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  1. Yes, as stupid as that sounds, it is the case. I have tried several albums and the result is always the same. It is as if the extra weight "slows down the TT, yet measuring the speed with the record insitu, there is little change. Speed is being checked via phone app "Turntabulator'
  2. Seeking advice on an unusual issue. I have a Linn LP 12 , 70's version which has had no upgrades to motor or power supply Power supply is original and has been called the 'Plessy" version in some forums. Arm is a Stax and the Cartridge is Ortophon 2M Bronze , Amp is Music fidelity MS6 and feeding a pair Celestion SL6's. Yes its very old, but, work beautifully. It is a vinyl only system. My problem is that the TT appears to be unable to play " audiophile records" that is 180/200gram recordings. Normal LP's have no issue. Speed on TT is at 33.3 and checked regularly. Music from these recordings is unplayable. Checking the speed while recording insitu, speed accuracy does not deviate. Can anyone enlighten me as to why this is the case? Is it power supply or Motor or both? I have replaced the belt, cleaned and re greased the bearing and given everything a spring clean. I am new to the forum and Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Apologies.....Speakers are very difficult load to drive. 84d b/1 watt. Budget is $3000
  4. I'm seeking advice. just had my Linn LP12 serviced with a view to setting up a turntable only system and seeking .an integrated amp to drive my beloved Celestion SL6's. ( Yes I know they are old, but wold like to get them firing again ) Any suggestions would be welcome. Tks in advance.
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