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  1. Thank you, Still new to these forums and missed that.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Was just the wording the OP used, it looked like it had some other feature as they said "also prevents contamination" after the information about rfi + emi, which covers interconnects. Maybe the op can shed some more light?
  3. Hi, I am really intrigued by this cable being able to block out contaminants. Can you please explain a bit more about this? I don't see higher end cables costing tens of thousands of dollars offering this kind of feature?
  4. Item: Behringer NEKKST K10S Location: Adelaide Price: $350 Item Condition: Perfect Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Very solid subwoofer used sparingly with Yamaha HS8. Only selling due to a sidegrade. Perfect condition in every way. Never taken past 12 o'clock on the gain. Box and all accessories included. I still have the outer Behringer shipping box too. Pickup only as it's very heavy. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. The ns-c444 has done the trick. Its way better. No more muffled sounding voices. It'll stay like this for a while until I re look at pretty much a whole system upgrade 🤯 Thanks for your help.
  6. Those jamos are very good, I read about them when they were released. My avr is not up to the task sadly. Thanks for all the input. Ive decided to wait for a while till we get settled in the new place. Probably svs ultra or some Adelaide speakers. Will look at other options when the time comes. For a stop gap I bought a Yamaha ns-c444 to better integrate with the current system. I picked up the PB2000 as well. It's a huge upgrade and very happy with it.
  7. Thanks to all that showed interest. Gentleman's sale thanks to Stereo Net.
  8. Rare as hens teeth unfortunately. No one sells Ascension.
  9. Thank you for the time to link me some options I appreciate it. Problem is I'm in Adelaide and that is pick up only in NSW.
  10. Hehe I bet lol. Those two you linked look like awesome bargains that I would be very interested in. Except that horrible white lol. Maybe I'll deal with the yammy till something pops up here, but even then I may miss out. I know I've had enough lol, 7 years and I've snapped. Must be the impending SUB upgrade.
  11. Adelaide is pretty hard to find second gear unless it's listed here and that's rare too. We have Ascension, Krix and VAF but it's cheaper to buy the last two brands interstate normally:( No one wants to ship interstate just like that ebay Paradigm.
  12. Hence looking at much better gear than I am using now. I know it's pitiful compared with what's out there but that's what I have.
  13. Yeah I know. I need a centre now though. I've put up with this one for 7 years and watch movies pretty much daily. It has to get upgraded. Yeah thats why sticking with Edward is my best choice. Sorry the look of the speaker isn't the nicest and I don't have WAF so it doesn't matter too much anyway. I like the look of the size, drivers used and tweeter arrangement. Oh and the price lol. I'm one for performance, looks come second. I know, which is why I don't know about it lol. But I would most likely add the Ultra FL+FR if I did go down that route. Yeah but I don't have tens of thousands of dollars for HT gear. I wish I did, but I don't. The AVR I have now is fine for it's duties. Does everything I need. The AVR I have is not that old. It's not getting upgraded for a few years. It has plenty of power. The problem is the centre speaker. The centre speaker is a pile of junk - NS-C55 https://www.manualslib.com/manual/267101/Yamaha-Ns-C55.html The centre is not the first component in the current system, as it is a complete system and has been for a decade...
  14. Yeah it's a worry but if it's really that bad I guess one could change it out. They seem quite expensive what they are on paper. Haven't had the opportunity to hear them much although I'm in Adelaide! Yeah I know, the room I'm in now is just terrible for any HT. The new 4x4 box should be more accommodating. What do you have now? I like the look this setup - https://klappav.com.au/collections/speakers/products/airmotiv-c2-centre-loudspeaker-black Maybe I just go for the SVS Ultra while it's on sale. Never heard it though. This centre has seen two AVRs, it has performed exactly the same on both. The AVRs have been fairly low end though. I really want another one when the new standards are a bit cheaper for 4K HDR 120hz etc. Thanks for the replies so far. I'm definitely still poking around in low end stuff and have nowhere near the knowledge you guys have.
  15. Cheers, replied. I am open to a trade with a centre speaker+cash my way as well. Thanks to all who have shown interest so far.
  16. Yeah I absolutely get you, it's just that's the one that needs upgrading the most. I have narrowed the fronts down to these - Summoner 1093DQTL - Trio centre Summoner 863SQTL - Trio centre SVS Primes Pretty sure I'll just go see Edward now. Unless there is some sort of second hand bargain to be found here!!!
  17. Yeah that's what I've been thinking. Anything will be a huge upgrade on this tiny little centre. An SVS prime would be significant. Cheers mate.
  18. You say silly...I think more along the lines of not enough funds to do everything at once unfortunately. There is no way I can afford more than the SVS PB2000. That's all my budget allows. I do not have this sub yet. The Yamaha YST-SW216 sub I own, and am using right now, is about 70w RMS. The PB2000 is 500w RMS. Even an Accusound 12" was absolutely thunderous in comparison. The new setup will be in a much smaller room. 4x4. The PB 2000 will be plenty for that. I like the PSA 210s a lot. They are a bit out of my budget though. The SVS Prime are more in my budget or something from Edward. I like his speakers a lot and have bought quite a few different models from him over the years.
  19. The centre is at ear level facing the couch already, it is just always underwhelming and seems it can never keep up with the rest of the system. Some movies the dialogue just gets completely lost. Others it is acceptable. The subwoofer I have is a YST-SW216. It is getting upgraded to a PB2000. I originally wanted the PSA 15" that was going for $1000AU @ DeepHz but it is a discontinued model and there isn't really what I want in my budget anymore so have settled on a PB2000 at a reasonable price.
  20. I'll most likely end up talking to Edward though. Yeah ideally I'd wait till I move but I need to watch movies now haha
  21. Item: OPPO 205 Location: Adelaide Price: $2750 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Downgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank deposit Extra Info: This was bought from an Adelaide B&M on 28/12/17. I purchased it when Oppo announced they would cease selling them. I have been using it as a DAC with my PC exclusively. It has never played a disc. I have all packaging and acc. that came with the unit including the outer shipping box. I am thinking of downgrading to a smaller DAC for PC duties and will just go back to another UHD player I have. I am in no rush to sell this as it is hands down the best audio device I've ever used/owned. I'd much prefer a pickup sale, I am not keen on shipping it. I am unsure of the units value, I see the two on ebay but the prices are absurd. Amazon is just as bad. Reasonable offers considered. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  22. Admittedly, absolutely terribly. It is in a giant lounge/living area with the worst acoustics for HT I've lived in so far. I am moving house soon though, so the setup will change and I'll be looking at a proper long term setup. The centre needs upgrading no matter what. I'd like to look at alternative options. Second hand is enticing for the money too:)
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