a matter of time, you may see something you may have you eye on going for less then the RRP price. IMHO, I think the best sounding speaker would be the one that plays all of the music spectrum without the need for a subwoofer. I know its kind of, hard to imagine but that's my end goal. On a mean time, I will keep delving in my audio gear!
  4. Here it is. The VR940's are smaller then the VR950's but the performance is very similar with the 950's providing better bass response. The VR940's are pretty impressive for its size though.
  5. I guess we a lucky in the sense that we have the best of both worlds, UK, US and European gear available in Australia. Then we also have the second hand market where you may stumble across something that you were after and you have the opportunity to pick it up for the fraction of the retail price, and hope the drivers are not blown and its in fairly good condition.
  6. Oh, we all forgot to mention tax and exchange rates that add to the cost as well. I remember back 30- 40 years ago many speakers were assembled in Australia. Aaron, Welling, Studio craft, Richer Audio, VAF Research and many others. Whilst the drivers were purchase overseas to save costs the cabinets were made/ assembled in Australia. Whatmough is a famous Australian Brand but you have to search hard to find a pair. I don't know what drivers they used but the cabinets were made in Australia. I suppose now we are left to purchase gear from overseas that can costs a lot. I don't now about you guys but with an average family with a million dollar debt, its hard to dedicate $50K just for your home theatre needs which we all like to do.
  7. Great to know, I will keep watching Netflix with the 4K rating to get the most out of my HD system. Thanks again Betty Boop!
  8. Thank you Betty Boop, its reassuring to know that information. Just out of curiosity, what does our TV channels broadcast on??
  9. Hey Lil Caesar. I did purchase a 75 incher for my home theater. I do use it for Netflix and Its probably the only option I currently have that makes it worthwhile to use my TV. Thanks for the update mate. Just wondering what our TV channels use, not 4k I guess, would it be 2K?
  10. Hey there all. We all understand that speaker technology has not changed much since they were introduced in the 1920's etc. Though I understand some better materials have been introduced to provide better use such as move from paper cone to poly/ Kevlar cones, all the way from soft dome tweeters to titanium tweeters to a more elaborate crossover systems that commence from 6db to 24db crossovers in a 2/3 way systems. To add to the cost, the introduction of enclosures, from simple box design to more elaborate curved wood, that is sanded, polished and given a great cover and added feet to reduce vibrations and enhance room acoustics. The use of exotic materials again like cast frames also adds to the cost. I just cannot comprehend why some speakers can cost over $10K and some cost just a few grand. I have been delving into home / car audio for the past 30 years so I have had my fair share of exposure to purchase, testing and installing speakers in the worst enclosure, a vehicle where added sound deadening / box building, adequate wire size is crucial to the environment. In a home environment, it easy to place speakers towards the listener and even a modest bookshelf speakers would sound decent enough given a clean (undistorted) power. Having both, American, and European brands of home and car speakers, I have found European speakers to be more focused on jazz, blues, classical, and vocal tones whereas US brands were more focused on Rock / rap / electro style music. Still does not justify why some brand of speakers cost so much even today. I understand some reputable companies have continued research and development team so they are constantly changing their products and following current world trends through marketing and research. Any advice would be appreciated on this topic. Cheers! Rob
  11. Hey there. I know we UHD OLED Tv', such as 4K and the resent release of 8K tv are available to purchase. I understand that we currently don't have any TV programs that is in 4K. I usually watch Netflix and there are some programs in high resolution but most are not. So what gives, is it really worth buying such TV if you are only watching TV an pay-tv in Australia? Can any audio guru enlighten us in this topic please?
  12. Hey there members. Few days ago I picked up a pair of old school Boston Acoustics VR940 floor speakers. They were in very good condition for its age. One of the speaker five way binding posts was damaged due to over-tightening in my opinion. Anyway, managed to dismantle the plastic feet which gave me access to the 12db Linkwiz crossover and the terminals. I managed to replace the broken one with a few I had lying around for spare. The previous owner told me one side was louder than the other so I was worried that maybe one of the drivers, were blown in worst case scenario. Anyway, when it was done, I tested it out and they both perform well. So I am assuming that the previous owner had one place close to the wall and the other was placed in a larger area so the extra boominess created by the wall reflexed in that speakers performance and gave the owner the impression that one side was louder than the other. It has an unusual woofer size, being 5 inch x 7 inch size so it is larger than a 6.5 inch but smaller than an 8 inch woofer but it sounds pretty good for its size. I have not seen many newer speakers with this unusual woofer size and from my memory only Kef had some unusual oval woofers in their past speakers. I like the fact it does not look large but the sound is very impressive from such a smaller sized speaker. I also have the VR950 model speakers and they are larger in size but comes with dual 5 inch woofers and the aluminum tweeter. Thought I share this one with you all. Regards. Rob
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