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  1. I live in Mt Barker SA. I have had my Samsung tv and Foxtel set up for two years without any issues whatsoever, until this weekend when the picture was ‘double visioned’ and shaking. Tried the reset etc, to no avail so Samsung technician came today, and surprise surprise no issues with the tv, it was working perfectly! He changed something in the back of the tv (I am a complete techno fool sorry) so no idea what it was, and tv working again. Tonight the picture went again and the writing on screen double vision again. I am sure it was because I had the ducted heating and washing machine going. I switched everything off and now the tv is fine.Is there an easy fix (as I said techno fool and old 😁) and any idea why it would just happen now? Thanking you all for reading and in anticipation of your replies.
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