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  1. Thanks mate. This place is DANGEROUS. In a few short weeks, I've added a music streamer/DAC (Cambridge Audio CXN V2), headphone amp (Schit Magni 3) and headphones (Beyerdynamic DT1990Pro) - none of which I had ANY plans to own before I landed here. 😜
  2. Oooh! Another vote for a local Virtua Racing release. So much multiplayer goodness! 😃
  3. Well I'll be damned. This collection of forums has something for everyone. 😉 Coffee is one of my "things" 😃. Main gear is as follows: Espresso machines: La Marzocco GS3 MP / Vibiemme Domobar Jr Grinder: Baratza Sette 270Wi / Macap M4D Roaster: Hottop KN-8828B-2K DJ
  4. Cheers. The deal I've found is actually from them/Mannys with a 10% eBay discount against their $749 asking price. 😉
  5. Thanks, Marc! I'll have to suspend my disbelief and accept that I've actually found something tech/music related that is NOT loaded-up with Australia Tax 😜 I appreciate you taking the time to reply and for the detail provided.
  6. Looking for some purchasing advice, please. I've narrowed-down my shortlist to a couple of pairs of headphones I'd like to buy to get me started: Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro The purchasing path for the HD 6XX is a no-brainer given that it's a Drop exclusive (~AUD330 delivered) The DT1990 Pro, on the other hand, is causing me some buyer's angst 🤔. They are currently $674.10 delivered from a Melbourne-based store's eBay shopfront (with eBay 10% off code). I thought they might have been significantly cheaper via Amazon, B&H or similar but haven't found any stand-out deals locally or from overseas. Could that $674.10 ask actually be a good deal and I'm just chasing a pricing unicorn? Do they go on sale (somewhere) with any regularity? Cheers
  7. Welcome aboard! 😃 Always curious about how people stumbled-upon the community and why they end up signing-up. What brings you here?
  8. Two classics on this platform...have no doubt! 😃 I'm hearing you. I have around 450 games and I've managed to get started on less than 20 of them. 😫
  9. Hey ya The LP120 has a built-in phono pre-amp (ie a line level output) The Z523 have an aux connection (ie a line level input) Yep - you're good to go on that front as long as you have a set of stereo RCA cables to run between the two. 😃 In terms of a $300-ish upgrade path, I'd be considering balancing an output upgrade with a speaker upgrade by going down the active speaker route. Something like the AudioEngine A2+, perhaps? Another option - Polk T15 speakers plus the amazing SMSL AD18 amp? If you have some other speakers to use and can sink the full $300 into the receiver, there's any number of options (eg Sony, Pioneer, Yamaha) open to you for around that mark - especially with the current eBay 20% off selected sellers sale.
  10. I found the user-created resources on these forums, via Google, time after time when I was doing pre-purchase research over the last few months. Finally decided to join in, myself, to be a part of it all. Welcome! 😃
  11. I know exactly what you mean! I suspect we might be of a similar vintage. You're certainly not the first person to have lamented the price of the software. Indeed, sometimes you'll see reference to the "Switch Tax" when a game on PS4 or XBox One ends up being 25%+ more expensive on the Switch. True to their 8bit and 16bit roots, Nintendo went with 'carts' (for portability and reliability reasons) and those solid state memory units have a unit cost orders of magnitude larger than a BluRay disc equivalent. 50GB BluRay disc cost ex-factory USD0.62 vs USD3.10 for the smallest 1GB Macronix HybridFlash card. That said, there are literally thousands of games you can buy for the Switch now and even quality 3rd party titles can be found for under $10 on the eShop or under $20 secondhand. Nintendo rarely discount their first party releases as they maintain a view that quality should cost more. Look at what first party Wii U games still sell for. Egads! I'm old-skool mate. I want to have my games in my hand and know that they can't be arbitrarily taken from me by a company flicking a DRM switch. 😉 And I can't see Nintendo going down this streaming service path any time soon, unless it's for older titles via the virtual console functionality under Nintendo Online.
  12. Keep an eye on OzBargain.com.au and get ready to pounce when the killer deal pops up. And there's nothing wrong with gaming, of course. Great parenting indeed! 😉
  13. I'm a hack amateur on the home audio front, but I've sunk a stupid amount of time (and money) into my main hobby - video games. 😜 A couple of years ago, I got into the Nintendo Switch and, well, I've never looked back. Wondering if there are any Switch gamers lurking here? It's such a fantastic console - completely encapsulating old-skool gaming fun for me. (Talking of old-skool... prior to the Switch, I'd amassed a collection of ~160 retro consoles but found the upkeep and maintenance too much...and pensioned most of them off 😥)
  14. It sounds good enough to me! Very happy with it. But I'm already hearing my inner voice.... "I wonder if I should have bought the upgraded M2 blue stylus instead?" "I wonder if I should have bought a subwoofer, too?" "Ooh...this new preamp has a headphone socket...I should look at a new pair of cans!" (etc) And so the slippery-slope begins. 😜
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