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  1. Hello, I've bought some things from Aliexpress. Yes, the delivery time can be awfully long but you are provided with a tracking number. And if for any reason the package does not reach you, or the parcel is not fit for the job or as described you have Aliexpress insurance to reimburse you I used it a couple of time for item not showing. It was really quick. As per your Australian unit, if it is like the one on aliexpress, it may come direct from China. You will support your country buying from them. Customs, taxes and people working there. it's your choice. Bear in mind that some shops are Aliexpress sellers proxy. Hope this helps. P.S. : mine come direct from China. And do a search on aliexpress for PS-30A ultrasonic cleaner and sort by terms like price and/or free shipping and see how it goes.
  2. Hello, Your pump should have a label stating the voltage (12V, obviously) and amperage it needs. You have to buy a power supply apt to deliver 12V at the listed amperage or more (if the pump need 1A, try to find a 2A power supply to have some room). Then, you have to plug one to the other. I see that your pump has a red and a black wire. The power supply you buy may have a plug at the end of the cable. If it has on the case, you'll find the wiring of the plug. Now, up to you, either you find a mating plug and solder it to the pump or you cut the plug and solder the wires directly, put a connector of some sort, or anything that can isolate the wires properly and be sufficiently waterproof (the pump pumps water... so you will have water lying around, and even if 12V is not hazardous, a short may kill your power supply...) Honestly, it is not rocket science. The power supply will have two wires of different colours. As you have the wiring on the case, you can tell which is the "+" and goes to the red one on the pump and which one is the "-" and goes to the black wire on the pump. If you test the pump, install the plumbing first. Most often, these pumps die if run without water in them... Hope this helps
  3. Hello, I've narrowed down my choices to these two carts : Audio Technica AT-OC9XEB and Ortofon MC Quintet Red Which one would you choose ?
  4. Hi ! Thank you for your answer. But as the goal is to test the pre-preamp, buying a high output MC cart is not a nice move, IMHO. But I retain the idea of Denon carts. Will take a look at them. Have a nice day !
  5. Hello, On DiyAudio, a clever guy designed a card for amplifying MC cart signals to the level of the phono preamp for my Apt Holman preamplifier. He was kind enough to share the design with me. So I have a device with two phono inputs : one for "standard" MM carts and one for MC carts. I would like to test it without breaking a bank as I'm not that fan of various carts and expensive equipment. So what cart would you recommend with low price and decent performance in order for me to test it ? It will be put on an SL1500 with an SME 3009 Serie II non improved arm, if that makes a difference. MAny thanks in advance for your help !
  6. You're welcome, there are plenty of sellers on Aliexpress selling exactly the same stuff with different brand names so search for PS-30A. If I'm not mistaken, it seems a lot of companies share the same design and produce quite exactly the same stuff maybe designed by an official agency of some sort. It appears so with an automotive timing lamp I bought 3 years ago. A friend of mine bought one without telling me and the function identically, are very very similar inside but different knobs and brand. Each part on one can go on the other ! Funny !
  7. Hello, There are some on aliexpress. I do know how the pricee is coming for people down under, but same price I got last year. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32902348578.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.1d021e6fJXfEmr&algo_pvid=284ac785-a231-4bb0-a01e-35e5fab349b1&algo_expid=284ac785-a231-4bb0-a01e-35e5fab349b1-2&btsid=0ab6fb8315926382504845188eadf0&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_
  8. Yes, this time, Miss Tosca is fixed good ! 4 time in the US, the last one cold and one disc at a time for around 15 minutes each record. Now, I've to run the other record set I "cleaned" with the first method...
  9. Hi, The Us machine is running. Cold, one record at a time. I will soon run out of distilled water and can't buy the supplies for a filtration device. So experiment will stop soon. And it is fortunate, the missus is fed of hearing Tosca and Fidelio again and again. She is more into Punk Rock and Roll music right now 😉 Here is a picture of the suction device I put on my vacuum shop cleaner and the microcloth I used to protect the records. (a new one because I dumped the original after discovering the damage...) I bet I did something wrong ....
  10. Hello Owen, I'll try to run a batch without heating. I suspect that the microfiber cloth on the vac end is the culprit. I tried to look at one deposit making the pop with a very high magnifying glass (20x) and I saw nothing so it is smaller than something a 20x glass can show... And still give a big noise...
  11. So here am I again. The culprit I played with is Fidelio a 3 record set numbered sequentially (not for changers). Disc one plays fine, both faces. Disc two has face 3 with 7 "plops". I washed it for 30 minutes alone in the US and let it dry without any manipulation. Still 7 pops. Face 4 has a huge number of pops. Even after cleaning. (I did not count them, they are too numerous, so can't tell if the second washing cleared some or not). I own this set for a long time. It had surface noise but no pops. I washed it during my last huge cleaning. And I did something wrong. as it now has less surface noise but many pops. So I wonder where my problem lies and what to do to correct it. I've observed that using a velvet cleaning brush I was able to suppress some of the 7 pops I had on face 3. I tried with a Tonar carbon fiber brush and it seems to prove effective. So I think my problem lies in deposited material in the groove 😉 .... But from where and when ? And how to get rid of it ? I've just cleaned again the two records from Tosca which had severe popping from the previous cleaning. After Mr Beethoven finishes, I'll give a try at Mr Puccini to see if the second cleaning improved something. I will definitely listen to all your advices. Have a nice day !
  12. Hello I thank you all for your leads. Food for though .... I was surprised that the "pops" appear only on the right channel. So I wonder if I did not contaminate the washed records with the vacuum cleaner tissue used on the suction device. So, and contrary to my regular practice, I've changed two parameters in one step... I've 3 records running a wash in a new 5 liter Tween 20 solution (5ml Polysorbate, 5 liter distilled water). As the water in my darkroom (where the US cleaner is) is cold (11°C today, it is early spring in France...) I turned the heating of the machine ON... And I will not dry the records using the vac. Will report back when done and listened to. If this is not conclusive, I'll try with one record only, then with more Polysorbate... But getting distilled water is difficult for me as home improvement shops are all closed. In the meantime, I've to attend a Skype meeting with my friends and we will "share" beers, wines, and tapas... Have a nice day and stay at home !
  13. Thank you for your answer. I'll describe my regiment better so you can tell me if I've to make some alterations. I mix 5 l "distilled water" with 5 ml Tween 20 (Polysorbate 20) as per Owen's advice. (the water is for ironing and bought in a home improvement store) I run 3 records at a time, for 30 min at 35°C. I wipe dry with a shop vac (the plastic suction head being covered by a microfiber cloth) then allow the record to dry for around 15 minutes and then, put them back into their sleeves. I'll try to renew, once again, the washing bath (I've no filtration device yet) and wash the worst one alone to see if it make a difference. I've tried to see if there is something into the groove without success, but the stylus bump into something given the pop ! This popping sound is mainly on the right channel if this could help trace the fault.
  14. Hello, I've run a big batch of cleaning, thanks to Mr Covid and it's confinement... I've a problem though... I have a box : the Mozart opera Figaro, from DGG with Karl Böhm conducting. The records where stained, so I did not listen to them. After cleaning, there is still surface noise, and sometimes a loud bang like there is something in the groove. (but not so big to make the stylus skip). And this happens on all 4 records... Annoying. I've tried to look if I could see something in the grooves, but did not succeed. So I'm looking for advice here. What should I do or should I live with it ? (I like the performance, though, so it would be nice to have clean and pristine records... ) Thanks in advance for your help and advice !
  15. Thank you for your answer, Owen ! Actually, I rinse using the US cleaner and "distilled" water. When I used too much polysorbate, I rinsed a couple of time using tap water, still in the US cleaner, then a final bath in distilled water. I vacuum dry the records, too (I have made a suction device with a plastic tubing and 3 layers of micro fiber cloth) and use a shop vacuum device in order for my wife not to complain ... I remember her face when I emptied the dish washing machine which had cleaned all the plastic parts of a second hand laser printer I had for cheap because it was sooo dirty.... So I'm very careful when using house devices .... Or conceal myself during use 😉
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