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  1. Further information: This is the Analog 2 version with the latest Gen 5 USB board and 230V model. I am the first owner and bought this direct from Schiit Audio Europe in September 2018 whilst residing in UK. Purchase invoice can be provided for proof of purchase if required. This is in excellent condition except for a tiny 2mm scratch in the top left corner. It is hardly noticeable but I have nonetheless included a picture to highlight this blemish. It has seen minimal usage as I rotate with several other DACs. In my system, it is a very incisive DAC with fantastic detail retrieval without the usual harshness/sibilance that can be associated with such a feature. Wonderful tone and timbre which allows for vocals to shine. Current RRP is $5500, so this is good value. I have the original double box packaging so happy to ship but the buyer is responsible for the cost and risks involved. There are multiple positive reviews online which I have linked a few below. https://darko.audio/2018/04/dial-m-for-multi-bit-schiits-yggdrasil-analog-2-dac/ https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/reviews/schiit-audio-yggdrasil-multibit-dac-review/ https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/schiit-audio-yggdrasil.20550/
  2. I agree that this is a great little box for anyone who streams digital music. Feed this into a DAC and everything just sounds more relaxed and errrrr.....more musical. With regards the initial question, I don't think that you can output USB though. USB input only.
  3. I have previously heard this Accuphase power amp drive a certain Sonus Faber floor standing speakers with aplomb. Sweet airy highs, wonderful mids and and an articulated lower base. The sound stage was as wide as it was deep. There is something about Accuphase with the subtle golden faceplate and tidy display that oozes quality and class. This should make anyone in the market for a high end class A amp very happy.
  4. This is now sold. Thank you for all your interest. Sorry to those that messaged but did not get a reply.
  5. Further information: I bought these off a fellow SNA member 7 weeks ago for $135. See original ad: Tried them on my valve amp with several other different tubes. Silent background with a sweet midrange and beautiful vocals. But ultimately preferred the Amperex Bugle boys. I have used them for at most 30 hours so pretty much brand new. Price is for the pair. Happy to post with appropriate packaging but buyer is responsible for postage costs Photos:
  6. Further information: I bought this directly from Schiit Audio Europe in September 2018 whilst residing in the UK. Happy to provide the invoice to buyer if required. This is a 230V unit and is in a pristine condition. In addition to the Schiit Audio stock quad tubes, I will include 2x Tung-Sol 6SN7 GTB and 2 x CEI NOS 5692 valve tubes (total value $250). These have probably been in use for 250-300 hours and in my opinion have improved the performance of the Freya by lowering the noise floor and widening of the soundstage. I have the original packaging so happy to post but the buyer will be responsible for postage costs. Excerpt from Schiit Audio website: This is a balanced, remote-control preamp. Switch between passive, active JFET buffer, and tube gain modes, enjoy the fine control of a 128-step relay-switched stepped attenuator volume control with perfect channel matching, and control it all from the comfort of your favorite chair. Reviews: https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/reviews/schiit-audio-reference-system-review-part-1-r676/ https://www.cnet.com/news/how-can-technology-this-old-sound-this-good/ Photos:
  7. Further information: This is a base-centric headphones in that it has sweet articulated base as opposed to headphones for a basehead. Great midrange and smooth presentation. I can listen to it for hours without feeling any sibilance or fatigue, especially to acoustic vocals. If you are looking for an incisive and analytical headphone, then this is not for you. A lot of thought has gone into the actual construction of the unit and it has by far one of the most comfortable headbands I have ever tried. I am the first owner and it has only been used sparingly. It is in excellent condition except for a tiny dint in the lower aspect of the right cup (as shown on the image). More importantly, the ear pads are pristine. It comes with its own case and 2 original Audioquest cables as shown. I am happy to post in an appropriate box with packing but the buyer will be responsible for postage. Reviews: https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/audioquest-nighthawk-headphones.20820/reviews https://hometheaterreview.com/audioquest-nighthawk-over-the-ear-headphones-reviewed/ Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  8. Reluctant sale. I will probably regret this but since I moved to Perth and have stopped commuting by train, this has not been used. Rather than sat in a drawer and gathering dust, it deserves to be enjoyed by a fellow music lover. I am the first owner and bought this whilst living in England. The tiny size of this dac amplifier belies its ability to produce music with great dynamism and accurate tone/timbre. It did this with the darkest background regardless whether I was pairing with my harder to drive Sennheiser HD650 or my sensitive Noble Kaiser 10 IEMs. Don't just take my word for it but read the glowing reviews and awards that it has garnered... https://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/review-chord-electronics-mojo-headphone-amplifier-dac https://darko.audio/2019/12/darko-audios-product-s-of-the-decade-2010-2019/ This little unit is built like a tank and in a mint condition. I have the original box and will be happy to post but the buyer will be responsible for postage.
  9. Further information: This is in excellent condition. Bought from a fellow SNA member in January this year. Used for a couple of months before deciding to upgrade to a valve integrated amp. Paired with a Class D amp and digital source, the music was neutral with a wide holographic soundstage. I do not have the original box packaging but will ensure that it is adequately packed if shipping is required. Please PM me for any questions. Excerpt taken from the Audio-GD website: Fully balanced class A design built by discrete analog stages without any OPA or coupling caps in the signal channels. Non- feedback ACSS analog output stage. Uses three R-core transformers (135W total) with separate power supplies for the digital components and right and left channels. More than 50,000uf audio grade NOVER capacitors are used to ensure ample and smooth power delivery. A total of 8 groups of high-quality class A parallel PSU's, four double-stages for dedicated DC supply. To achieve a high S/N, the control circuit is powered with separate regulators. Uses high grade parts and exactly matched transistors. Four-channel 99 steps digitally controlled relay-based volume control avoids channel imbalance and improves sound quality. 5 analog inputs: RCA X2, XLR X2, ACSS X1 Preamp output: XLR / RCA / ACSS Memorises all settings and resumes the last settings when powered on. Links to review and Head Fi thread: https://www.hifi-advice.com/blog/review/digital-reviews/spdif-dac-reviews/audio-gd-part2/ https://www.head-fi.org/threads/audio-gd-master-1-preamp-any-good.698018/
  10. Thanks mate. This is undoubtedly one of the best music server without getting into silly money territory. I'm holding out for the gen 3 with Ethernet out. GLWS.
  11. Item: Mutec MC-3+USB Price Range: Negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info:
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