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  1. Now, I'm not sure what the etiquette about bumping WTB's is (I checked the guidelines but they refer to ads only) - so I hope this is ok, let me know if not. Ah, <bump>
  2. man, they're like buses - none for weeks then they all arrive at once! Will PM
  3. Item: Technics SL1200 turntable Mk3/Mk3D/Mk5 (or good condition Mk2) Price Range: $700 - $900 Item Condition: Used, good/very good Extra Info: Victoria I know it's a long shot but if I don't ask ... I would like to buy a Technics SL1200 turntable in good working condition. Well-maintained or recently serviced, although would consider non-serviced. Ideally one that has been only used at home! With or without headshell/cart, depending what it is. I am in central Victoria and would be prepared to travel a reasonable distance to inspect and pick-up, whilst maintaining appropriate COVID-19 safety and social distancing as required. Thanks
  4. Thanks, that's the feedback I needed
  5. Hi everyone I made some initial posts back in <time flies> June as I have my late-mother's Linn Sondek to sell. Quite reasonably I was requested to make a few posts before putting something in the classifieds, so, after a number of months, I'm back ... I'm a 50-something bloke in Victoria. Years and years ago (I mean: the 1980s) I had a nice little set-up: Rega 3, and I can't remember the amp/speakers but you know, it was a considered and well-balanced system. Loved it. But then I migrated. Have had nothing similar since, but I'm now in the market. I still have some of my vinyl left from the Rega era (UK/US alternative stuff) but have also inherited my mum's 60s/70s jazz and rock collection (although I'll mainly be listening to the jazz) and have developed a love of 20th C Brazilian music - I have very little on vinyl but I'm starting to collect, some new reissues, some secondhand. I have nothing save for a 20 year old Yahama CD player/amp at the moment so I'm starting from scratch. Looking for turntable, amp, speakers and (less important) CD player. Tuner not needed. I'm absolutely not a 'buff' - music is a huge part of my life and I like good sound, but I'm not technically-minded. So my annoying question is: what should I get?! Now, I'm selling a LP12 and I 'only' had a RP3, so I'm definitely not looking at the highest end, and my budget wouldn't reach anywhere near that anyway. (My budget could be around $5k, give or take - I know, that's not a lot, so looking at a starter system I guess). Also: I have teenagers, and I want them to be able to use the turntable, so I don't want anything incredibly fussy/fragile (hence not wanting the LP12 - they are sensible kids, and I don't mean they'll be using it for parties etc). Also: I have a local radio show and do a very little bit of DJiing (Brazilian music for both) AND I used to have a long-term girlfriend who had twin SL1200s and I absolutely loved them so I'm very tempted to get the mk7. So would need to work out an amp/speaker combo that would suit it. Anyway: that's me and why I'm here. The other thing I will need to explore is placement: we live in an old Victorian house, no underfloor insulation and our living space is not currently set up well for a system. Cheers
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