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  1. Hey there members. Few days ago I picked up a pair of old school Boston Acoustics VR940 floor speakers. They were in very good condition for its age. One of the speaker five way binding posts was damaged due to over-tightening in my opinion. Anyway, managed to dismantle the plastic feet which gave me access to the 12db Linkwiz crossover and the terminals. I managed to replace the broken one with a few I had lying around for spare. The previous owner told me one side was louder than the other so I was worried that maybe one of the drivers, were blown in worst case scenario. Anyway, when it was done, I tested it out and they both perform well. So I am assuming that the previous owner had one place close to the wall and the other was placed in a larger area so the extra boominess created by the wall reflexed in that speakers performance and gave the owner the impression that one side was louder than the other. It has an unusual woofer size, being 5 inch x 7 inch size so it is larger than a 6.5 inch but smaller than an 8 inch woofer but it sounds pretty good for its size. I have not seen many newer speakers with this unusual woofer size and from my memory only Kef had some unusual oval woofers in their past speakers. I like the fact it does not look large but the sound is very impressive from such a smaller sized speaker. I also have the VR950 model speakers and they are larger in size but comes with dual 5 inch woofers and the aluminum tweeter. Thought I share this one with you all. Regards. Rob
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