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  1. Yup still available. I'll give you a PM.
  2. I'm interested in one or maybe two subs without the cables. I guess we just need another person interested in the cables. Do you have the original Neutrik cables? Thanks.
  3. CD-R and DVD-R are gone. Remotes still available.
  4. Yeah unfortunately postage kills the deal.
  5. Which item? Remotes I'll just put into an envelope so maybe a few bucks. Blank CDs and DVDRs, are around 400g for each spindle. So $11.55 for a 1kg satchel, which I think will fit both of them or $8.55 for a small satchel just for one spindle.
  6. Anyone who is still burning CDs, I've got 21 of them for free for pickup in Carlton.
  7. Item: Q Acoustics BT3 remotes Price Range: Free pickup or cost of postage. Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I have two of the credit card remotes. One is a little flaky at times hence why I was sent a replacement. However, I no longer have the speakers so these are of no use to me. Item: TDK CD-R (700MB) x 21 and TDK DVD-R (4.7GB) x 20 Price Range: Free pickup or cost of postage. Item Condition: New Extra Info: Blank CD-R and/or DVD-R for anyone who might have a use for them. Pickup form Carlton, VIC.
  8. I've been impressed with the durability of the UE Boom.
  9. Congratulations on finding a great deal. Always a treat to find great gear at a great price.
  10. Great initiative @LHC. Definitely gives a starting point for someone like me. 👍
  11. Thanks Gary, always nice to be welcomed by a friendly monster
  12. Do the LSXs have any compatibility with Google Home commands?
  13. Greeting SNA, I've recently moved back to Melbourne and looking at getting some equipment to pull double duty as TV and hifi speakers. Definitely not the biggest audiophile, my ears just aren't that good, but do appreciate nice equipment and bang for buck equipment. Cheers
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