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  1. Oh man! that is so cheap! I can't believe it. Although I wonder the same as vinylguy, is this the new or older model?
  2. This "Rega" sound comes from the same circuit released originally back in about 2011 for the new Brio-R. After it's success, it was implemented in different ways up the line into the Elex-R, Elicit-R and now the Aethos. The story of how this circuit came about is fascinating. Based around a design which was impossible to work 35 years earlier it was now possible with modern technology. http://www.the-ear.net/features/terry-bateman-tells-story-rega-brio-r I own a 2012 Brio-R but haven't heard the Elex-R, although I am told that it is simply a Brio-R with more power. I went for the Elicit-R
  3. Hi Rantan, yes it is only MM. However, it lends itself to add a separate phone amp of your choice as input one can be changed with a switch on the back to select a line level or MM. This arrangement is two separate RCA input connections. The manual states that by selecting this input as line level, it delivers further isolation from everything else. The Aethos on the other hand does not have an MM/MC phono as Rega says that at this price point you may add your own separate phono amp. This adds further refinement to the system. And you are very right about the amp doing
  4. The Aethos is a fabulous choice. Before the lock down I went into Carlton Audio Visual and had a quick look. I tried to pick it up with both arms. After I got to lift it about 10cm I gave up as I felt I was going to drop it. What a solid piece of gear. I was told it runs hot but with a dual mono configuration it drives anything with that beautiful Rega sound . I can't wait to drop by again for a proper audition. The combination of PMC/Rega Elicit R was also a CAV recommendation and what a winner it is. I said that the Elicit R is my end game amp, on earth, but if I make it further then, the Ae
  5. Highly recommended, it is a superb amplifier. I've had mine for the last two months and it continually makes me smile (or cry). It is so good, that for me it sounds and feels like my end game amp. All the power I could need, detail, attack and it makes my PMCs 5.22 absolutely shine. Thank you Rega for such a sweet amp. And I have to agree, along with my PMCs, it is my most prized possession too. Great price. Shouldn't last.
  6. Hi All, just some info. I spoke to my Hi-Fi shop last week and due to the Coronavirus situation all shipments of Onkyo, Rotel, Marantz and most multi channel systems have been delayed and current inventories are running low. It looks like all China made Hi-Fi products are not arriving any time soon... That means that if the Coronavirus repercussions continue even May would not be in the horizon and as time goes by, other countries' supplies may be also affected. Lucky we have a healthy second hand market around here...
  7. Oh yes. That is another good point, easy to drive. 8 ohm, 89db. As I didn't have. The money at the time, I drive them with my Rega Brio R (50wpc) and it sounds superb. I can't wait next month as I will be getting a Rega Elicit R, these speakers really open up with more power, but I couldn't be happier already anyway. Awesome speakers
  8. Fantastic speakers. Very impressive. I've had mine for a few months now. I had them playing fairly low and I had someone visiting the other day and she turned around with that surprised face to see if she could spot the man talking in the loungeroom! Ha, ha. The imaging and Oh that superbly controlled bass. I couldn't recommend more.
  9. What an excellent pair of speakers. Beautiful condition. I would be jumping in now! If it was a different time for me... Looks like a bargain.
  10. Ja Ja Ja, Hola Sergio bienvenido. Muy divertidos Marc y Blakey72. (Ha Ha Ha, Hi Sergio welcome. Very funny Marc and Blakey72.) This may help with the communication: Altoparlante= Speaker, Amplificador= Amplifier, Bafle= Baffle, 8ohm= 8ohm, Estereo= Stereo, Salsa= Salsa. Ah Disfrutar y a bailar!: To enjoy and dance! 😁
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