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  1. As a previous buyer from DigitalDave - he's great to deal with so buy with confidence. GLWTS btw the baby grands are going great 😁
  2. This sounds like fun, irrespective of whether a comp or just a show n share. Be cool if sydney could have something like this too. I'd suggest conisdering a category for younger entrants (thinking kids/teenage) to get more young people into diy audio and engineering - and bring your kids to the event! Also might be worth considering a "mods" category for people who've built based on existing speakers or commercially available designs - as many start this way. I myself have a pair of maggies that, once I'm done DIYing, the only factory parts will be drivers that I've rebuilt myself anyway....
  3. Looks like the Magnepans (3.7, 20.7) have both just moved out of their respective price brackets..... $11k and $21k respectively. Damn exchange rates.! 😬 still both great value even At their revised prices, and still deserving of a place in the list.
  4. Having heard the techdas airforce 2, 3, continuum caliburn and dohmann helix 1 albeit in different systems and at different times; any of these would make the heart of an amazing vinyl playback system. At this level system synergy would play a big part in the outcome - what phono stage, amp and speakers are you running with it? And any thoughts on an arm & cart? Are you going with the Schroeder arm from Mark? Good luck with it. One of these are definitely a grail deck for me too.
  5. Be great to hear your thoughts on the Dukes. I'd like to audition these too at some point. Btw - Are you doing anything in particular to get a gauge for / equalise out the other different gear in all the systems you're listening to?
  6. For dipoles, I'm using magnepan 3.7s and am a fan but you'll likely need to upgrade amps if you go down the planar route. Could get them, some Mye stands (worth it) and a sanders magtec for about $20k. ....I saw these open baffle speakers on the net but haven't heard them or read any reviews - but they appear local... https://neudrum.com.au/ No-one's mentioned the magico A3 - I haven't heard these yet either but they've garnered rave reviews, are easy to accomodate size wise and at your price point - may be worth a listen.
  7. DIY interconnects - silver 4N 0.6mm solid core (22awg) with teflon insulation, cotton wrapped for damping with eichmann silver bullets. Mundorf M-solder supreme - 9.5%Ag, 0.1%Au was happy with them for a few years - good detail - but with upgrades I replaced by analysis plus solo crystal.
  8. Just thought I'd add to this thread as I've been considering for a while building some OB stereo subs to work with my magnepans. Considering GR research 12" drivers in a 2x or 3x config per channel. Anyone have any design tips for this application, or any experience supplying/ using GR research OB drivers? They're available through the rhythmik subs distribution chain. Red spade audio mention custom build capability on their website - anyone used them? Currently I'm Thinking frames from 1" birch marine ply to match my upgraded Maggie frames, 500x1200 baffle for 3x12" with some H frame sides to reduce dipole cancellation.
  9. Quick query, I've bought something from SNA classified in the past few days and would like to leave positive feedback but keep getting the following error message: Error code: 2S100/2 Anyone know what this means and how I can resolve this so I can leave feedback?
  10. Just joined recently and very much into Magnepans so thought I'd introduce myself in this thread. I've had maggies for the past 12 years, bought my first pair (2.6Rs) in the UK. Did full panel re-build, re-wiring +custom X-over (Jupiter Caps, mundorf/north creek air cores, etc.) in the first few years, tweeter rebuild through Bill 6 years ago, the last few years been working on a full panel rebuild from 1" birch marine ply+Al and custom stands. Recently picked up a pair of 3.7Rs with Mye stands. Running them off a Nu-vista M3 right now, but considering an upgrade - happy for recommendations. Room is 7.5x4.6x2.85 Been catching up with Bill every now and again - heard the 20.7s a few times and very keen to hear the 30.7s 30.7 Probably out of my budget for now, but hoping some 20.7s (new or 2nd hand) are in my near future Cheers.
  11. Recently joined member from Sydney. I'm into Hifi and music, and Maggies Current System is: Magnepan 3.7R with Mye stands, Magnepan 2.6R (fully re-built with custom X-overs, undergoing frame build atm) Musical Fidelity Nu-vista M3 Chord Hugo DAC Oppo BDP 105 Project TT / Ortofon 2M Black Chord / Analysis + cables Been a member of SAC for about 8 years and read some of these forum threads here and there, also a member of the asylum for the last 12 years - joined when doing my first maggie rebuild back in the UK. I'll post some maggie build details / photos when I get the chance - been a saga, but a fun one
  12. At the top end I'd add Rockport avior ($60k) or Cygnus ($95k) And gauder Berlina RC7 - unfortunately haven't heard any gauder darc series yet.... between 5-10 the viennna acoustic Beethoven Baby Grand is nice, but only at the $5-6k end....
  13. on the amp question - Reading the measurement sections of hifi articles may help to provide some insight into what outcomes are associated with what component specifications (input/output impedence, gain, power into different loads, THD spectra - esp power supply harmonics etc.) Extra useful if you can find them for components you own. also useful if you can find a resistance and phase angle vs freq sweep for your speakers to help indicate what power/current drive capability you need. For me maggies = as much as you can get - currently 500w into 4 ohms .... but always looking for more 😁
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