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  1. If the cable in the wall/ceiling is the issue then I can't fix it because I'm downstairs in a double storey house with a lot of insulation in the floor system.

    That's annoying...


    If I can get my hands on another cable that will run the distance, I'll give it a go anyway.



  2. I've had my media room set up for a while but haven't had much time to play with it until lately.

    I have found that my HDMI ports with HDCP 2.2 don't allow any 4k video through, so I have to run my media player through the regular HDMI ports.

    Am I losing out on anything by doing this?

    I've noticed that YouTube will flicker when playing a 4k video through the regular HDMI port, however it won't flicker when playing back at 1080.


    Vodafone TV

    Yamaha RXV679 receiver

    BenQ W2700 projector

    Selby High Speed HEC cables (and one unknown '4k' cable in the wall)


    Any help is appreciated!

  3. So I've had my entry level 6.2 Sony system for almost 10 years and now that I have a dedicated room I want to upgrade.

    I'm looking for something 7.2 but have no idea where to start.

    I always read 'go and have a listen', but to be honest, most sound the same to me and even my old cheap system sounds alright - although I've only used the fronts, centre and subs due to room restrictions.


    I'm fine with buying second hand, but wouldn't want to spend over $1000.

    Am I going to get something worth while?

    Should I keep some components of my current setup and just get new surrounds? I've read that my current speakers might be 4ohm, which may not be ideal for my receiver.


    Stuff I have:

    BenQ W2700 projector

    Yamaha RX V679 receiver

    Sony Muteki HTDDW1600

  4. I'm still fairly new to all this stuff, reading articles I find on Google only gets me so far as they are generally a few years old.

    I'm setting up my room, I currently have a BenQ W2700 projector and am now looking to get a new receiver.

    Currently I'm looking at a second hand Yamaha RX-V679. From a firmware update this now supports HDR10, but I don't believe it does HLG, that requires the V681 model or newer.


    I'm not sure what uses HLG, I never even heard of it before today. Is it the new standard and I'll be wasting my money if I don't get something capable?

    I will be watching mostly streaming through Netflix/Stan/Foxtel. But I will likely get a Blu-ray player or an X-Box later on.

  5. Finally got my 2700 running, it has some bad flickering during dark scenes, I assume this is the dynamic iris? I changed the settings on it but nothing made it stop. It came with 1.02 so I might try 1.05 tonight and see if that fixes the problem.


    I also noticed a fingerprint on the lens, and what looks like dust?

    I assume there is a correct way to clean this. No idea how a fingerprint got on there, the lens cap was on the whole time.


  6. 50 minutes ago, EZYHD said:

    did the W2700 come free delivery and HDMI Fibre cable?

    I picked it up from the store. No HDMI cable, unless there is one inside the box already.


    @hopefullguyThe images were taken at different times during the build, but the floor is definitely black in the entire room.

    The recess is 2440mm high (2740mm ceiling) and I have a screen frame that is about 1520mm high. If I put it 600mm from the ground I think I will need a mount that drops about 600mm?

    I was originally going to mount it up quite high and use a 300mm drop so if anyone stood up at the back they wouldn't get close to the projector.


    I'm having two rows of seating yeah. I currently have two (budget/old) subs that I can try in various locations.


    I'm not worried about light getting in, but as you say, the reflections might not be ideal, especially on a gloss white door on the right hand side.

    I could probably hang a curtain either side and it wouldn't look too strange.

  7. 2 hours ago, zinhodude said:

    Where did U buy it from



    1 hour ago, hopefullguy said:

    why do people post a price that is obviously a very good deal then have to wait to be asked

    I didn't know if it was against the forum rules because it could be seen as a form of advertising if unprompted.

    My first couple of posts on this forum had prices and links to items and I was called on it by a mod in PM.

  8. 20 hours ago, betty boop said:

    not sure what want to be doing with the chromecast ? if its casting from your phone ... this might not always be THE best way to watch and listen to stuff. better to use apps that come on such devices

    Why are the apps on a device better? I like using the phone for convenience, if something is playing either me or someone else in the room can pause it if needed. Searching I think would be easier on the phone as well?


    19 hours ago, Bunno77 said:

    Guessing you have or will be getting an AVR?

    I will be upgrading my current AVR.


    18 hours ago, TDX said:

    a decent AV receiver which has chrome cast and airplay built in. 

    I didn't know that was an option, could be a good outcome to minimise devices!


    17 hours ago, WasM said:

    You can buy the Xbox TV adaptor to watch FTA.

    I didn't know this either, thanks.


    It sounds like and AVR with Chromecast built in and an XBox might be a decent solution.

  9. So, I just bought my first projector and was thinking about all the extra bits I want/need.


    I need something that casts Netflix/Stan/Foxtel/YouTube from my phone - Chromecast

    I would like to occasionally watch TV - Set top box

    I would like to make use of 4k - Blu Ray player

    Might get back in to gaming - Playstation/XBox


    Is a gaming console a good choice and eliminates the need for a dedicated Blu Ray player?

    Is there a product with a combined tv tuner and chromecast capabilities?


    I'm trying to get as little devices as possible to keep it a little neater and easier to navigate but not sure where to start.

  10. Hi,

    I'm trying to look at a thread and no longer have access.

    I read most of it as a member, then part of it when I wasn't signed in an ran out of 'free pages' to view.

    Then when I signed in next I can't find it in any searches on the site.


    I found it easily through Google but when I click the link it comes up with an error.

    Sorry, there is a problem

    You do not have permission to view this content.

    Error code: 2F173/H


    The thread I'm trying to access is regarding the Benq W2700 / W5700


    Is there a way for me to get permission?


    This link doesn't work for me


  11. Hi,

    Complete noob here to home audio.

    I'm building a house which is almost at plasterboard stage and would like some advice on wall finishes.

    I've drawn it up in ArchiCAD to give an idea of what is going on.


    I will be getting a 4k projector and have slightly tiered seating.



    Floor is black vinyl plank with a red rug

    Ceiling and wall behind the screen will be dark

    120" (roughly) fixed screen with fabric (velvet) edge

    R1.5 soundscreen batts are in the walls, and R3.5 in the floor space above



    Matte dark grey or black for ceiling and screen wall?

    Do I do the short side returns as well to create an 'alcove'?

    Fabric to the screen wall?

    Are the remaining walls ok in a light colour? (Dulux Whitsunday Island)




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