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  1. New to forum - interested in audio equipment. Still using CD's and vinyl not really into streaming music.
  2. This sort of depends on what you are watching. If it is just 4K and HD then a Hisense or TCL would be ok. But if it is a mix of HD and SD (Foxtel ) then go for the LG or a Samsung if in the price range as would be better at scaling up from what I have seen
  3. Hi All - thanks for your input 😉 I used a phone and 3.5 to RCA . This, while not the best quality did prove the amp was working..
  4. Hi - I have recently inherited a Pimare A32 amp but do not have a pre amp. Not knowing a lot about these , can it be tested without a pre amp. If connecting the output from a standard amplifier will I cause damage ?
  5. Hi - I have inherited a Primare A32 power amp. Is this the type of amp you are looking for ? Being new to this level of equipment I haven't used it as do not have a pre-amp and not sure how to use without a pre-amp.
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