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  1. Currently looking for 35 or 50mm. Primarily into leica legacy but also looking to build up more modem leica glass. I was also looking to buy the 28mm elmarit given the positive reviews.
  2. I just bought an m6 and looking for lenses as well. If you could let me know what you're willing to sell and prices that would be awesome.
  3. Hi all, I've been primary a shooter of Contax and a couple leica lenses (50mm Summicron Dual Range & 90mm Tele-Elmarit) on a Sony body A7II body for a few years and have just now taken the plunge and bought an unused Leica M6 Millennium Edition after saving up for what seems an eternity. This camera will brass up amazingly over the years and will be given to my son when he comes of age (currently one). Assuming that many here will be like myself and have a decent lens collection (mine being mostly mint Contax - living in Japan has its perks) I was wondering if anyon
  4. wow. I've been waiting for one of these for ages. How much would transport to Sydney be?
  5. Hi guys I'm building a system for my wife who has a trained ear (violinist & pianist). So i'm attempting to do the best I can for her. At the moment I have bought the following components: * Luxman SQ38U (Primary Amp) * Yamaha AS-2100 (Secondary Amp for summer and long sessions etc) * Denafrips Ares II I'm looking to buy either the following speakers * harbeth p3esr 40th anniversary * Shahinian Arc (I'll be auditioning these sometime soon) I now find myself looking for a streamer that will fit with the majority of cla
  6. Hi All, I'm currently building a surprise system for my wife who is Japanese born and classically trained in both violin and piano. She has perfect pitch and can bang out a tune on the keyboard after listening to it a couple times. A real musician. We've recently moved back to Sydney and i'm wanting to build a system that she can listen to through the day. Because of the above i also want to make sure I do a decent job in selecting the system. Given that I can speak and read Japanese, i've been browsing the Japanese sites and see that the variety of good int
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