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  1. I am deciding between the Isotek EVO Sirius 6 & Gigawatt PF-1 EVO. Isotek talk of their Common Mode & Differential Mode noise removal. RFI reduced by 40dB. https://www.isoteksystems.com/product/performance/evo3-sirius/ Gigawatt uses a RLC filtering block. Perhaps better contacts. http://www.gigawatt.eu/produkt/gigawatt-pf-1-evo/ Both are near enough to each other in price. Has anyone experience going from one to the other or anything to say about which to choose. I have some mains noise that sounds like mobile phone or modem glitches (If I may coin that term) but faster, obviously only through the tweeter.
  2. The Bluesound Vault 2i, Innous & Naim Unity Core all require an ethernet connection into a router as none of them have built in Wi-Fi. That is the trend, I don't hope for anyone producing a Wi-Fi version as they assume "Everyone" on the planet has a wireless network in their home and wants streaming music services. Now I know why they call them Streamers. I guess they all considered including Wi-Fi but went the cost saving route over functionality. The exception being Naim Unity Players. @rantan ... Perhaps in Vault 3, 4 or 5 or maybe never. Not the Unity Core but the Unity Star all in one player has built in Wi-Fi, the pdf brochure says it utilises the heatsink as an aerial. This applies to Unity "Players", so it says, so not the Unity Core. If I could start over again Unity Star would be enough Hi-Fi for me, that and my speakers.
  3. Item: Bluesound VAULT 2i Location: Price: Gone Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Direct Transfer Extra Info: Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Thank's, I had forgotten all about those though I had one of the UFO's years ago but moved it on as the connection was very unreliable, too many drop outs. Vault 2I going in the classifieds.
  5. Did someone dual 8" woofers ... I went with Monitor Audio Silver 500 paired to a Naim XS2. The Silver 300 & one of the smaller Bronze towers sounded great as well, I would be more than satisfied with any of them, certainly no lack of bass and punch. I stretched my budget and went with the most woofer I could afford.
  6. Here's a Chord DAC - The RDD 1580 look's very well built, no idea how it sounds though at it's price it's worth trying. Look's like plenty of great components for the price. http://www.rotel.com/product/rdd-1580
  7. A neat idea but I would like to keep the power line free of extra frequencies/noise. Looking into a dedicated Macbook to run the network kept next to the Vault or a Naim Atom as it has built in wi-fi.
  8. I read on the internet somewhere in the Bluesound Community that someone borrowed a 2Qute DAC and could not notice any difference or improvement over the Vault 2i.
  9. Been trying to get my Vault 2i connected to an iPhone. It's not the stand alone plug and play computer free solution I thought. It needs to be wired by it's ethernet into a network, yes, by cable. Only then will the IOS controller app work by joining that network. This is so the Vault can access metadata while ripping. Also the Vault does not have a built in wi-fi, so it needs an ethernet wire connection. I thought I could just have the Vault as a source unit controlling it through an iPhone or iPad. A pretty picture in a review with just an amplifier and the Vault closed the deal for me, now I know the ethernet cable and wireless router were hidden somewhere. Perhaps it could be controlled by a dedicated Macbook wired into it. Then I would still need an IOS device to remote control it. Too much clutter for me. I may go back to a CD player.
  10. I purchased it brand new this year in June.
  11. Hi Mick, Shipping would be $30 by smartsend. CD5si is a step up and with the XS2, both being Naim I get to use one remote.
  12. Item: Marantz CD6006 Location: Rowville Price: $800 Item Condition:Excellent, just like brand new. Reason for selling:Upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Deposit Extra Info: Comes with remote and all original manual and cable. Purchased brand new only a couple months ago I've decided I must hear what the CD5si is all about. Smoke free environment. Receipt available. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
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