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  1. Hi everyone I made some initial posts back in <time flies> June as I have my late-mother's Linn Sondek to sell. Quite reasonably I was requested to make a few posts before putting something in the classifieds, so, after a number of months, I'm back ... I'm a 50-something bloke in Victoria. Years and years ago (I mean: the 1980s) I had a nice little set-up: Rega 3, and I can't remember the amp/speakers but you know, it was a considered and well-balanced system. Loved it. But then I migrated. Have had nothing similar since, but I'm now in the market. I still have some of my vinyl left from the Rega era (UK/US alternative stuff) but have also inherited my mum's 60s/70s jazz and rock collection (although I'll mainly be listening to the jazz) and have developed a love of 20th C Brazilian music - I have very little on vinyl but I'm starting to collect, some new reissues, some secondhand. I have nothing save for a 20 year old Yahama CD player/amp at the moment so I'm starting from scratch. Looking for turntable, amp, speakers and (less important) CD player. Tuner not needed. I'm absolutely not a 'buff' - music is a huge part of my life and I like good sound, but I'm not technically-minded. So my annoying question is: what should I get?! Now, I'm selling a LP12 and I 'only' had a RP3, so I'm definitely not looking at the highest end, and my budget wouldn't reach anywhere near that anyway. (My budget could be around $5k, give or take - I know, that's not a lot, so looking at a starter system I guess). Also: I have teenagers, and I want them to be able to use the turntable, so I don't want anything incredibly fussy/fragile (hence not wanting the LP12 - they are sensible kids, and I don't mean they'll be using it for parties etc). Also: I have a local radio show and do a very little bit of DJiing (Brazilian music for both) AND I used to have a long-term girlfriend who had twin SL1200s and I absolutely loved them so I'm very tempted to get the mk7. So would need to work out an amp/speaker combo that would suit it. Anyway: that's me and why I'm here. The other thing I will need to explore is placement: we live in an old Victorian house, no underfloor insulation and our living space is not currently set up well for a system. Cheers
  2. I've clearly not been paying enough attention - or am I just confused, as usual? Neither of these new Technics decks will ever be available in Australia?? Could someone please clarify, thanks.
  3. Yes, I did see that (which is why I said I could usefully use the forum to work out my next set-up), thanks. But my original post was genuine, albeit naive (I now realise): I wasn't trying to sell it directly here, but seek some advice as to how/where I would offer it for sale. If the Classifieds here are the best option then I'm happy to stick around and post, I've had the turntable for many years so there's no rush (other than I want to get my own turntable) ...
  4. Ok, so I've now noticed this site has a Classifieds section, d'oh! (Didn't see that from the front page). Maybe if I post a bit about the system I want to end up with after I sell the LP12 ...
  5. Hello. I've joined just to post this, hope that's ok - although if I successfully sell this deck I'll be buying some equipment soon! I have inherited a Linn Sondek LP 12 following the death of my mother. She would have purchased it in the mid 1980s. Perfect condition under the lid, has been boxed for most of the past 10 years. (Lid has blemish - cigarette burn, about 2cm). Obviously, not serviced for some time. Although I have a vinyl collection and love good turntables (had an RP for years, late 80s), the LP12 is not suitable for our house for a number of reasons. Could someone kindly advise as to the best way for me to sell this? By 'best', I suppose I mean: easiest and most profitable! Would people advise private sale or offering it to a restorer/vintage hifi shop? I've seen there are a couple for sale on eBay at the moment. I have attached some photos. I also have included a photo of the original box if the annotation on that provides any information required - I may even have the original sales receipt, although I'd have to dig. Many thanks for any guidance.
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